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to the yellow 954 and the gixxer on the monash today at 2:30

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by chrissybenn, Dec 22, 2011.

  1. god you gave me a laugh.

    pulled up next to a car, a p plater was on the phone and they sat next to her telling her to hang up and making hang up signs for about 3 or 4 k's. i was on the red zx6r behind ya.

    not sure if it worked or not, but then you went around and surrounded her and did the same thing again.

    you happened to miss the other 100 people i saw on their phones all around her tho lol

    /cool story bro

    also saw a parking inspector booking a zx14 and a older style bike just off toorak road around 2:30.. hope those tickets he was filling out wasnt for parking on the footpath..
  2. That's not allowed anymore?
  3. made the hang up motion to a cop on the phone once. Don't know if he saw me, but he did hang up. Then happily drove along 10k over the limit. They sure know how to stick to a gameplan.
  4. They are
  5. They don't need to they are exempt from the laws of mere mortals, whilst on duty.
  6. i once did that to a lady i was sitting behind on an off ramp from the freeway, was weaving all over her lane, had kids in the back too. She saw me in her mirror and then started to yell and point at me through the side view mirror.

    Made my day, i laughed most of the way home.
  7. did it to some fat biatch who decided that despite no one else being around the right time to changes lanes was on top of me...

    She didn't even notice, so many angry mutterings i uttered.
  8. it is our duty to do this.
    the safety camera won't tell them.
    and no-one else will.
  9. This is true. Emergency services are exempt from the law. I am in the state emergency service. I can use a mobile phone while I am driving an SES vehicle. But if I was driving my own car....3 points...
  10. CRAP!


    The guy who did it is in deep Sh*t despite being ASKED specifically to escort Cold Chisel to the concert. I thought 'police escort' ment 'Go FAST!' But aparently it doesn't!

    The cop who was leading the pack aparently had to surrender his own car!
  11. the cop car he was driving was temporarily impounded before the realized the stupidity of the situation and took it out.. theres an investigation underway at the moment i think

  12. Old news, been discussed in a thread here already.,
  13. +1.

    just love it when some nit looking into their lap texting wanders all over the road totally oblivious to everything going on around them.

    snipers in cherry pickers woud be a good start to fixing the problem
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  14. In WA the emergency services have an exemption from most of the traffic laws "if it is safe and reasonable that the regulation should not apply". That "safe and reasonable" can be tested in court and, on occasion, has been.

    Whilst it is, of course, true that it's not impossible to cook up a cover story to avoid getting pinged, it's certainly not open slather and it is hard to see how else the law could be written to allow the emergency services to do what they sometimes need to do whilst at the same time maintaining some enforceable control over their behaviour.
  15. Nah not mobile enough.
    How about this?
  16. perfect
  17. needs busa engine