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To the GSXR rider on springwood road today!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Paulstar, Aug 10, 2009.

  1. I saw a very lucky man today!

    I was coming down Springwood/Hawkesbury road today (google map reference here -33.665134,150.655184)

    Its one lane down, one lane up, in front of me was a commodore, in front of that a small moving van. The moving van takes the entire corner (all the way around from straight section to straight section) on the wrong side of the road.

    A bike coming the opposite way had to ride into the gutter to get past/not head on with the truck.

    Is this legal at all? I think the truck driver was lucky it was a bike not a car, the car would not have fitted in the gutter it would have been a head on for sure!

    I saw the bike coming (you can look over the gaurd rail) i thought he was gone for sure!
  2. So... Was he in the lane that went over the truck, or under?

  3. nice bit of road on that section
  4. its 2 lanes, one going up and one going down

    the truck went into the lane going down, the bike went to the gutter around the outside of the truck

    I honestly thought he was a goner! there is no way to see up that hill and around that corner only down it.

    I thought if that rider is here he could make a complaint if he wished the truck had quality logistics service on it, white truck red writing.
  5. By the sounds of the place it would be double lines and therefore not be legal for the truck to be on the otherside of the road.
  6. as reported elsewhere in threads on NR, its not as simple as double lines. Either way it wwas a fllamming stupid thing to do, and he needs a stiff talking too. If he saw the bike he would probably be having a few stiff drinks tonight, as the rider should be if he/she got the pucker suction free by now
  7. I am in the process of moving into that area at the moment, and absolutely love that piece of road....

    From what I remember the last time I was on there, there are load limits on that road as well. Not to mention the 3 really tight hairpins at the bottom of the twisty section. Not really the place for a truck at all. I reckon he should have gone the long way round via Great Western Hwy and through Penrith...
  8. Just goes to show you should always look and think ahead especially if it's something like a blind corner.
    I lost a good mate when he was bike taking out by a truck (his fault but still doesn't make it any easier to handle the lose)