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To the L Plater with the flat rear tyre in Syd CBD today

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by -Free-waY-, Mar 3, 2015.

  1. ...I saw you riding through York St today on what looked to be a CB125 at around 2:15.
    You had a flat rear tyre that you seemed to be aware of - I tried to come over to you to see if you needed a hand but just missed you...

    Hoping everything worked out, bud.

  2. I just run really low tyre pressures. Thanks for your concern but please mind your own business.
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  3. I find these posts hilarious, because what are the odds of said rider even seeing this?? lol
  4. Maybe he was just working off his chicken strips.
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  5. Well you never know. Someone who knows a guy who knows a guy might know him and pass it on. Shit, I'm only 2 degrees of seperation away from Richard Branson, which puts me at 3 degrees from the Queen and probably most PM's and Presidents and other important (debatable) people over the past 20 years. :smug:

    On this topic though, I wish there was some way of telling half the cagers that I see that one of their tyres is about to loop off the wheel its that flat. Farking dangerous for us bikers when they lose control!
  6. 2 degrees from richard branson? Dude its like you arent trying. I once met Anthony Field, the Blue Wiggle.
  7. LOL and this is just 'cos I was talking to an ex-air hostess who used to work for...you guessed it...Virgin in the UK.
  8. Air hostess and virgin shouldn't appear in the same sentence :D
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