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To whoever I just saw being chased by the cop on Ormond Esplanade…

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by grue, Jan 2, 2010.

  1. … you had a hell of a lead when we passed each other, did you blow it? :rofl:

  2. what bike was it?
  3. there's nothing on the Herald Sun site, and the Police don't like releasing details if they've lost a chase, so I guess we can safely assume that "Police are still investigating" and the rider is currently at home tucking into his wheaties
  4. Not 100% sure… it was a naked of some sort, black, round headlight.
  5. a harley?

    NO! YOU enter ten characters, biatch!

  6. Nah, it appeared to be something worth owning ;)

    Naked sport of some sort, but since I don't know nakeds all that well I couldn't say for certain what it was. If someone forced me at gunpoint to mention more details, it appeared to have a very forward riding position and a pretty tight rake.
  7. This could be a false memory, but I seem to recall the radiator standing out as being fairly large as well.
  8. Probably his giant balls resting on either side.
  9. It nice stories like these that take me to my happy place.


  10. :rofl:

  11. Your description (to me anyway) sounds like a streetfightered bike
  12. He sounds like a tool. I hope they caught him.

    If you're going to run from the cops I reckon they should have the power to seize your vehicle and dispose of it.

  13. Honestly, I'm not 100% sure he was actively "running", he might have just been speeding and a cop was on his way to get him.

    As for seizure and disposal? I am 100% against that, in every single case. The government should never, ever have the power to steal from us.

  14. Quite possible. Looked and sounded good :)
  15. what?! a simple slap on the wrist will suffice? perhaps morons would think twice about doing a runner if such a law(?) was available...
  16. Why the f*ck people want to willingly allow a ruling body, whom they may or may not have voted for, be empowered to steal the possessions of others as well as themselves, is a mystery that eludes me.

    One can only suspect that it's the typical "I'm better than everyone else, and so it won't happen to me" mentality coming to the fore.

    99.9999% of the time, people speed harmlessly. Oh, but sure, let's take their vehicles off them, and in all likelihood completely screw someone's ability to get to be a gainfully employed contributing member of society, on the basis of them hurting no one. THAT sounds fair.
  17. Have you written to the police to give them your express permission to seize and sell/crush any of your property connected to a crime you have committed?

    It's all very well to wish death and destruction on others who's behaviour you don't agree with, but you should put your own rights where your mouth is before you go whittling away at what little level of self-determination citizens of western society have left.

    Or just shut your beige-cardiganed, 3AW-calling, outraged pie-hole.
  18. Did I say a slap on the wrist would suffice? Nope.

    Running from the cops, last I was aware, is already a fairly major crime. Jailtime, etc. Not that I'm in favour of that, either, but hopefully it'll appease the overbearing anti-rights freaks out there.
  19. An exaggerated figure but what I understand of your message is not lost on me and I agree. How often do you overtake on a national highway (one lane each way) and get into 'hooning law' territory? I usually do. That's harmless speeding (just until it is complete) IMO. If I lost my bike/car due to that, I'd be completely pi$$ed.

    The other case is if someone is being reckless and I doubt there'd be many who would say they don't deserve some sort of punishment. If they get caught, fine the hell out of them (and if they won't/can't pay then take their vehicle) and leave it at that. If they're a serial offender then take some other measures.

    Was it the Minja? :p
  20. And yet they do. Every time I open my pay packet, the bastards have stolen a sizable chunk.