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To the Victorians, State of Origin Wed night

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by goz, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. As there are a heap of Victorians on these boards, im keen to hear (read) your thoughts on this event being played in Victoria, Any interest in it?, will you watch it?, will you go? who will you support? and so on...

    Me personally, i see no need on sending this event down to Melb as its a game against NSW - QLD..

    And if you dont know what im jibbering on about, NRL Rugby League State of Origin

    Lets not forget the NSW coach is Craig Bellamy, Melbourne Storm coach :)

    Discuss :)
  2. hmmm, considering it pretty much a sell out, i'm guessing there is some interest in the game. yes it may be people coming in from interstate, but not all of them,.. there are actual victorians who enjoy the game.. and with storm players representing, storm supporters and those of the game will be going.,.

    Queensland for the win
  3. I'm not a Storm supporter at all nor really very much of a league follower. However, Origin, Aus v NZ and the final are all usually decent spectacles so I'm an ex-Qlder who will be going with a mate of mine (an ex-blue). All that's needed is for Billy Moore to fire up the crowd :p.

    The last time NSW were comprehensively written off before kick off (in 2002) they hammered Qld in game 1. I hope that's not the result on Wed night!

    I think the NRL are trying to make a headway into AFL-land (Vic) so keep putting a game here. Personally, I think that since its Qld v NSW, it should stay in Brisbane and Sydney.
  4. I support Storm, will be watching and Maroons FTW!
  5. Even in this quickly-mobile society in which we we live, where people move around, even from state to state, a lot, no ammount of corporate greed is going to turn a game that's played only in NSW and Queensland, into a national game. And, note to the AFL Authorities, the same applies to AFL.

    If there was a club AFL game, ANY club AFL game, on in Melbourne tonight, you'd only get ex-pats from Qld and NSW at the game.....
  6. wrong, not all vic love afl......went to the game 2 years ago (i think now) would love to go again, but got a few other costs this year.

    So telly it is for me, hopefully qld will get up again for another win :grin:
  7. Melbournians will watch any sport with a ball involved!!! (to their credit!)
  8. No interest in NRL or State of Origin at all.

    Wouldn't cross the road to go and see the bumsniffers play.
  9. I grew up with Rugby (both codes) - no way I'd go at the prices they're asking. $80 for a halfway decent seat.
  10. Love the Origin series :grin: I was away this last weekend otherwise I would have like to have gone to Melbourne for the game.

    Boooo Billy Moore lol He was enemy number 1 in Blues territory :wink:

    Hoping for a miraculous Blues win :grin:
  11. Being out of the loop, a co-worker only reminded me of this yesterday. Had no idea it was on until then.
  12. What's the betting on a general outbreak of swine flue?
  13. I had no idea it was down here! I'm not a fan of the game but I do realise that it's a big deal for people up north. I can't even remember seeing any advertising for it. No one is talking about it at my work.

    Bah, if it doesn't have wheels, it's not a sport! :grin:
  14. We gave all the interstaters the swine flu to take back as souvenirs
    Enjoy it folks :)
  15. I'm dead set against em sending games down there until qld give up a home game to promote the game, every few years nsw lose home ground advantage sending a game off to the vics in the interests of promoting the game, Qld has steadfastly refused to ever use 1 of there games, so we virtually get 1 home game a year whether or not it is our turn to host 2, so then it being the only game they screw you on ticket prices. plus with the swine flu now out of control in both mexico's its not worth the risk travelling :bolt:
  16. um, that was a qld home game :wink:
  17. rubbish game, disappointed in Campo. I hope he dosen't get axed.
  18. Ok I know there are two types of rugby so is this the one that's played in heaven or the one that's played in the other place?