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To the Goose in Canley Vale

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by L0Ki, Dec 16, 2008.

  1. Riding with your hands off the handle bars and standing up might be cool for you and your sick stunt. But it very very annoying to sit behind you while you speed up then coast back down to 30-40km/h.

    Then as im passing you, you have the hide to pull in on me without looking..only noticing me mid changing lanes and pull back into yours then dart of down the street to the left.

    Just pissed me off. Go stunt somewhere else. Oh yea and your new ninja 250 with L Plate isn't a cool stunt bike.

    End Rant. Ready for a bashing. :twisted:
  2. No your quite right, it was a stupid thing to do for a learner.

    Maybe next time you see it (if again) you should stay clear and be repaired.

    And to the goose who did it, I CAN DO IT TOO.. NAH NAH NA NAH NAHHH!!
  3. ok...sorry....wont do it again :|

    (just to make sure your rant doesn't go to waste, since I doubt you can trace the rider back)
  4. what colour was the ninja?
  5. Ninja's always wear black..

    Helps them stay hidden in the shadows.
  6. Black
  7. you RACIST
  8. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Funny post mate!

    If only i were skilled enough to perform a stunt so death defying! :rofl:
  9. Our Firestorms have a pretty good stunt, mine can use twice as much fuel as any other bugger out there.

    It's a great party trick to go for a ride then run out of fuel. Everyone has a good laugh, i never get tired of that trick :grin:

    BTW how do you get the HTML link on your left to your bike?
  10. It also sounds better than any other bugger out there and loves to eat rear tread for breakfast :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    On a serious note though, learning to hold it on the back wheel isn't too bad on the twin... well maybe except for our 250 ninja friend who might forget to hold onto the handlebars while trying :LOL:

    Quite an elementary trick my good chap... There is a feature called my garage (need a few posts to access methinks) and you create a vehicle in there and it magically shows up in all your posts!

    Took me a whole of 2 and a half years and 150 posts on netrider to figure that and how to quote properly out. :roll: :LOL: (used to spend more time riding than typing but got an office job now :? )

    Enjoy! :p
  11. Very true, i've got Aarow Carbon pipes on and it shakes the house in the morning :grin:

    Hmmm i've done the garage thing, got 3 friggin bikes in there but no linky linky?
  12. correction, shakes the very foundations of civilization! :p

    Well you got one for one of your bikes, maybe the other two you might have to put in your signature at the bottom. It's a problem that i wish i could afford to have. :LOL:
  13. you're just jealous cause he has a new ninja and you just have its ugly older cousing
  14. that said i was driving home at 8am saturday morning to see some L plater on a 250 bandit trying to race anything at all.. upon showing him the international sign of you're a wanker he started to fire up.. if you are on here reading this you are but a tool. then again i cant help myself if someone is being a knob.
  15. Actually doesn't the new Ninja use the old GPX engine?

    WOO HOO i got 1 bike up. I didn't click 'main bike' on the garage, not sure how to get more up. Anyhoo it's all good :cool:

    Hey resale - i've got new sprockets and chain going on today. Going a 43 on the rear so hopefully will liven things up a bit. I do long trips so couldn't go to mental otherwise my fuel consumption will get even worse. Had 126km to a tank not to long ago LOL.
  16. I really think the OP could have been quite a bit creative with his post.

    "To the goose in canley vale... "

    "You're a goose!"


    "To the goose in canley vale... "

    "Off the road and back in the pond ya black swan!"

    or for those that don't like black ninjas...

    "To the goose in canley vale... "

    "This is our pond! We grew here, you flew here!"
  17. Thats 99% of the reason! :p
  18. :rofl:
  19. I'd take the old one over the new one.