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To the harbour bridge wheelier

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by blackjacket, Feb 28, 2010.

  1. That was bloody spectacular!

    At 4pm today, going across the bridge and I hear what sounds like a harley, look to the right and theres this guy doing a massive stand up wheelie on some kind of cruiser bike heading toward the city!!

    Legalities aside, that takes some serious balls and skill! Traffic in every lane too. I trust if he could pull that off he wouldn't have come to grief.

    Jeez now I've seen everything!


  2. top work.

    /awaits rage from everyone stating he makes us all look bad ect ect
  3. What a mad dog.
  4. haha awesome

    harley roadking lol maybe not but awesome

    i wheelied my 350kg M109R about 30m once OMG lol shitmyself!!
  5. Coolest one I've ever seen was a courier on a dual purpose, Kawasaki looking, thing. Every set of lights through Richmond he'd casually pop the front wheel up and cruise at the same speed as the cars, only dropping it for red lights. He went the whole length of Swan St like that. Awesome. hehe

    Never seen anyone pull it off on a cruiser though. :shock:
  6. I saw a guy on a Harley Sporty on his knee on the seat and other foot on the peg doing a wheelie a while ago. Idiot didn't even have a helmet on, showing off for some kids in a quite street.
  7. When you've got balls, use them!
  8. I followed another bike down Icy creek road, round the corners. the bike in front was on two wheels, but between the corners, he monoed all the way, Great to watch, Did it for almost the full lenght of Icy creek Road, and we werent going slow.
  9. Good work, I remember when I commuted to Brisbane there was a guy lane splitting on the rear wheel was a good effort.
  10. Matt Mingay? Aussie stunt rider extraordinaire????
  11. good stuff. and couriers, well some of em have some mad skillz. if you were on the bike 8-6 every day in traffic on a big single you would build up some sweet mono time. how they keep there licences amazes me
  12. Lukey Luke on a Rocket 3?

    Sounds brilliant!
  13. I'd say so. His stunter is a HD, and they gave him one as a commuter.

    It warms my heart to think he's commuting on the back wheel so i hope it's him. :)



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  14. I suddenly have a lot more respect for harleys... :-s
  15. I suddenly feel I perhaps didn't get the most out of the last Harley I hired

  16. from toongabie?
  17. Vegas, baby :)

    but I know the place you mean. Near the golfcourse