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To the guy that saved my bike on Glebe Point Rd today.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Jin, Apr 4, 2008.

  1. I just want to say thanks again for catching my bike while it was falling when some nasty biatch backed into it on Glebe Point Road today. I shudder to think of the fairing damage on it if it fell :shock:

    If you are here on netrider, pm me or something, i owe u a drink or 50. :grin:
  2. What bike do you have? Did the lady say sorry?
  3. Have a black ninja250. I was not there when it happened.
  4. More info would be great ... like how did you know what happened if you were not present?? :?
    Did he leave a note?
  5. ah sorry sorry, im all over the shop today, which might explains why i did not even get his name.

    He was having coffee at a nearby cafe, and when i went to get my bike he approached me and told me what happened. In the midst of thanking him over and over I forgot to get his name/number :oops: so hoping he is on here so i can thank him properly

    oh and im guessing the lady didn't say sorry cause he said she was a real piece of work.
  6. Great to hear stories like that, confirms there are still decent people in the world willing to help out.
  7. Dude caught the bike but didn't get the biatch's number plate???
  8. Someone's going to ask.....

    Was she HOT :LOL: :LOL: ?????
  9. Any damage to the bike? Not the new NINJA!
  10. Of course!

    I'm slipping :(
  11. Yes someone was going to ask... But Hornet???
    Did it have to be you???