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To those on the VIC/NSW/ACT Alpine Ride this weekend . . .

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Mickyb V9, Apr 1, 2007.

  1. I made it back in one piece !!! :dance:

    Here is the pic of my rear tyre taken 10mins ago, I sprayed it with some liquid so you can see the extent of the metal showing . . . the original 1in damage has resulted to a 50% of the tyre circumference damage, while another one had started on the opposite side about 6in in length.


    Not only am I writing to Ducati to tell then how good of a Dual-Sport the Monster is . . (another story to tell) . . but also probably also to Pirelli to show how it lasted from Bright (VIC) to the ACT with out a failing ! LOL

    Now its time to get new tyres after this weekend.

    Damn it was awesome ride !!

    Thanks to fatal (Dave) . . your story about riding from Melb to Syd on a bald tyre gave me confidence ! :LOL:
  2. :LOL: :LOL: my boss was telling me about a bunch of riders that he bumped into down in the snowies... a guy on a ducati with a helmet mohawk, a girl in pink leathers... and a bunch of other motley riders arrived about 20 minutes after them :p

    back to your old tricks Micky? :p :p :p
  3. yeah, 20mins . . . the snowy-speed-demons !!

    Mel (ricecooker) and I were carving up the slopes !
    Just look at my tyres . . .

    All Mel's fault !! . . damn, she can ride, pushing me to my limits . . . . ;)

    What was your boss riding ????
  4. :LOL: Micky... jeez that was fun but... and me pushing you??? who left me behind? I had to push it to find you again!!! :p
  5. :LOL: :LOL: i heard you pulled up in the lead :wink:

    He was on an old Honda, can't remember the exact model, i'll ask him over a cup of coffee this morning!
  6. yeah, he was on a old CB400 Super4 or something with his Historic Club BMW mates . . . . they were sitting at the cafe at the petrol servo.

    I guess it would have been a sight . . :shock:
    The silent peace and tranquility of Khancoban, only to be disturbed by a loud Ducati with a mohawk rider and a Kawa Green Ninja with a chic with pink riding gear !! . . . :LOL:

    yeah, off course I was in the lead . . . ;)
    I could not let the Monster get continually whipped by Mel's Ninja !!!

    I'll post up pics of my from tyre . . . shoulders totally scrubbed !
  7. :LOL: :LOL: thats the one!.. he does appreciate the ducati rumble.. but was laughing at the little virago/across/vtr that all *eventually* caught up with you...

    monster > ninja!
  8. Micky you were lucky you didnt go our way home on Sunday. By the time we got to cooma my rear tyre was down to the wear indicators and it looked like the top of a hexagon from all the twisty bits :cool: :LOL:

    I now understand what high speed dampening does on the super bikes, my bike felt as though it was floating along at some stages of our faster journey home :LOL: .
  9. we were laughing at the dude with the scarf !
    I hope that was not your boss ! :LOL:
  10. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: nah, that sounds like a beamer rider...
  11. James . . . . show this pic to your boss !

    You can see him in this photo I think !
    Up where the cafe umbrellas are !


    oh yeah . . .
    like the Maglight on the panniers !!
    the ultimate road rage setup !!! :LOL:
  12. What do I do tonight ????

    Do I . . .

    A. Remove my tyres to get new ones put on tomorrow ? (Pirelli Diablo Corsa ;))
    B. Do a burnout and video it, then youtube it . . . like there will be sparks and all ! :eek:
    C. Do a burnout and video it, then youtube it . . . like there will be sparks and all ! :eek:
    D. Do a burnout and video it, then youtube it . . . like there will be sparks and all ! :eek:

    hmmmmm . . . . :wink:
  13. naaaaaah Micky go michie pilot powers you will love em !!
  14. oh hell no they are not going back on my storm, they got the ass chewed out of them, went from 50% tread to nothing in 2000k's need something a little harder on the storm i think
  15. James . . . . thats because you ride hard !

    Your talking to Bob here ! :LOL:

    oooooooohhhh . . . .
    First salvo shot fired across port side ! :p
  16. Bwaahaaahaaaaa Any time ya wanna try me Micky baby lol :p
  17. ummmmmm ah yes but hey i like grip ,wouldnt trade klms for grip ever
  18. yeah that is fair enough, but the storm is more then capable of putting heat through any tyre :p the mitchelin on the rear of the gs is rock hard and never loses grip overs 12,000 and still over 50% tread

    i just want something with a little bit harder compound, the rubber on the pp was beading from riding from bright to albury, and we were taking it real easy because of mickys tyre
  19. Micky mate! he says thanks for the ride photo!! remembers the monster lens on your camera too...
  20. geeez, he remembers a lot of things.

    Ask him if we were loud when we took our helmets off !!
    We were just full of adreniline after a clean run from Thredbo to Khancoban . . . .