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To wait or not to wait?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by kate, May 6, 2016.

  1. I don't own a bike yet and have been learning mainly on the 250cc LAMS bikes that the training centre owns. I will be off my L's in 4 months. I found a 2013 LAMS Duke 390 that I like and if I buy it now I will probably commit to riding it for a few years. The alternative is to wait for 4 months and buy a non-LAMS bike.

    Is it preferable that I build confidence and skill on a LAMS bike before moving up to a non LAMS bike? Or would it be better to stick it out for a few more months and go strait to a more powerful bike?
  2. I dunno what the rules in NT are but in NSW after L plates, P plates follow and you still need to ride a LAMS bike. In spite of that I would recommend you start to crawl before you run, get yourself a 300 - 650cc bike and ride the bejesus out of it before you upgrade to a proper full powered bike.
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  3. You still have another 16 months of LAMS restrictions - 28 months if you under 25 and don't hold a car license.

    So my answer is - not wait.

    See here for the NT laws regarding LAMS bikes Get your motorbike licence - NT.GOV.AU

    A novice motorcycle rider is a person who holds an R class learner, provisional or restricted licence.

    As a novice rider, you may only ride a motorcycle listed under the Learner Approved Motorcycle Scheme (LAMS) list.
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  4. There's a shed load of options in the 650 range that are still lams and plenty powerful enough to last several years. If it means riding sooner I'd get a bike now.
    Remember just because you get your P's you haven't had much road experience so getting a powerful bike is very iffy.
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  5. Buy a bike you are going to ride. I did a year and a half worth of research before I settled on the bike i really wanted. But look into the laws with your licence, if you chose to buy a bike bigger than your riding class and you cant ride it... whats the point of having it.
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  6. The 390 is a cool little bike kate, good fun, easy to ride and probably a good riding position for you. Being LAMS it'll hold value if you buy it at the right money. Test ride a few before deciding if you can.
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  7. Thanks all... classic rookie mistake informed by bad advice - I'll need this bike for 16 months! Boy am I glad I joined NR!

    Can't wait to go test riding tomorrow!

    Does $5800 for a 10,000km 2013 Duke 390 seem a tad expensive? Might try to talk the price down a bit!
  8. The KTM 390 is a great bike. I have not had a ride on one but I had a young lady right up my tail pipe riding through the Adelaide Hills. We both had an absolute ball of fun. If I was not riding a lot of two up riding, I could see myself having a lot of fun riding a KTM 390 and I have been riding for over 50 years. Get started and you will see what I mean.
  9. Wear a singlet and tight jeans.......... that'll get it down to $5k - i'll refrain from further advice :whistle:
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  10. How much riding have you done,plenty of bush up there.
  11. .................................... I did actually spit my mouthful my merlot over the keyboard at that one
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  12. Typical,I should nob better.
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  13. Well, it is getting late on a Friday............
  14. Seriously,back to topic. I know the dream is stand up wheelies on hugely powerful bikes but we all start at the bottom. I was talking to a female friend who is just on her Ps with a 300 Kaw who tells me she prefers pillioning at a higher pace on bigger bikes than riding at her level on her own bike.I guess I just forget what its like to be a new rider. I am a big fan of learners riding easy bikes till they know whats what.I must be getting old.
  15. You should buy an R1 M...
  16. Just went on a quick fang on the wife's Duke 390 last night to 'test ' it for her. I had forgotten how much fun the bike was.

    Great learner bike. I'm even going to do my next track day on it to improve my corner speed.
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  17. #17 Petesul, May 7, 2016
    Last edited: May 7, 2016
    katekate, get a bike so you can ride today. Even if you were allowed to buy an unrestricted machine, you wouldn't have the skill to use it the way it was built to be used. I know, you have this message now, get out there and just have fun.
    caz64caz64, ValvolineValvoline, want to chip in about your Dukes?
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  18. Honestly I don't see the hysteria around buying a bike using it for a few months and then selling it. If you buy it for a good price you'll probably be able to sell for around what you paid as it will be summer and more learners wanting to get out and ride.

    I suppose this argument may be less likely to hold true in the NT where there is a smaller market, however I am almost certain there'd be a strong market on the Dukes there as they are popular.

    Buy whatever you want, don't worry about committing to it for a long time.
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  19. Just beat me to that PetesulPetesul, was going to suggest katekate look st ValvolineValvoline's thread and pics. FYI katekate, she's pretty much ridden a duke390 halfway around Australia, so would be in a good position to tell you pros and cons.

    That price seems ok, maybe a bit high given mileage. If you're trying to buy locally choices are going to be limited, if you're prepared to buy interstate and either ride or ship bike back, this one is very low km and cheap.

    2013 KTM 390 Duke for sale

    Or neg hard as suggested....
  20. Duke 390 awesome learner bike. I had a tear in my eye when I traded her in....:(...I had no issues mechanically or at all with my bike. Paid top dollar for it (this was when there wasn't many around). Was worth every cent! I did about 13000km on mine but like everyone else has said ask ValvolineValvoline as she has been riding everywhere on hers!!! Good luck and stay safe :)
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