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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Seany, Jul 14, 2005.

  1. Just sitting down to a toastie for dinner. Commented to egiste that A lot of people hold the misconception that a knife is the best tool to get them out of the jaffle iron but I always find a fork far superior. He tells me he prefers a spoon. In the absence of clean pliers, harmonic lifter, or crowbar etc... What do you all use when a toastie calls your name? :-k

  2. I tend to go the chopsticks. :D
  3. How do you get them out the iron using chopsticks without damaging the crusty toastie all important outer layer? I guess the length gives good leverage though.
  4. This subject is far too contentious, and I don't really want to take sides.

    I would prefer not to comment.
  5. I takes a bit of practice. But, I also have them in various lengths. You've gotta have the right tool for the job. :)
    Sometimes when I'm going seriously cross cultural and no-ones looking I'll do Pasta with the chopsticks too. :LOL:
  6. I'd better go now. The flounder's awaitin'
  7. Everyone knows that a plastic spatula is the best method. Sheesh!
  8. Doesn't it melt? :shock: You must get em out fast. Mabey your username could be "Toasted Lightning" :D
  9. Ok, I've been doing some scientific testing with intersting results.

    Spoon- 4/10. Not so great actually because the concave shape makes it harder to get under the bread than a fork.

    Chopstics- 4/10 for getting unger the bread but 10/10 for the fact that you can use to and hold the taostie without burning your fingers as you get it to the plate. Added up that's 14/10. Averaged, it's still 7/10 and that's a pretty good result.

    I do think the spoon warrants more research before canning the idea though. I used a dessert spoon without contemplating the soup, tea and tablespoon options. May have been a little hastey. :-k
  10. I tend to use a pitched gardening fork. :p

  11. A plastic knife so you dont scratch the enamel but still sharp enough to get under the crunchy bits ;)
  12. I stand by the spoon, but must clarify that teaspoon is best.
  13. Not worried about scratching enamle. I'm a hard core toastie cooker and it belongs to egiste anyway. :LOL:
  14. Reminds me of an old joke.....

    A rabbit and a bear walk into a pub for lunch.
    They approach the barman for some service and ask
    "What do you have in the way of lunch?"
    to which the barman replied
    "We only serve toasties for lunch, you have the choice of three flavors. Cheese or ham and cheese or ham cheese and tomato"
    The bear and the rabbit both decide to go for the cheese toasties.
    The follow week the bear and the rabbit come into the bar and have a different flavor toastie.
    This happens for several weeks until one day the bear walked in on his own.
    The barman, surprised by this ask the bear
    "Where's your rabbit friend?"
    to which the bear replies
    "He died"
    the barman looks at the bear and asks
    "What of?"
    the bear replies

    As I said a very old one.....but kind of appropriate
  15. I use the George Foreman griller, the angle allows you to slide the jaffle onto a plate oh so easily.

    Added 'bling' bonus, if u place the sandwich in a diagonal configuration u can get criss-crosses...uber cool :wink:
  16. PFFFFT!!!

    Wooses, the only tool is the air compressor, fitted with trigger release air duster gun, regulator set to MAXIMUM

    place nozzle under the crispiest corner, angled downwards at 45 degrees, place plate oposite other corner, (90 degrees to nozzle) and LET RIP!!!

    toastie bounces of the lid of toaster, lands on plate, extra kudos for making a nice pattern on the kitchen window with the toasties filling
  17. MMMMMMMM toasties , i miss real food :cry:
  18. Yeah but melted cheese is hard to get of window glass. Trust me. I teach in a special school. I know these things. :wink:
  19. Hmmm, your right, I helped out at a day centre for adult "challenged" people.
    (Murray Valley Cedntre in Wodonga)

    You certainly know they've been in the kitchen, and the bathroom :-&

    But rewarding work none the less.