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Today show giveaway > Fire relief ?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by VTRBob, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. I've started a new thread so this doesn't get 'lost' in the other threads going.

    The Today show is has just started a 250,000 give away to it viewers for answering the phone with " I wake up with Today" but have now make it a "silent competition?" [ the winners wont be broadcast ]
    Personally I think in light of the weekends fire tragedy, this competition should be scrapped for the time being and redirected to where it's needed most atm.

    So we have sent the following email, if enough follow suite... who knows, it may just happen..... Nadeen composed it I just coped and pasted :)

    Hello Lisa, Carl & the today show,

    Lisa I was quite disgusted a moment ago when I heard you talking about the cash giveaway being done privately & not spoken about on tv. You mentioned that the today show will still go ahead with calling people so if we hear the phone ring, we are to still go ahead & answer "I wake up with today" !!

    I have been absolutely devastated by the fires in Victoria & the lives lost & my heart goes out to the family's that have lost their Loved Ones. If you were to call me & if I won, I would donate the whole lot to the fire victims!! I am sure I am speaking for every Australian who has a heart, when I ask please, please CANCEL the cash giveaway promotion & give your $250,000 to the fire victims in need.

    Yours Sincerly

    Robert Moore
    Lowanna NSW

  2. Did you send one to Tattersalls also then? Tabcorp?

    I feel as bad as anyone about what has happened to my friends, and other people I do not even know, but life goes on around them, as it should. If you win, and choose to donate it to the victims of this tragedy, that's great!

    I see no reason why they should not go ahead with their promotion? How would you feel if one of the victims won?

    Sorry mate, seems silly that a business should stop their promotional activities because of what has happened.
  3. If I was to win from Tatts :LOL: yeah I would give a good chunk to the fire relief ......... I have no less than 4 sets of relatives that have lost everything in the past two days and we are currently going through and preparing BOXES of clothing / spare pots and pans etc to send down to them.
    We may even be getting house guests here in the next few days !

    I would have had no problem with the competition continuing .. But why now make it a 'silent one' ?
  4. Triway ...

    Though I agree mostly with what you've said, a little less sarcasm at a time like this please mate, the sentiment of wanting help those in need is obviously there, that's what really matters ...

    And hit up Tabcorp and Tatts for a donation anyway, they won't miss a few thou! :grin: