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To the R1 riding moron on Flemington Rd yesterday

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Man Hands, Apr 29, 2011.

  1. I deliberately stayed the **** away from you when I saw you weaving through peak hour traffic, no indicators, cutting off cars left right & centre. When I filtered to the front of the lights at the Flemington - Racecourse Rd intersection there you were - all that weaving actually got you ****ing nowhere.

    Now just because I gave it a bit of a squirt off the lights to get in front of traffic does not mean I wanted to race. FFS I am not stupid enough to think my Street Triple is faster than an R1, not to mention the stupidity of racing on the road let alone in peak hour traffic. So why the **** you thought it was necessary to move into my blindspot and try to a loser fly by on the inside, only to fail and come within 2 inches of taking us both out I will never know. :furious:

    What pisses me off the most is every cager who saw that would have thought '****ing hoon bikers, temporary australians, etc, etc.. If you had ****ed up any worse the headlines would have read "Hoon motorcyclists killed in peak hour street race".

    I really hope you are on netrider and read this. You are a ****ing moron. You cannot ride for shit. If you ever pull something like that near me again I will seriously lose my shit. :tantrum:
  2. something something
  3. we do not report fellow riders to the police we do things differently.
    (beat them senseless)
  4. Man Hands,
    Sorry to hear of your ordeal bud !!! That sux !
    I was out on the R1, but nowhere near Flemington-Racecourse Rd. In fact somewhere in the hills with one of our very own highly experienced riders (thanks Raven (y)), getting my knee down :D

    I totally agree with Smee above - any rider who puts another rider at risk should be dealt with accordingly.
  5. R1 Rider ... pfft says it all!

    (sorry Knickers... but why the hell would you part with an 05 Gixxer anyway?) :p
  6. Hahahahaha Bax...I'll pay that bud.
    And yes - I do miss the K5 Thou (y)
  7. Thanks, no I didn't get a plate as I never got behind him again - he turned off shortly after. I prefer Smee's line of thinking anyway :D

    I actually love the R1's its just a shame that they seem to be the new choice bike for wankers. No offence to Nickers or other non-wanker R1 riders (all 4 of them :D)
  8. I'm serious too, we don't dob in fellow riders, we out them for being wankers but not dob em in as it adds to the "hoon" stats.
  9. besides, whats the chances they are going to change because of something the police do? no use dobbing them in...

    shun them in real life, they'll wake up :D
  10. Just need to clarify a few things.
    Who is the "we" you mention in your post?
    Are you speaking for all riders or are you saying that the members of this forum have to act in a certain way ?
    I believe this is a democracy and as individuals "we" can make our own choices as to how to act
    If someone wants to dob in a dangerous rider/driver they have every right to do so,if that stops that tosser maiming or injuring someone else good. Stats or no stats,stuff the stats get them off the road, bike or car.
    Outing them for being a wanker would only work if that rider happened to be on this forum.Yes it is a big forum and a bloody good source of information but if they don't happened to be a member how does that outing work?
    There are a sh$t load of riders out there that aren't a part of this forum or any forum.
    Thanks for the forum and the freedom of speech :)

    cheers Michael
  11. Clearly, you didn't. :blah:
  12. :woot: Expandable batons for everyone.
  13. :rofl: obvious troll is obvious
  14. Anyone who dobs in a fellow rider is no rider and must hand in their bike to someone more deserving, don the beige cardigan and go and get fucked.
    PS there is no statute for freedom of speech in Australia go to the states instead
  15. Hey guys, I was trying so hard to stay away from one of those giving-us-a-bad-name riders the other day. He was weaving and swerving and shit, you know, scaring drivers and making us look like hoons. So yeah I was trying really hard to like, stay away from him, right, so I filtered up next to him. So now I was feeling all smug and shit, all that swerving got him nowhere even though he had like, an R1 and I ride a Street Triple. Anyway, lights go green and I give it some, but, not too much yeah, because I'm not a hoon and I'm not racing him. Anyway, I'm like caught up in the moment, not really paying attention to anything because I'm not hoon and I'm not giving it heaps and then the idiot passes me too closely. These guys give us a bad name, imagine how all this looked to all the drivers (I was watching my mirrors heaps, they didn't look happy).
  16. Yeah it was clearly your fault so I'm going to make some shitty assumptions about the situation and attempt to post a witty reply to show everyone how hardcore I am. Anyone who doesn't ride like a sick c*nt all the time is clearly a pussy and shouldn't even own a bike. Maybe if I attack others enough no-one will suspect that I am really a 19 year old keyboard warrior riding a 250.
  17. Doesn't matter how old you are or what you ride, you're still the dude that is sore over getting buzzed by an R1.

    Tip for next time, don't filter up next to people you are "deliberately trying to stay away from".
  18. whatever champ...the intersection is 5 lanes wide and he was 2 lanes over. Crossed both lanes to get to me. If someone who can ride wants to pass me in the same lane I don't really give a f*ck... what pissed me off is he did not have the skills to back it up. He didn't even make the pass but rather got crossed up an nearly caused an accident. But you would know that given that you witnessed it.
  19. Meh, you see cocks on the road all the time...some of them are on bikes. Just look on in amusement and go about your day...lifes to short to let that kind of shit piss you off.

    I Don't condone dobbing though, Motorcyclists need to band together not be divided. This whole he's riding like a dick he's not one of us things is getting real old real quick and the ones advocating it should indeed sign up for the beige cardy and a lobotomy.
  20. Or buy a VFR ha hahahahahahah