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To the GSXR in Fairfield.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by FALCON-LORD, Apr 26, 2007.

  1. To the Black and Yellow GSXR heading out of Fairfield this morning.
    You only hurt our cause.
    I think that under restricted conditions we should be allowed to use bike lanes, but swinging through a bike lane down the left side of a cyclist then across in front of him at full speed with no indication is just F#$@ing dangerous.
    I we ever want to be legally allowed to use bike lanes this sort of behavior will always work against us.

  2. Word +1
  3. Ahh if you're going to do something illegal, you may as well get it over and done with quickly :p
  4. Pfft, should've been up on one wheel, both hands off the handlebars whilst riding backwards.
  5. im all for wild riding, but i saw a pushie rider die in front of my eyes, on the road from massive head injuries on that spot, turning off heidleberg rd onto hoddle st. there are some places to be sill, and around us pushie riders is not one of them...
  6. If there's one type of vehicle that has less protection than a bike, it's a pushbike.

    Have some decency about you, you GSXR riding douchebag!
  7. being a pushie rider too, and i did this myself, they often claim the high moral ground, the road is there to share etc, but they 90% of the time have no regard for any road rules, in the CBD though i think its more of a survival measure. but on the open road there is no real excuse for it.
    but yeah, what the gixxer rider did was bloody dangerous.
    i dont rekon we should get to use bike lanes, thats what bus and transit lanes are for. pushies and mtorcycles are chalk and cheese. we can use our agility and speed, they can only use their agility, which is just as well considering most drivers will not acknoledge them as equal road users.

    *waiting for boris fan to look at ways to smite the lycra clad scum* :roll:

  8. might just be me, but when the majority (i'm not saying all) of push bike riders realise they are putting themselves in danger with some of their behavior on roads, i might concider them as fellow road users...

    riding 3 wide around blind corners, on roads frequented by motorcyclist is not my idea of safe measures, they are putting us at risk, the road rules state they must not do this, but again and again we are seeing this on our local roads, i know its off topic but when they learn about life safety then they might be reckonised by other road users
  9. The worlds population is to large anyway, whats one less bike rider.
  10. wanna rephrase that? :LOL:
  11. There are 2 apostrophes missing.
    It should be "too", not "to".
    There should be a question mark on the end.

    They're the only problems I see with that sweeping and elitist generalisation :grin:

  12. Bike riders is abit of a generalization don't you think?

    If not wanna step out in front of my triton? :p :LOL:
  13. Awww you have a Triton?!?!?!

    I sold my Hilux a week ago :(
    We coulda had a snatch-strap duel like that Nissan ad! :grin:

    --[and oh yeah... "bike riders" is us too... oops]--
  14. Sorry, I will rephrase what I just said.

    The worlds population is too large anyway, what’s one less bike rider?
  15. You're getting closer! :grin:
  16. bike as in motorbike or bike as in bicycle?
  17. I thought my rephrase was spot on!
  18. Well either or really, I mean I wouldn't want anyone one of them to die, but one less wouldn't be a bad thing.
  19. I nominate Nicholas to be the one.
  20. Actually I think the road rules state licence holders must know the road rules.
    We do not have a winner.

    Riding 2 abreast is legal. Overtaking is legal, therefore if one is overtaking riding 3 abreast is legal.
    If they are all in one lane what exactly is the issue? If you are on your side of the road going around a blind corner what more can one do? If you do something stupid and come to grief cos someone else is using your road well boo hoo. Maybe cyclists should just stay of roads frequented by motorcyclists. And trucks, And peds. And cars, Damm forgot about the kangaroos and the bits of tree. Sorry mate you will just have to die anyway.

    Since by all accounts bike riding in australia is a little more risky than driving a car and roughly 20 times as safe as a motorcycle maybe its not the average cyclist that needs to learn about 'life safety'

    I dont actually see many stupid cyclists. Tonight for example I saw one dumb motorcycle rider, mate try and keep it out of the bike lane, 3 really dumb car drivers, that was not just red, it was very red, way to go mate wrong way down a one way road, and if you are going thru the stop sign, maybe not when I am 20 feet away doing 50. and one dumb bicycle rider, on a footpath with no helmet at 5 kph on a piece of K mart junk. And that was on the trip home. On the trip to work I saw some really stupid car drivers. And on the way to the dawn service some of the dumbest Harley riders on the planet on Toorak rd. (presumably going to the dawn service) Guys if you must ride in the bicycle lane do at least bicycle speeds, or at the very very least accelerate as fast as a bicycle away from the lights.