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To the halfwit that reversed into my MuZ …..

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by FUTURE, Sep 19, 2007.

  1. I had to go to the doctors today. Park in the main street of Granville. Rear to kerb. Bike is on side stand.
    I come out of the doctors and go up to the bike. There waiting to greet me is an indicator lenses sitting on the seat. Then I see what other damage has been done.

    To the halfwit that reversed into my MuZ. Thank you for leaving it lying on the road. Thank you that you broke the following.

    Right front indicator.
    Broke the fairing where the right front indicator is. Nice big crack.
    Front Brake Lever.
    Removed paint from the fairing.
    Scratched the muffler. Glad I took the panniers off before I rode today. Or the right one would have been mashed.
    Moved the right handle bar around.
    Numerus scratches around the bike.

    I bet you where the idiot sitting in your car on your mobile. I gave you ½ a cars length grace. You had more than ½ a cars length in front of you. And yet you reversed into my bike and then drove off. I bet you had that stupid phone to your fat head when you did this too!! At least someone picked the bike up for me. Shame they didn’t leave a note with the rego of the car.

    Now I have to spend money that I really didn’t want to on the bike. Just as well it passed rego last week.

    There are pics of the damage up on my Blog....
  2. We need a "watching parked bikes" flying squad. Equipped with baseball bats :evil:.
  3. Bummer, dude. :(
  4. No one in any of the shops saw it happen. There were Cops wandering down the footpath and saw a guy picking up the bike. But they didn't ask for any details from him. I asked the Cops if they saw it and said no. Just saw the guy picking up the bike. It was an accident. They should have questioned him. :tantrum:
  5. I have had the bike 3 months.... Been so careful not to damage her in anyway. Then this fat head does this.... :evil:
  6. All the same, it's project time!

    And looking at what your son did with that Yammie I'm sure you'll have her spick and span in no time.
  7. I don't... have .... a son.... Not that I know of.... Is there something I have not been told about my past???? :eek:
  8. Its to late for you and I feel your pain but I never park into the curb. Always in the front half or middle of the bay if I think thats a safer option than the footpath.

    Footpaths are bad outside Chemists for some reason!

    Hope you can somehow track down the perp.
  9. Awww Ross, that sucks big time. How can these bastards be so damn thoughtless, careless and useless?? I dont get it. :furious:

    I hope you snag many a bargain in the repair process.
  10. do the stores in the area have security camera's ?
  11. Mate, that really sucks. Hope the d*ckhead has a meeting with karma in the near future. Sh*ts me when people don't take responsibility for their actions.
  12. Oh, I didn't read the first paragraph of the blog entry, which said: "I am in no way related to the guy who is selling this bike."

    Other than that though, say hi to your son for me.
  13. The steam coming from my ears has gone now.

    $30 and a brake lever from a Honda and 2 GS500 indicators from Metro Wreckers at Silverwater and things look better.

    As Loz said, do a project on her. I am toying with leaving the fairing off and fitting a 9 inch SR500/XJ650 headlamp. If I can find one. The standard headlamp in the Traveller is crap. Riding at night is safer with a lit match than the headlamp this has.

    Hey Loz pays to read my blog every day. :wink:

    There are no cameras in the shops. :(

    So I just hope that my bike broke an tail light lense of the car and they get pulled and defected.
  14. Me too Future.
    That sux and makes me angry! :mad:
    Let's also hope that someone does the same to him [-o<
  15. ... other one is dead so a truck hits them from behind at night!
  16. +1 here

    stupid people.....kill.... kill them all....

    i hope i didnt it to too extreme..
  17. I didnt know what type of bike you had, so i clicked on your garage and DAM!! How can they miss that thing behind them?Some people are so stupid! Sorry that you had happen to you mate.

    I hope Karma gets them like everyone has said!

  18. GraaaahhhH!
  19. I too would be steaming, but it's not surprising that this sort of thing happens in the middle east of Sydney, Granville Filth.
  20. Hopefully a garbage truck smashes into his car :twisted: :twisted: