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To the L plate rider on Sydney road...

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by roh, Dec 9, 2009.

  1. ...this evening, inbound, at about 5:30, on a yellow sporty faired number.

    It is not cool to:

    Filter to the front at a speed at which you have no hope of doing anything if you encounter the unexpected (pedestrian, dog, whatever). [as seen in my mirrors as I took off from the lights]

    Split through the last two cars as they take off on the green if you can't do it whilst remaining in control of your ride (massive wobble to get past the cars' mirrors). [as seen in my mirrors after I was clear of the intersection - was keeping an eye on you by this stage]

    OVERTAKE ME ON THE LEFT IN MY LANE when I am in the right wheel track of the left lane, and there is a whole right lane going begging (sure, it has tram tracks, but it was dry). [as seen in my mirrors, and then beside me, and then in front of me].

    Travel at a speed inappropriate for the traffic conditions and your skill level. Couldn't give two hoots about the speed limit (60km/h), but in peak hour in a heavy pedestrian traffic area, an estimated 80km/h+ is not appropriate.

    Travel between the parked cars and the traffic at a speed where you can not anticipate the traffic leaving/entering the road, car doors opening etc.

    Was going to try to catch you up and suggest you modify your behaviour, but quickly gave that up as way too dangerous, so I'm reduced to ranting on NR.

    Not quite a near miss, but could have ended badly if I hadn't spotted his incompetence early.

  2. Sounded like you were in Chinatown in the city or something. If I'm correct that sounded like a frustrating experience you had to witness.

    But no, it wasn't me.. I dislike yellow bikes..
  3. Seen the same rider/bike on Princes Hwy around Caulfield etc. What a NOB!
  4. Yep seen him on Warrigal road as well, an accident waiting to happen, he frustrated the shit out of a car behind him by wobbling like mad around manhole covers, riding exactly beside a car on his left blocking the way rather than moving up and letting cars pass him if he didnt want to move to the left lane. This led to a very impatien guy who decided to sit on the riders rear end, I was holding my breath because I could understand the drivers frustration.
    To the twit on that yellow screamer with l plates, get out of the fukin way you fukin moron! You are worse than old farts hogging the right lane and your wobbles gave me a few heart in mouth moments.
  5. This guy must be pretty horrifying if we've had multiple members independently witness and remember how bad he is :eek:
  6. dont know if its the same sucker, but some fool matching the description was being a fool on bell st, so my shitty old car blew his mirrors off on the traffic light gp... hahahah shitty 250's and poor fools who cant ride
  7. Wow, what a reputation.

    I guess the message is clear - if the yellow peril is reading this: please, find someone with a bit of experience to show you the ropes before you end up horizontal (if you haven't already).
  8. wow....he is a celebrity. we will soon have a youtube channel dedicated to him :p
  9. not as bad as the l plater on the old vespa on sydney rd. almost took me out the stupid **** when i was crossing the road. red is red you late' sipping scrotum fondling navel gazer.
  10. Guys...

    It was me....

    I rode to melbourne and chucked L plates on the firestorm just to rile you lot up. Mission Success! :rofl:
  11. it could have been me on the said vespa....

    was it on the back wheel??

    i used to wheelie mine often... pretty easy on a manual 200cc

    but if its one of them auto 4 smokes then no not me lol
  12. Reminds me of the guy who overtook me in the left hand wheel track doing about 80 to 90, when I was in the right hand wheel track doing 60, up St Kilda Road about 12:30pm on Saturday.... except he was on one of those four wheeler thingamajigs with a cool cafe racer open face helmet.

    I'd clocked him manoeuvring like an idiot about 500m back in my mirrors, so was watching him closely, then he proceeded to split between traffic and parked cars up towards the museum, and weaving backwards and forwards between lanes.

    Thought crossed my mind to catch him and tell him what a ******** he was... but meh, couldn't be bothered wasting my breath.
  13. Thought that could have been me for a sec, but i didn't ride on the 9th and haven't been game enough lane split yet, phew!