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to the idiot who turned onto kings way

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by sthentic, Feb 5, 2010.

  1. This isn't my near miss but i was nearby at the time waiting to turn onto kings way myself.

    Tuesday arvo (peak hour traffic). I was waiting to turn left onto kings way from a side street with two rows of cars behind me. just before the traffic clears on kings way (only a couple of cars two of which were in the left hand lanes) an idiot comes lane splitting the cars behind me at about 30-40km/h and blasts straight onto kings way without even slowing down to look. the cars in the left hand lane missed him by about 3-4 m.

    Recommendation 1: major road, slow down (if not stop completely) an look at oncoming traffic

    Recommendation 2:Get a very good health insurance cause you're gonna need it very soon if thats how you ride all the time
  2. Seems like a fair distance to me. Whos to say he didnt scan while approaching the turn?

    (Still, sounds pretty reckless but things may have been different from his POV)


  3. Isn't that what the lame ass TAC charge is supposed to be for?
  4. I'm with CFVFR, you weren't in his helmet, you don't know what he was looking at or had looked at...

    what may have seemed reckless to you (and I don't know how experienced you are) may have been relatively safe to the rider of the m'bike.
  5. Where's Kishy when you need him?
  6. Yeah i'm not all that an experienced rider and i couldn't see what he could. I still think that it is more common sense to at least slow down before entering a 4 lane road during peak hour.
    I don't know if your familiar with the coventry street intersection but you cant really see around to the right very well due to the angle until your right up the front.