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Discussion in 'The Pub' started by grue, Jul 16, 2012.

  1. …is fuсking awesome. Butter is delicious on it, so is jam. Also, peanut butter (though never with regular butter, that's just crazy).

    None of the biological weapons that end in *mite though, those are just creepy.
  2. You should be ashamed to call yourself Australian! Not like Vegemite on toast? Eegads man, how were you raised????

    FWIW, anything sweet on toast is disgusting (jam, or my mother's personal faves; sugar or chocolate sprinkles). They belong on cakes or scones, not toast. Bleh!

    Peanut butter is gross too, but I can see the attraction for some, and it has a place in the toast condiment lineup.

    And the trick with Vegemite? Only use a TINY amount. Unlike a dutch relative who thought it was apple syrup and piled it on. My sister didn't warn him either..... biatch. LOL
  3. Peanut butter and jam rules.
  4. Is that some magical sorcery to bypass the swear filter, of has it been disabled?

    Testing: **** **** shit **** ****ing ****ed
    ...Guess not

    Vegemite is awesome.
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    vegimite is king. The more the better.

  6. Yeah I think my first exposure to it was similar and since then I can't even look at it

  7. shit fuсk piss сunt damn whore slut coсksucker

  8. I like your style, but your mouth must be lined with asbestos.
  9. ok chocolate is definitely over the line.

    As a kid I did enjoy cinnamon toast (butter, and then a ~65:35 mix of cinnamon and sugar, but not a lot of it), and I love jam on toast… but CHOCOLATE?!@#!
  10. Speak! What is this unholy spell oh magic demon!

  11. Some cyrillic letters look identical to roman letters (that make a totally different sound, but that's beside the point).

    My machine is set up for both English and Russian input, so it's a simple keystroke to switch and use the equivalent of our "s", which looks like: с :) So it's actually с + unt, or fu + с + k which is why my spellchecker freaks out when I do it.

    Or if I wanted to bypass the filter to say a swear word with "a" in it but not "c", I use the Russian "а" :)
  12. I've never been a huge fan either. Occasionally I'll get a craving and have it with a slice of processed cheese, but otherwise I'm not a fan.
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    Nutella is great on toast

  14. Toasted sandwich with sliced mushrooms, mature cheddar cheese and cayenne pepper.

  15. ^^ Now you're just being poncy!

  16. ...Vegemite & cheese on toast!...*yum*... sliced tomatoes & cheese melted on toast...*yum*... even sardines on toast!...with vinager!.... 8-[
  17. This. Some capers too.
  18. Couldn't get the alt shortcut to work for that symbol so I'll have to use the old fashioned colour change for a good swearing. fuck cunt shit balls
  19. ..Oooooooh yeah!..... (y)
  20. Whatever it takes!