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To the guy on the red CBR600RR who ran a red light…

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Peaches, Apr 4, 2008.

  1. (a bit of a rant but…)

    Thanks for being a tosser. :mad: All the cars were stopped at the traffic lights (on York St) – there was NO need to lane split, accelerate, and scatter all the pedestrians the way you did.

    I was halfway across the road and had my heel stuck after I tried to leap onto the other side. I know you looked back into the mirror and if you saw an Asian chick in a black suit giving you the evil eye – that was me. :evil:

    I hope you’re reading this and know what you did was plain nasty, not to mention illegal. Please don’t give us riders a bad name.

    </end rant>
  2. Yeah it's sad when you see people do stupid crap like that on motorcycles, just giving the politicians/parents more ammo to use against us.

    Nice colour CBR btw - I think i've only ever seen red. lol
  3. Heel stuck???????
  4. Daz – yeah I was wearing (sharp) heels, and when I jumped and landed on the other side one of them got stuck in a small gap on the road. Not happy :evil:
  5. no not good glad your ok.....heels and black suit yummy LOL :p
  6. So you were a pedestrian who nearly got run down?
  7. Now you get to wait for the bill for damaging the road :LOL:
  8. I was reading that assuming you were on your bike! My talents dont extend as far as riding in heels... :(
  9. Yup, was a pedestrian, walking back from the post office back to work. Sorry should have made that clearer...

    And if the council wants to sue me for the "damage" to the road I'll sue them back for lack of maintenance that caused damage to MY property. Poor heels... :p

    Stupid rider :evil:
  10. You mean you've actually tried to ride in heels? :shock:

    Was surprised while surfing the web for bike boots that there was a pair of high heel motorcycle boots
  11. thanks for the whinge
  12. pics for proof :grin: :LOL:

    sounds like someone with a complete disregard for the rest of humanity.. or his pregnant wife was giving birth. id like to think that people that go this far out of their way to break the law are doing so because of a major emergency or something, not just because they are late for work. glad you and everyone else walking over the road is okay.
  13. :LOL:
  14. hope the sexy heels are ok
  15. dont evil eye anyone you cant beat the piss out of...
  16. Bit harsh dont ya think?
  17. Running the red is de rigeur in Sydney, whether bike or car OR pedestrian. Sad sign of the times, but, yes, a red bike does tend to be obvious, and bad behaviour thereon brings ill-will to us all
  18. Which is why the Ural combo I'll be ordering for the wife in the next few days will be in camouflage :grin: .
  19. Meh there are nut bags out there.
  20. :worthlesspics: