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Today I snapped!!!!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by gegvasco, Feb 17, 2007.

  1. Like Michael Douglas in Falling Down(albeit without the shotgun :shock: ) I got to the point of losing it today. I have found the absolute worst time of the week for traffic in Sydney is Saturday about lunch because not only is it busy but all the drivers seem to have put in their weekend brains.

    After 30 minutes of hell just trying to go the 10km to the local shopping centre, getting merged into 3 times in the space of 300m and having a car deliberately come at me on the wrong side of the road because he didn't want to wait in a long stream of traffic, I let loose. I was on the F4i and bad Gregg came out(for those of you who watch Heroes, it was like Jessica took over from Niki!). I became the rider weaving in and out of traffic at 30 over the limit. I became the rider who slapped car roofs at 80kph when a driver cut me off, I became the rider who followed a driver through the shopping centre carpark (ala Hornet) to have a not so quiet word in his ear once he had parked(the guy did ignore me on a roundabout and cut me off before immediately proceeding to almost run over a family on a pedestrian crossing as he ignored them too).

    Can't say I'm proud of it and I'm not sure why I thought weaving in and out of traffic at 30 over the limit was going to help at all. But there you go. Time to hide the F4i keys from bad Gregg for a while. Better stick to the Strom. I f^&*ing hate Sydney!
  2. Ah all good to let off some steam. You cant just let some things slide. :grin:
  3. nothing wrong with what you did. Kinda toned down if you ask me 30 over jeez man were you half asleep. :LOL:

    All jokes aside glad your alright.
  4. At least you came home safe to tell the story . Ive done the confrontation thing a few times as well . When I cut loose on them I don't know who was more surprised me or them .

  5. Hey,

    Yes I have to agree I was surprised at the amount of traffic on the roads today. ihaveduff said something about people going to the beaches...or stuff.

    I think if I ever lose it, I would slam their mirrors in. As for actual confrontation, I'm not good enough at english to get myself involved in a swear fight :)

    Take it easy man.
  6. Geez image that a confrontation with just verbal, thats something you don't seem often anymore.
  7. People f*cking suck. Anywhere where there's a bunch of people is a shit place.

    That is all.
  8. ac-hem

    there there

    there there
  9. He was genuinely oblivious to what he had almost just done(ie. run a family over) and started calling me Sir! He must have thought I was an off-duty cop because rather than plain abuse I was shouting things like "Do you know who is required to give way at a roundabout? Do you even know who has right of way at a pedestrian crossing?" He couldn't answer the question!
  10. I dont really see the problem, i mean the cagers were using the advantage of their size to push you around, it was time to use your advantage of agility!
  11. But as many will attest, I am one of the few riders who very, very rarely speeds, rarely splits and has never done anything to anyone's mirrors/panels. That is why the stunting mafia hate me having an F4i! :LOL:
  12. Aint it nice to know though that if there was a copper behind you, he 'wouldn't notice' the cars changing lanes into a motorbike because they haven't checked there blind spot, yet a bike travelling 30km/h over to get away from them, oh no, thats to dangerous, the biker should lose his licence for that :evil:

    Sory, I think the cops seriously have their priorities wrong in some places, and around half the drivers on the road shuldn't be allowed to drive, but the boys in blue never seem to notice them.
  13. That's Sydney's driver and traffic for you mate!
    I have to admit I had moments like that when I lived there, albiet in the car.
    The bad things I have done are rub people's bumpers with my car, rip off mirrors and kick a door in, all in traffic.
    I used to work in Mosman, and EVERY DAY, someone would blatantly cut me off, then make out it was my fault for being in their way. I even had a cop pull me over once, because I dared sound my horn at a BMW who went through a very busy roundabout at 80 km/h, nearly causing four collisions. I was well on the roundabout at the time and had right of way.
    It feels good at the time, but you wonder what you've become after you've done it.
    That's why I got out of Sydney, the next logical (at the time) step was injuring the ignorant, arrogant bastards.

    Regards, Andrew.
  14. Sadly it's the same everywhere, people just don't look for or care about bikes; city or country roads (kangaroos have no idea of road rules,they just jump in front of you).
  15. Good on you Greg! For those of you who haven't met Greg, let me assure that it must have been a truly rotten day to rile him up like that; he's one of the calmest and quietest guys you're likely to meet in a long time.

    And Greg, that general motoring selfishness is one of the reasons we came to live in Wolongong.....
  16. Sorry, not good enough.

    Greg put not only those behaving badly in danger but also those that were not. It is no excuse when you take out a family that was just on their way for a day at the beach.

    I am not singling out Greg, i have beaten myself up when i have slipped. I am sure that is part of the reason Greg posted.

    Edit added - 17:40 18/2/07 - I apologise, i should have also added in original post that i am glad Greg came thru without aftermath.
  17. Your burger didn't look like it did in the picture? :LOL: :p

    Why not? Sometimes people need to be told they are idiots.
  18. Exactly! How else would they know? They're idiots!
  19. Know what you mean, I was coming down from the beaches into the city for meetup yesterday and traffic was hell. Extremely frustrating. Makes me want to attach a bullbar to the bike. Or at least retractable spikes on the wheels.
  20. I don't know how you guys do it in Sydney. I had to cage it around there for a couple of days a few months back and barely got out of there alive. I experianced more road rage in those couple of days then I would in Melbourne in a year!