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To the guy riding the Deus SR400 today in Marrickville.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by plainfaced, Mar 6, 2008.

  1. I hope the $16,000 was worth it, cause it'll be scrap soon.. along with you.

    I was driving - not riding, along Enmore road today, coming up to Victoria road, Marrickville. I had stopped at the lights, when as soon as I looked away waiting for the change, I get a left green arrow, I realised this mainly due to hearing a horn 0.3secs after the light changed.

    I proceded to turn left in to the semi sweeping corner (not complete right angle). As I was turning left, I see a dude on a Deus SR400 overtaking me ON THE LEFT HAND SIDE - WHILE TURNING LEFT!!!!

    Nice one mate! 10 Points. :twisted:
  2. Sorry about that.

    The test ride went a bit longer than it should have :oops:

    Hey at least you got a nice close up look :p
  3. oh dont be silly..

    I know where the guy parks it. He's had it for a while..

    Although I did actually see it before he overtook me.. Two guys were scoping it out on the footpath.. Maybe it was the guys mate???

  4. Well why not go and front him and then post what happened :?:

    It would make much better reading :wink:
  5. Im a lover not a fighter..

  6. yeah, that guy is a d1ck !
    I see him in the CBD !
    Was he wearing his WWII leathers and goggles ???
  7. hmm not totally sure...

    I dont think so actually.. Maybe he bought the only other Deus SR400 that that shop has sold for that crazy amount of money!!
  8. Ooh they sell those really expensive vintage Vanson leathers at Deus!

    Have you seen how much they are? Ow chihuahua!

    Or do you think he got a package deal?
  9. Deus SR400?

    He obviously has no package.
  10. Oh .. they're a postie bike then ? :p
  11. Better still; replace 'lover' with 'sook' [​IMG]

  12. They are a great bike and if I had LOTS of spare cash :cool:
  13. whinge whinge whinge
  14. Stop ya whingin' col :LOL:
  15. forgive me
  16. Geeez dont have a cry about it .... far out...

    wot you want, a box of tissues ? ?
  17. oh OK :wink:
  18. [​IMG]
  19. so only one guy owns a dues in sydney

    I saw him too, on george street doing an illegal U turn
  20. ^^^ LOL whinge whinge whinge :LOL: