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To the CBR250rrrrrr rider on Hoddle and High Sts

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Scottatron, Jul 10, 2007.

  1. Please stop riding so damn recklessly!

    This is Hoddle St and then High St through Northcote/Thornbury.

    I have seen you (Distinctive light brown jacket, blue CBR250rrrrr from "Spot On" with L plates) constantly riding many MANY k's over the speed limit, weaving between moving cars and generally being an idiot (Eg nearly running into a bus).

    You are bound to get hurt if you keep riding that way!

    You are one of the few riders I see and cringe, knowing that you're cocky/overconfident and it is going to come back and bite you in the arse.

    I don't want to see another post on here with a thread title "Rider down" or "Had an off".
  2. damn kids!
  3. ok, so i take it he rounded you up through traffic and in the twisties. its going to be O-K :p :p :p :p :bolt:
  4. As long as you hold me :p

    Nah, he did blast past me (In a 40 zone doing near on 70)......
  5. School holidays dude, normal speed applies
  6. it was YOU!!
    out racing with an L plate on as a disguise :rofl:
  7. Wrong answer, do not pass go. There are certain streets (High St is one, Bridge Rd is another) that are 40 between 0700 - 1900 Monday - Saturday, Sundays is 50 all day.
  8. Mate you said hoddle street, thats 70. You jut putting in new ones :roll:
  9. Dude, seriously, READ and THINK before posting.

    Read the subject of the thread To the CBR250rrrrrr rider on Hoddle and High Sts"

    Jeeesus, a man can't even post around here without people going over it with a fine tooth comb to ensure it is 100% legally/morally/spiritually correct.
  10. I live around Bridge Rd (well Swan St actually) and I always wondered about the "40" speed. I go through these roads a lot, sometimes I have been known to go down bridge rd 10-30 times a day (half walking, half on vehicles heh, I travel to physio along bridge rd) and I see vehicles doing a lot over 40. I can't say I've ever seen any speed cameras in these areas, do people know if they are allowed to go there or do the short parking designated areas (1-2 hrs usually) hinder a "standard" speed camera dude from setting up?

    I try to take notice of areas where a speed camera operator could operate (i,e a space closest to a side street so they could set up and no one could park in front of them) but never see any. I'm more curious than anything and wonder if there ever are speed cameras as in my frequent wanderings along swan st + bridge rd areas mainly (my designated areas I do "block walks" for exercise which I may walk down 2-8 times most days) I just never see any set up. So I guess my real question is, do people know of speed camera operators set up in any "40 zones"?
  11. I work around there Undii, and I've never seen a camera either.

    I know nearly EVERY day however along High St in Preston that there is an unmarked police car or two - as I see people pulled over etc.
  12. Undii, 2yrs ago when I lived near Bridge Rd, soon after the 40 speed limit came in, I saw a bike cop with a radar gun a few times... generally between Church and Burnley Sts, where it feels like it should be faster.
  13. I guess the cop didn't get many, well not a good "fines per hour" thing or else the speed camera people would be out "in force" to catch those evil high traffic flow driving/riding motorists who... Oh my god, I'm shaking even thinking about it, sometimes are part of traffic that flow... 5-10 km/h over the limit :eek: :eek: :shock: :shock: I must now wash my mouth out, I swore.. 5-10 km/h over the limit.. Oops, did it again! :eek: :roll:

    Thanks for the info :D I was living here 2 yrs ago but didn't spend much time around bridge rd, never had to go to physio + doctors + hemists like I do now ;)