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To wear Protective Clothing or Not

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Dazza, Aug 26, 2005.

  1. On this site every now and then we will have the usual thread about someone saw someone in squid gear :shock:

    Then the usual mantra crap comes spewing fourth :shock: mainly from the 2fiddy riders about how dangerous it is.

    The other week a post went up about helmet laws in Florida. I was on a U.S Forum and these boys were going off about their civil rights being violated etc. Some people saying that even thou they may wear a helmet it was their right NOT to wear one if they chose not too.

    OK, so I pose this question :D

    Too what level of clothing is acceptable?

    If wearing a helmet is a must, then what other pieces of clothing is acceptable and considered correct so not to be branded a squid.

    People on here have let rip about people wearing T-shirts and no gloves etc.

    I pose a further question :?:

    Why is it deemed to be acceptable too everyone that wearing a pair of pants be it jeans, business pants (slacks) etc. Don't these clothes realistically offer NO PROTECTION. Should it not be correct that people donning this attire be strung up to the nearest tree.

    The wearing of leathers, is this not, the only attire that a respectful biker would wear :!:

    I wear jeans and know that if I come off (touch wood) that the jeans will disintegrate on impact and abrasion to the skin will occur quickly. I also wear a pair of summer gloves. They are Alpinestar and bloody expensive but I too know that they offer bugger all protection when push comes to shove. But my winter leather gloves are a better choice but prefer the others on hot days.

    So if people are so happy and not perturbed to the wearing of jeans/pants etc, then WHAT is the difference if a person was to wear a T-shirt :?:

    Is the argument that upper body protection (abrasion) is MORE important than lower body abrasion.

    Cheers 8)
  2. Hey Dazza,

    You raise a VERY good point. I lived in the US for 5 years and have personally seen a vast number of riders wearing just jeans, t-shirts and things even (flipp flopps)

    There is not real answer to your question. What one person deems necessary another deems un-necessary. I think the issue typically stems from the government and tax payers perspective. If someone has an accident and is not wearing a helmet and subsequenly has brain damage... Then it is the government via the tax payers that has to sustain this persons right to life. I personally believe that this is one of the main drivers for enforcement.

    Look at it this way, seatbelts are manditory, they never used to be....

    I hope you find the answers you are looking for

  3. i just had a minor off about 30min ago....

    if i wasn't wearing my gear half my right palm would be off(thank god for glove), my chin would be on the pavement(thank god for full face helmets), my right big toe would be feeding some ants on the road now(thank god for boots), my right knee and left shoulder would be sore from impact and grazing(thank god for armour in leather jacket and cordura pants).

    how do i know this? cause i felt the impact and inspected my gear, then imagined what that would've done to my unprotected body!!
  4. Cheers Mitch,

    I firmly believe its a lay down mezzair with relation too the wearing of the helmets IMHO. I believe we should.

    I am MORE concerned with the perception of the articles of clothing that we should or should not wear :D

    Cheers 8)
  5. You pose a good question Dazza.

    I'm no safety nazi. And I too used to wear nothing but jeans/ leather jacket gloves and helmet.

    I have had one off whilst wearing jeans, T-shirt, sneakers - no gloves - just helmet

    now while I don't recommend this what so ever, the result of the accident was as follows...

    this was and impact of 70klm (me to the road)

    Upper body - fine
    Right elbow - big hole where skin used to be
    Hands - not a scratch
    Legs - skinned both knees
    Feet - fine

    Had I been wearing the right gear I would of been a bit better off.

    Also this was just one type of accident. Others may have resulted in broken ankles and the like.

    My conclusion now is to wear minimum Dragins, boots, L jacket, Gloves and helmet.....

    After all you never know what the world is going to throw at you.

    And it does surprise me that all the Government is concerned about is our noodles.
  6. Hey Livingstone.

    Sorry to hear about the accident, glad you are OK and you are yet another positive poster child for why we need to wear gear.

    How badly damaged is the bike? What happened? Where? Is there any assistance you require? Have you exchanged details? Contacted the police? Call TAC and go see your doctor advicing of the accident

  7. This sort of thing is always going to come up and ultimately it is up to the individual to wear what they want to (everybody has a choice).
    The goverment, on the other hand are looking at it from a different perspective. To them, it is not such a clear cut issue as 'rights'. If you come off your bike, 1) you may need repairing, 2) there is a chance that whilst you are under repair you won't be able to work, 3) you might die, none of which are any good for the health of the nation, or you. They need to reach some sort of compromise that keeps the country moving, that is socially acceptable and doesn't lose them too many votes (or voters).

