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To upgrade or not to upgrade?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by faldron, Feb 15, 2006.

  1. Hey all, would like some advice :grin:

    Ive had a little GPX250 for about 3 years now, and have been off restrictions for quite some time. Obviously the thought of upgrading has entered my mind more than once :p

    I have recently acquired $4500 from a mining job and was thinking of spending this towards a bigger bike. However, I do like the thought of saving said money... My parents both tell me my current bike works fine and I shouldnt get a new one, but of course they dont ride so what would they know :LOL: ! My other friends also say the same... girlfriend is somewhat indifferent, leaning towards the no side, and my best mate says go for it! Obviously he is a rider.

    I liked the looks of the DL650 Vstrom and the BMW's, but they are both way out of my price range... also like the GSX750F... I like most bikes as long as they're not cruisers or single cylinder dirt bikes.

    So the questions are... Should i upgrade or save?
    If i upgrade what should i get?

    Cheers :)
  2. On a different note, how do you get the little Netrider member logo under your name? I've paid my $5 ! :LOL:
  3. Upgrading means higher insurance costs, higher maintenance costs, and more expensive consumables. If your cash flow is steady then upgrade by all means, otherwise perhaps wait until finances are a little more stable.
  4. I too would like to know this as I paid my $5 bucks... Not upset as it was the best $5 spent recently.

    On the upgrading thing, well, someone mentioned finances. Just seriously make sure you can afford the maintenence and insurance that goes with this new territory.

  5. You don't need to spend lots of money to upgrade to a bigger bike why don't you just look for an older model 600 and check out some prices, mabye you can save a bit of the money and with the money you sell your bike for buy the new bike.

    See here for the logo
  6. Why dick around? U been ridin for 3 years now, Looks like you dont have the sense to give it up, so jump on a bigger faster death machine, And the gsxf isnt a bad choice,nice middle a da road cycle. Or if your little gpx scares the hell outta you still. .................... buy a honda

  7. Depends what you're using the bike for - if it's only being used as a commuter then you're probably best of sticking with the GPX and saving money. Of course if your current bike has high mileage or otherwise worn out then now might be a good time to get something bigger, but cheap. By the way which mine were you working at?
  8. Thanks regarding the logo... should work now *fingers crossed* :)
  9. Just testing... I really hope that it comes up.

    Anyway, lets get back to helping this guy with his upgrade dilemma.

    thanks all
  10. At the moment I commute probably 3 times a week and do the odd ride to get to some twisties... However, I also like long distance touring and would love to do many more of those kinds of trips (I went to Coober Pedy and back on the GPX last September).

    The bike is still low miles (36000 km), and runs perfectly.

    I wasnt working at a mine, I was working as the offsider to a geologist on a drilling exploration program in Nyngan NSW.
  11. 250's seem to be holding their value well. As for the rest of the market, its primed for buyers :grin:

    How much would you get for your GPX? Seen a DL650 with 5K & 6 mths warranty for $8,500 - sounds like a bargain to me :cool: No doubt cheaper higher mileage ones as well
  12. Ahh, done that job before (on a RC rig) - nothing but bagging samples and washing rock chips :LOL:. Even with a lot more kays on the clock you'd still probably get a reasonably good price for it so probably best to stick with it for a while till you can really afford a bigger bike in good condition I reckon. Trading the GPX on a larger bike that's older or has higher mileage could wind up costing more than you can afford.
  13. Not too sure about how much I'd get for the GPX... perhaps somebody can give me an idea? Its a 1997 GPX250, Red/Purple, 36000km. Has scratches on right side fairings, has been dropped on the right side by every rider that has ever got on the beast ahahaha! 2 owners before me. Serviced every 6000km at Performance Bikes & Watercraft.

    I never seem to see the DL650's on the 2nd hand market because they are new bikes (introduced in 2001 i think?). Considering they are $10k new, most 2nd hand ones seem expensive ie why not spend an extra grand to get a brand new one?

    Still out of my price range though unfortunately :-(
  14. jd, this was an aircore rig, except when the driller couldnt get through a floater and had to go RC for 1 hole! For the first half of the program i was using a NITON XRF machine which shoots xrays at a sample and returns PPM of minerals (Scandium we were interested in). The machine went back and I was just doing weighing, bagging samples and magnetic susceptability readings. Got some good money out of it though :)
  15. So what were they actually exploring for? I'm guessing scandium was being used as a trace element to detect mineralisation, unless they're planning on mining REEs.
  16. they're actually going for scandium surprisingly enough. There are japanese companies that want to use it to alloy with aluminium, and use it in fuel cells. However they are not satisfied with the stuff that comes from the only Scandium mine in the world in the Ukraine.
  17. If you enjoy riding and want to do more of it go for it upgrade :grin: Have fun you only live once and you cant take the money with you :grin: :grin: :grin: I have been riding for over 20 years and despite having a classic z900 i recently bought a zx9r and yeah i could have done things with the 8800.00 but it wouldnt have been as much fun :grin:
  18. Upgrade. Fastness rocks.
  19. Z900 Which one do you ride the most and which one do you enjoy the most??

    Yes, mate, upgrade anyway, even if you only go to a 600. You won't believe how much fun it is till you do it......
  20. definately upgrade. u'll feel heaps safer on a bike that can get u out the way of other tossers on the road in a hurry.

    wouldn't suggest anything higher than a 600 for ur 1st bike off a 250 tho. i rode a kawasaki zx10 my 1st time off my restriction and even in the backstreets it was a monster!

    i love my fzr, but probably not a good choice if you want to do any touring. also no good if your any taller than me (5'8") as your knees won't fit comfortably against the tank.

    my bf has a vfr750 - great bike to ride, sporty yet super comfy over distance - again mayb a little powerful 4 ur 1st time on a bigger bike.

    so i probably wasn't much help, but at least u no what not to look 4 now! :p