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to the F witt that......

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Hartski, Jan 16, 2010.

  1. Reversed into my bike on bridge rd knocking it over and smashing the mirror, damaging exhaust and other cosmetic damage

    i hope you die a horrible death.

    And then you DROVE OFF!!! a witiness got the rego, went to the police to report and they have just told me the rego is not listed in victoria.

    Black Peugeot with the rego of some thing like XD7-906

    Bridge rd Richmond at 4:10pm 16/01/2010
  2. go back, have a look to see if there are any video cameras which may cover the area in question. Your insurance company will gladly chase up the inconsiderate **** if they have a place to start. Remembering they also may of had to drive past one just up or down the road.
  3. Buy the witness a beer
  4. Witiness got the rego wrong so no beer for him, thankful that he told me he saw some one back into my bike i guess....

    just called the shop it was out the front of, they have cameras i just hope the chick paid with a credit card and may be able to track he down through that.

    Never parking my bike in a car parking space ever again, footpath it is now for ever. Only the had thing for just over a month too!!!!!
  5. i've seen someone do that with a four wheel drive... tipping a bike over, snapping off the mirrors and putting in scratches... the driver picked up the bike, then got back into the car and drove off!
  6. Sorry to hear. I'd be scared shitless of parking a bike in any parking spots on the road, or even spots in a car park unless it was next to the entrance or in a position that wouldn't get anyone needing to reverse in and out.

  7. Maybe they got it wrong --- but would be worse if they ignored it after watching it happen as many do in our "me me me society " -- least you can say to your insurance company and prove " it was some one else not me "

    I still say they deserve a beer for trying
  8. agreed - would rather get a parking ticket for $50 than a excess bill from insurance for $500
  9. I recommend using the footpath to park
  10. you get fined for that don't u?
  11. not in victoria :p yet.... who knows in this state
  12. Its legal in Vic as long as youre parallel to the road and out of the way
  13. Sorry to hear about that bud. Hope you find the offender.
  14. Its completely legal to park on the footpath the law does however stipulate that it cannot inpede pedestrian access.

    It could of been worse, really sucks though. only thing that needs replacing is the mirror, its a 20 year old bike and believe it or not this is the first time its kissed the tarmac. sad sad day indeed.
  15. same thing happened to me outside my house. bastard drve off after knoking over 2 bikes parked next to each other. i ran outside to see the damage but no car, which had audibly fanged away from the scene. ended up suking up the excess. the other bike still hasnt been repaired.
  16. I've only got 3rd party. so my insurance wont fix the bike.

  17. Fingerprints?
  18. there wasn't really a need for fingerprints in my case... it was in the middle of the city and a lot of people wrote down notes for the scooter... im sure at least one of them had the right plate number lol
  19. been down the street looking for cameras and nothing points out on the street in a way i could catch the number plate.

    ****ing shattered. Bastard got away with it. I really do hope Karma is going to bite there arse in a serious way.

    Guess i'll start looking for parts to replace what broke....... lifes a real biatch sometimes.
  20. If you go to the vicroads web site you can do a vehicle check based on the rego number...

    starting off with xdA...i got to xdC and what did I find....

    Vehicle Registration: XDC906
    VIN/Chassis Number: VF34H5FTF55388699
    Engine Number: 10FJAV0444656
    Vehicle Make: PEUGEOT
    Vehicle Colour: BLACK
    Body Type: S WAG
    Year of Manufacture: 2009....

    I got to xdT.....easy to mistake the peugout and the holden lion badges...

    Vehicle Registration: XDT906
    VIN/Chassis Number: 6G1EK85729L349916
    Engine Number: LY7092040192
    Vehicle Make: HOLDEN
    Vehicle Colour: BLACK
    Body Type: S WAG
    Year of Manufacture: 2009

    hope it helps...