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Today, I went for my first real ride!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Guest, Feb 19, 2006.

  1. It wasn't anywhere fancy, just all along beach road for a couple of times.
    and then along the yarra etc etc.

    If I can give anyone a word of advise...stay away from toorak road and high street along williams road! :shock: :shock: :shock:

    Aside from that it was great fun!

    I would like to congratulate all the cagers out there aside from the above mentioned area. They were all very considerate (even though I didn't have my canaries on) and gave me right away, a couple even waved me past.

    So thanks to all the cagers who kept it safe for me.

    note: conscious decision not tofly the canaries for fear of c###head P platers being stupid around me.
  2. You reckon that would really make things worse?
  3. No, they tend to leave you alone. If you have that yellow sticker up, they automatically assume that they need to get around you... regardless how fast your going. . . . This is called a F***Head gene.
  4. Unfortunately true. A while back I was teaching my son to drive, and a couple of times I forgot to take the L plate off the back. It was amazing the things people would do to get past a car showing L-plates. I garther if you stay behind a learner for more that 10 seconds your d1ck falls off.

    *However* maybe you shoul leave them on. learning to deal with d1ckheads is a useful thing.

    Does anyone know the insurance position if you crash without your Lplates on?
  5. Oh, and welcome to the fold. May you have a long and fruitful riding experience with a minimum of unintended excitement.
  6. It wouldnt matter - it was there when i left this morning :)

    I also dont wear them, same reasons as above.
  7. Yeah...... I reckon, we have enough of the dickhead factor from some cagers without having the added help from the canary.
    I reckon by taking it off I will minimise my my chances of having a stack.

    Even my "Instructor" said the same thing and while he didn't say "Take it off" he just said "I'm not the firsy & I'm not the dumbest"... Whatever that meant. Lol

    Shame though :cry: :cry: :cry:

  8. Hahahahahaha must do
  9. I always kept mine on(but that is just me) but I found the biggest problem was when getting up to speed(all of 80) on a highway. The stupidity that brought out in people when they had at least 20kph, and more like 40kph for some, reduction in their speed on a one lane road. Taught me how to own the lane. It was suggested I take them off and do the general speed limit of 100 to avoid getting run over.
  10. Remember the L plates we saw on the Portsea run :LOL:
  11. I never displayed mine either (going back 10 years ago), and it sounds like things haven't changed much! I had mine up for my first two rides, had a couple of experiences with some idiots both times, and decided to take them off. I never had a problem after that.
  12. Those yellow plates somehow have an adverse effect on people
    When U see em, it just makes people do whateva they can to
    get past em & not have them lookin at cha :grin:
  13. At least i'm not the only one that thought like that...... Was sure I was gonna get flamed.

    Thanks guys. :) :)
  14. actually might 2nd that

    on my way towards langwarren...
    was cruising through a roundabout... was not "owning the lane" per say, and glad i wasn't...

    was in the left lane, on the slightly left hand side of the lane...
    another car was in the right lane going the same speed at me through the roundabout...
    all of a sudden, 2 guys came flying through the middle of us both, THROUGH the roundabout... kinda scared me :( *shakes*
  15. I always wore the plates when I was a learner. I never noticed a problem and dont see any difference between when i wore the L plates and now when I dont have any.
    Perhaps it has something to do with the suburbs i ride in :)
  16. Whilst only new I wear my L plates, commuting from Mt Martha to the CBD every day is a bit hairy and it seems most cars give me a little extra room when they see them.

    It is a lot easier to own a lane when traffic is a bit heavier.

    But, isn't there always a but! I have found when I go for a ride on the weekends around the Peninsula cagers are lot less courteous. It seems that everyone is in a bigger hurry to get to the next vineyard.

    So I will continue to wear them for another 2 months and then I get my probationary license and no plates at all.
  17. I'll overtake someone with plates if it's safe to do so. ie at least 2 lanes, or via a shortcut.

    I don't want to give the L plater any bad ideas. :p
  18. I've just recently got my L's (friday week ago) and have ridden a few times, all with my L plates on. I guess it makes me feel a little more comfortable at the moment coz I'm still getting used to everything. So its a sign for people to watch out. So far have only had one problem - guy was majorly tailgating me, so I just slowed down even more and he eventually overtook me. I guess each to their own, once I get a bit more condifent I'll probably ride without it. Then again unless I have any major problems I don't see any reason to take it off ?
  19. how interesting, i thought Vani and I were the only ones who would be *ahem "naughty and not keep those L's plates on. My first few times out i did but found that others were too irritated by me admittedly i did stall like 3 times at the lights (omg it was awful) and i had this guy in a pickup truck scream out his window "START F**KIN PUSHIN!!!!!!!! which just made me worse and omg more i just want to forget it!!!! anyway so only a couple of rides after that i took the plates down and i really think people tend to give u more space when u dont have them on, then again maybe im just trying to justify my stupidity/naughtiness :p must do that P's course soon...... then i go straight to full license anyway dont I?? :?

  20. Maybe they gave you more space cos you werent stalling?

    The same is true if you are learning to drive a car. people will abuse you you just can't hear it with the windows up. You just got to learn to ignore their insults and focus on improving your riding.

    I know that some cars see a yellow L and think "this person must be shit, I had better get in front of them" but if you are actually likely to be getting things a bit wrong at the start (like stalling or riding slow) I reckon you are better off keeping the L-plate on.