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Today is R1 Day !!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Nickers330, Aug 6, 2009.

  1. Okay, being ecstatic is one expression...having withdrawal symptoms is another !
    My 'new' bike, 2008 Black R1, has finally arrived to its new home !
    Courtesy of my bro, doing all the work for me (including picking it up, which he loved doing :) ) in my absence overseas.
    As one would understand, my withdrawal symptoms will see me right through to the 17th August, my first ride on my latest 2 wheeled warrior, "Black Knight" ...
    He's an evil looking b*stard, so I'm told and being that all my gear is black also should match just peeeeerfectly.
    Bike pics will be posted shortly, as soon as the bro takes some snaps. It's booked in for it's first 1000km service early next week (1200km total ODO after delivery to new home), where it'll have the following mods fitted :

    *Yamaha GYTR Dark Smoke Double Bubble screen
    * Pazzo Shorty levers (Black levers, gold adjusters)
    * Akrapovic Carbon Fibre 'Slash Cut' slip on exhaust
    (dual undertail pipes)
    * Fender Eliminator
    * Stock indicators (orange) replaced with clear lens
    * Gold aftermarket 'revolver' swingarm spools/pickups
    * Gold 'R1' parts : Front Brake Reservoir cap, yoke nut cover, bar ends
    * Gold Oil Filler cap, Clutch Lever cable adjust nut
    * Either black or carbon fibre tank pad
    (Already fitted with GYTR Crash Knobs)

    At some stage, 'maybe' gold wheel rim strips (though I prefer to keep the wheels dark), and gold 'piston' type valve caps. The idea of billet gold Vortex rearsets seems to have somehow made its way in my mind also ;)

    Having looked through custom lighting options for the R1 headlights, I have seen advertised, 'Angel Eyes'..which I'm trying to decide between Yellow/Amber or Fiery Red. To be decided at a later date.

    Yes, I am stoked !
    Also, as promised to a certain popular Netrider Member (yes Goz, you know it's you mate :cool: ) today is R1 DAY and the new logo beside my name is courtesy of Goz (applause)
    Stay tuned for pics !
  2. Sick

    I don't care what anyone says. Black bike with black gear is fkn awesome, visibility be damned.

  3. Gratz
    I love the looks of the R1, they seem to look better with each model.

    Now hurry up with the pics :p
  4. r1 day huh?
    nice! :cool:
  5. Congrato's... Now, Pics my arse!!

    Enjoy it!!
  6. +1 and amber....
  7. Screw the gold fluid caps. Get the Rizoma catalogue and really pimp out the bike.
  8. congrats mate, many years of enjoyment from the black beauty, good write up :)
  9. Why don't I see any pictures of an awesome black R1??

    Am I in the Gay Marriage thread?
  10. ONYA!!

    I can picture it now...and it looks totally S.I.C.K

  11. Mate im all for an R1 day. With your black beauty the possibilites are endless. I've got the exact same bike but with a little extra mods.
    Go to my garage if you dare
  12. hey nickers

    how does the R1 go in comparison to the GSXR750 power/ street wise?

    im starting to think 750cc was not enough power.
  13. david85c :
    Dude, I haven't ridden them in the space of the last few days to know the difference...but the bro has...and this is his report :

    'Nickers, the GSXR equals the R1 in the early stages....above around 10k rpm, the R1 becomes an unleashed animal..untouchable compared to most bikes out there. Don't misunderstand me...the Gixxer is 'enough' (more than) on the streets.

    Dude, as you might gather by now, with my Gixxer for sale, I've never ridden it hard to compare it to the bro's R1...if I was going to do that, I would have already taken it to the track.

    Some seem to think different which is fine, but we all know that compared to most, if not all 600's on the track, the 750 rules the track,even in corners against the thou's.... but again guys..this is strictly from what I've heard.

    david85c : The Gixer 750 does 0-100km/hr in 3.1 sec.... if this isn't enough for you mate, no bike will ever be :cool:
  14. haha fair enough man..
    all good..
  15. This is so true, the earlier R1's 01-05 were more of a lower end bike giving them crazy pull in the rev rangers, with some R&D Yamaha have made there later model with more power in the mid to late range, meaning once you hit 10k RPM hold on cause the R1 yets a second wind.
  16. congrats!Gotta love the raven! :LOL:
  17. No Pics...
    No Care!!!
  18. Hahaha.. trust me... if anyone needs to see pics, it's ME !!! Dying here - still overseas :LOL:
    Will get 'em posted as soon as they 'arrive' from Downunder.
    Thanks for all your nice comments folks.