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To VFR or not to VFR?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by choppa, Sep 17, 2007.

  1. OK folks the bike expo has come to Brisbane, and as per my welcome post many moons ago it's time to get my new bike. Oh yes I am excited.

    I have been set on a "new" VFR ever since I sold my last one years ago, but now that the "new" VFR's are nearly 2 years old and with a new model potentially being released in '08/'09 I would appreciate your thoughts.

    I am pretty sure I am still keen on a VFR as I figure now there is plenty of room to bargain, and it might be years before a new model actually gets here.

    Anyone think I am nuts?
  2. I think you should stick with your convictions. There was talk on here recently about the next VFR being a VFR1000Fi, see if you can find out mroe about that ;)

    I LURRRVE my new VFR :grin:
  3. What kind of riding do you do?
  4. maybe a new model might make it easier to get a current one even cheaper?
  5. Doonx, I love your bike too :)

    I think if the 1000 was due out early next year then I would consider waiting, but I am keen as to get back into it that waiting 18 months would drive me mental.

    I am no knee sliding racer, so a full on sports bike is not on my list. Although I would have seriously considered a CBR1000 if the insurance was reasonable. I just can't bring myself to part with $1500 insurance for a bike.
  6. VFR's are great, i'd may be wait another few months and see if there going to do a run out on current models.

    Personaly i dont like buying the 'first' of a completely new anything as often a few problems crop up despite the intensive testing done.
  7. after riding the lastest model vfr they are one great/fun bike to ride.....if you like it buy imo, why wait for something which may be coming. If it comes you can turn around sell it and then upgrade to the new model down the track
  8. Good call, especially with the VFR's... I as planning on buying one before I got my SV1000, and after researching them I realised that even though it's all the same parts between the 03 and 05 model, they tuned the "V-TEC" tuning so that on accelerating it kicks into 4 valve at 6800 rpm but doesn't return to two valve when decelerating until 6200 rpm; hence reducing your chance of getting unsettled (if cornering) when the engine's V-TEC changes... apparently there were some complaints (mainly from US riders on their Interceptors) about the 03 model as the V-TEC used to click on at 6600rpm and click off at 6400 rpm (and after riding one I can see how this could bed a problem, cause when the VTEC kicks in there are lots more little ponies running out your rear wheel!).

    They are a lovely bike though... I still hope to own a Veefer one day.
  9. I saw an anniversary model in Mornington Honda ont he weekend, not solid colours like previous models. Looked ace but at $15,990 :shock: Maybe the BMWF800 is not so overpriced??
  10. Geez I am glad I posted this thread. All reservations now gone. Now to mentally prepare for the weekend bargaining.
    I am thinking $15,000 on the road is not asking too much. Or maybe I am not going low enough?
  11. mate - don't worry about the VTEC in the current model, it slides in at 6700rpm, it certainly doesn't kick in. It took me 2 months to get mindlessly used to it and I now can hear the engine and know just before it comes in (don't need to look at the tacho). I believe the 02-05 models VTEC kicked in at over 7000rpm, which is past the peak of it's power curve, thus the "kick" was quite noticeable. 6700rpm is at the top of the curve, so the VTEC uptake is far more linear to the power delivery. Also, it's a lot of fun when it does slide in :demon:

    My baby and I have settled with each other into what has become a fantastic relationship, I know her well and continue to learn more and more about her. I've just put 3000kms on her and she has settled in very very nicely. I'm not gentle with her, but nor am I racing her at all, she's got a fair bit more to give than I am asking of her. This is a fine fine machine.

    I've put Madaz Racing pipes on her, and she loves it, she sounds totally HORNBAG. I will save a little coin and take soem advice on tuning and see if a PCIII is required along with a K&N Air Filter and the then subsequent Dyno work. I think that little lot will have her purring at a level of performance that I will never tire of.

    I have a couple of small ideas for some understated eloquent cosmetic jewellery that will finish her off as an absolute gem of a VFR.

    Watch this space.
  12. Let's hope I actually like it now when I take it for a test ride. Should be just like my old baby, only better.
    I had a pipemasters can on my old 750. It sounded so sweet. Listening to some of those wave files brings back the memories.
    How good does the Two Brothers Racing one sound. I have already been eyeing them off as it will be the first mod I do.
  13. 2008 Honda VFR800 motorcycle is left unchanged
    MCN News - Click Here

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  14. There $15,000 ride away here in sydney .

    Seem alot of bike for the money. :)
  15. the Vtec has been around for 5 years now so keep your eyes out for a slightly used one

    stay away from the 02 model, like anything first models have their bugs

    then when/if the 1000 comes along then upgrade if you can get one that is
  16. I've always been curious how this feels in the real world use... what sort of road speed does that 6700rpm generally correspond to? Yes, I know it depends on what gear you're in - I don't need a full table, just whatever you can remember off the top of your head :)
  17. Where's that at Sleddog?
  18. Sydney city motorcycles Lane cove ,google for there website.

    They had about 8 of each colour ,red ,and the black-silver.
    With seat cowl ,not sure if it was standed but it comes with the bike.

  19. If I remember, I'll try and take note tomorrow morning and evening

    The seat cowl comes standard with the bike