    But as I said, nobody is being forced to wear anything. Everybody has a choice.
    My view is that if you are likely to be going at any speed greater than jogging pace then you should be fully kitted up. With this view of course I do stumble into a grey area when talking about bicycles. But then it'd be a cold day in hell before I made a bicycle go anything above wobbling speed.

    No, textiles can be pretty good, too.

    Your choice. Good luck to you.


    Not my argument.
  8. True story,

    I managed to clip my friend on his bike going about 40k after he had to do an emergency stop in front of me.

    I caught his center-stand right on my left ankle and was rather glad that I'd brought my first pair of 'proper' motorcycle boots the week before (used to wear trainers).

    Now of course I just wear thongs like the rest of ya!
  9. I'm with him, I still have a purple mark on my knee from when I fell off at low speed on the Macquarie Pass in APRIL, wearing only jeans.
    I don't think Dazza'a talking about impacts, cos that's a different issue, just abrasion protection (?).
    Speaking as an oldie, even cuts and abrasions take longer to heal; stop them at the source.
  10. Yep your right mate.

    Cheers 8)
  11. thanks for concern.......but everything is ok.......no cars around and i took a stupid dive down a hill.....

    what concerned me was that even though no cars/no trees/no lamposts i hit, only bitumen, that the injuries would have been quite moderate.....i can only imagine what may have happened if i was going faster or if there was something that i had hit
  12. Dont imagine it.... Dont ever imagine it.... It is not pleasant... It hurts, it gives you night mares and it is something that you will never forget.

    Waking in the middle of the night screaming, unable to walk, unable to take a piss without nfeeling pain..... Learning the basics like walking again....... Crashing is never pleasant, on the road, either fast or slow.

    Although, on a muddy trail, it is quite fun and 99.5% of the time no injuries
  13. Sir Skuffy giveth, Sir Skuffy taketh away, blessed be the name of Sir Skuffy!
    STOP HAVING A BOB EACH WAY, Mitch!!!! lol
  14. I lived in Qld for three years and watched the boys riding around in their Qld riding gear and it gave me the shivers every time I saw them....don't even think about it.
  15. I could understand not always wearing full gear in the past - there was limited selection, and what was available tended to be very hot. Now the manufacturers are giving us breathable / summer weight gear with near the same protection as full gear.

    I personally do not think there is a reason to be wearing less than full gear at any time (I wear same gear summer/winter regardless - no summer gear bough yet) particularly now that there is summer weight gear.

    However, I still think it is up to the person to make that decision. I ride with a few people who wear jeans (full gear otherwise) but I won't complain - they accept my choice and I accept theirs. I am sure some people would say I should wear a back brace - probably should but haven't bought one.
  16. I could care less for what other people wear or dont wear whilst riding, personal choice comes first, including helmets.
    If its my body then i reserve the absolute right to mess it up any way i like.

    My only objection is pillions who are not riders themselves and go squid, i believe many of them are not fully aware of the dangers of not having full cover before being enticed to get on the back of someones bike, its then that i take a dim view of the rider.
  17. Oh, let's not even THINK about the half-naked pillion!!! The RIDER should be visited by Deyago's baseball bat for that, esp as he's usually covered from head to foot!!!
  18. yea, i had the same problem when when i was up near cairns, every rider i saw on the main hwy up the coast just had a t shirt and shorts on and the thought of what would happen to them if they came off was scary

    I couldn't understand it, even one guy who was seeing how quick he could go on his little CBR250 was wearing the same, just a t shirt and shorts.

    It's just insane!
  19. I've done a stack of 'research' (surfin' the net at work) on the topic to try to put some hard fact around the opinions of many..

    basically it runs like this.
    * younger people heal faster
    * the older you get the slower you heal
    * a collection of injuries to a young person (eg 20) that they will recover from can kill an older person (eg 50)
    * younger people can survive more serious injuries than older people.
    * older people with pre-existing problems are less able again to recover from injuries
    * riding a motorcycle is a risky pastime, blah blah blah.

    So, there you go.
    Balance risk with prevention.

    The best protection of all is common sense.