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to wheel stand or not to wheel stand

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Guest, Jan 14, 2006.

  1. personally i love riding from a set of lights on my bak wheel when it is safe to do so and still staying within the speed limits,am i alone

  2. :LOL: Fishing for a bite this time of the week.
  3. They must be particually pisssy wheelstands if you can do them within the speed limit.
  4. lol

    I love seeing guys doing wheelstanbds from the lights AND keep it up.

    How do you keep it from going right over?

    I could mono my push bike for entire street lengths, but i cant woprk it out on a bike.
  5. :):):):):):):):):)

    I, too, like wheelies.


    Perhaps let us think about why. Is it the danger factor? The extravagance and pointlessness of the act? Or the simple glee it represents? And why do little kids like them so much? Or perhaps is a wheelie something that everyone, deep down, truly loves but some choose to repress their love of the wheelie due to social conditioning or cycnicism when the world weighs heavily upon their shoulders?

    Either way, long live the wheelie, and as long as I'm riding, there will be crap wheelies for every roadside 10 year old who gives me the "hoist a minger" sign!
  6. Trawling (or is that trolling?) I would say.

    Not that I have a problem with that. Controversy keeps things interesting, Whats the point of a forum otherwise? Trolls rule

    Anyway, keep up the wheelstands :cool: Nothing wrong with it at all, so long as you do it FAR away from suburbs and anywhere pedestrians could be around.

    Not true at all. I don't have any experience myself, but I've watched pro stunt guys. Anyone can easily get the wheel up at 50-60kph, and a pro can slow it down so the bike is completely verticle, but travelling at less than 10kph!

    So yes, 5kph wheelstand, no problem :)
  7. Indeed - clutch it up in first and you can get a perfectly respectable crap wheelie without having to accelerate like mad to keep it up.
  8. Same principle as you use for doing it on a pushie... find the balance point and then vary your power input (throttle or rear brake) to keep you there.
  9. Okay, nothing wrong necessarily with a wheelstand off the lights, just be aware of the fact that:
    -It's harder for you to see what's in front
    -It's harder for what's in front to see you (your light's pointing at the sky after all)
    -It's damn near impossible for you to react if something/one moves in front of you.
    Basically if a car pulls out in front of you whilst you're wheelstanding off from the lights, don't be quick to blame the driver entirely.
  10. Yeah but if he is doing a wheel stand, standard safety and road rule procedure arent going to be at the forefront of his thinking are they? Isnt thet point?
  11. You pick your spots!
  12. If youre doing it from the lights, as the author said he does,
    whats going to in front of u?? there is no traffic in front of u :?

    :idea: 2ndly, when ya doing a wheelie, youre supposed to position
    yourself so that u can see in front from the left or right (whatever your
    preference is), so not being able to see in front of the bike should not
    even be an issue
    so even god believes wheels are cool :LOL:
  14. Depends on how far it is till the next intersection/side road/driveway (I know of a few where that's less than 10 metres). Really though I was just trying to provide a few anti-wheelie arguments he was so obviously trawling for. Though I do remember being told of one instance of a rider crashing as a result of a car pulling out in front during a wheelie simply because the driver didn't see them (it was dark and they obviously couldn't see the bikes headlight).
  15. No probs,

    but do u think people are going to do wheelies when its less than 10m
    to the next intersection etc? :LOL:

    Lets be reasonable here :p
  16. Seen it done before, only reason those riders avoided a trip to hospital was the fact the drivers waiting to pull out from a sidroad/driveway saw them and gave them room (I'll admit I've never seen anyone pull a wheelie with another set of lights only a few metres away but that's not to say it might not/doesn't happen).
  17. True true I guess. :)
  18. going into friday night coffee last week , a gixxer pulled up beside up nearing the bell st exit .
    gave a nod , nodded back , looked over and my son looked over and he pulled it up to a standing wheelie for him up the off ramp.
    supurb ....... son loved it , so did I too.

    motorcycling comerarderie :LOL:
  19. dont cha love it :LOL:

    thats the next thing i'll start practicing.. standup wheelies :twisted:
  20. its a dream to be able to do a decent one , or one at all :LOL:

    but how good it looked , nearly gave me 1/2 a mungral :LOL: