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To the monoing dirt bike rider on Mowbray rd...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by boy.racer, May 28, 2010.

  1. I was having a crap day and your antics cheered me up tonnes. :)


    BTW: Pretty impressive for an L plater. 'on ya.
  2. haha was it a dirt bike or a supermoto?
  3. Looked to be a DRZ400E or similar,

    same colour scheme as this one:

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  5. too right, damn that is a quality jump, i wish i didnt live in a flat town.
  6. That's a pretty hectic jump, I was honestly just impressed to see a guy with an L plate reach balance point though
  7. probably somebody who's been riding since he was a lad, but just now is old enough for l plate :)
  8. Either way, he certainly put on a good show and if he's a netrider I tip me hat to him (y)
  9. yeah thats the thing, he might have come from a mx racing background like i have but still have that sweet plate on the back haha.
  10. I love random riders brightening my day :)
    I sometimes run into a grey Yamaha FJR late at night on the Great Western.
    We'll be the only ones on the road, and he'll have the front wheel right up at generally every time the lights go green. Even points out the copper's hiding spots to me :)
  11. I read "mooning".
  12. so did I first time I saw it.
  13. I just couldn't come to terms with typing "wheely-ing"...didn't feel right ;)
  14. our mate PatR1, perhaps?


  15. Well Pat, where were you the other night?
  16. [​IMG]
  17. ohhh mooning


    this 1 is a turn on

    twins? lol
  18. that last one makes my eyes hurt
  19. Horrified by that second picture