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To the dirtbike rider behind me earlier tonight

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Deadsy, May 12, 2007.

  1. fcuk you, moron.

    I was heading home from the video store earlier tonight when I heard a funny sound behind me, I was sure it was screeching tires but I could not see anything in my mirrors. No cars. Nothing. I heard another sound(I'm guessing now that he must have been revving), but I couldn't tell what this one was. I thought I must have passed some kids or people on the side of the road that did something, so I looked behind me and there is a dickhead on a dirtbike right behind me. No headlights, no lights whatsoever. Seriously, I could not see a thing in my mirrors, it's dark and he has no lights of any kind, to me it looked like there was nothing behind me at all. The road slightly up ahead was better lit, atleast I think so, it could be that now that I knew what I was looking for I could see him, I kept watching him in my mirrors and he then proceeded to wheelie passed me. To top off his display of sheer stupidity, he pulled a u-turn just before the crest of a hill and went back down the road.

    Nice work.
  2. Ah another temporary resident. :roll:
  3. Some people just need to be noticed ..... :roll:
  4. Yep, he'll stuff up his own life doing something stupid, then go through the rest of his life blaming it all on society.......wish I had a dollar for the people I've met like that.

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. Sorry about that :oops: My headlight got smashed by a rock out on the trails today.

    I just posted over on www.dirtbikesareus.com about some guy on a GPX holding up traffic, worrying about me riding behind and not concentrating on the traffic around him.

    Two stories for the same event :wink:
  6. You are such a liar. :LOL:

    But seriously, I was the kid on the side of the road I was riding a motorised scooter. I posted a story about a guy on a GPX who passed me while I was revving loudly. You can check it out on www.scooters4life.com
  7. Was it a good wheelie?
  8. no way, fibbers.
    it was me, with no protective gear, and out riding with the sole purpose of annoying gpx riders. i found a ripper victim and i am sure he loved it.

    you did love it, didnt you?

    see the thread i put in at www.hahaimdrunk.com/forums/viewtopic.php?p=8008135
  9. THIS is what's wrong with motorcycling today. People don't appreciate a good wheelie. It was done for your benefit and all you can do is moan and complain. *smack!*
  10. Stand up wheelie or seated? What gear do you reckon he was in? High speed or just at the limit?

    One wheel in the dark with no lights, passing other traffic? :shock: Then did it back the other way going downhill? Wow, that's impressive! :applause:
  11. I wish I could have been that guy...

    I don't have the 'cool' to even pretend to be him.
  12. All he wanted was your love! And your threw it back in his face.

    Shame on your Deadsy.
  13. It's called stealth mode.
  14. It gives true meaning to the phrase "ride like you're invisible"
  15. Oh come on guys! For a dirtbike the wheelie wasn't even that good!
  16. You cant even wheelie on ur GPX if you try, Ive done it twice by accident XD
  17. give me a go, i show you how to get it almost upright ;)
  18. No wonder, he hasn't received the encouragement a developing wheelie man needs. Shame on you!