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To the cbr125 rider that nearly crashed into my car on Sat

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by rabbit, Nov 10, 2008.

  1. For future reference, when pulling out of a service station, do a head check.

    Even if the traffic lights facing you were red, cars were making right turns into the road.

    When you cross 3 lanes in one hit, especially on an 80km/hr road, be very very sure there aren't any cars in ANY of the lanes.

    As you cut across to the inner most lane, you were aimed perfectly at the side of my car, and I had nowhere to go to avoid you. Fortunately you noticed my car as you were about to hit it. (~20cm away)

    I hope you had to clean your underpants out after that... I know it scared the sh!t out of me. You were very lucky not to end up under my car.

    It was the mobil service station at Perry rd/Cheltenham rd in Keysborough.
  2. To the CBR125 owner I saw yesterday on the road:

    "Buy a proper motorcycle."
  3. Yeah, that too.
  4. Re: To the cbr125 rider that nearly crashed into my car on S

    Thanks for saving us all some TAC premium :wink:
  5. Was there an L-Plate on the back of the bike...?? If so ( why else would you ride a CBR 125 !! ) it was probably an innocent mistake and the car driver was probably lucky not to have been hit.

    Unfortunately there is no better place for learners to practice riding in traffic than on roads with traffic. Funny that..!!!

    Insurance, body armor and protective gear were invented for this sole purpose. Mistakes happen. Why make a big deal out of it I say.

    At the same time if it was my car, and contact was actually made, I'd be a little peeved too. I'm sure this rider will be more careful in the future. Lucky outcome. :shock:

  6. It was YOU!!!!!!!!!!! :shock:
  7. That's no excuse for total inability to check for traffic and pull an illegal manoeuvre. If you think that's acceptable, stay out of my way :roll:
  8. Give the man some credit! He was on the hunt for a darwin award!

    And luckily enough he only got the runner up prize.
  9. LOL Me.. NOOOOO !!!! I'm just teaching someone to ride, and she's on a CBR 125. No where near Keysborough I can happily add.

    I'm just a little bewildered at the dangerous, callous and irresponsible actions of some car drivers out there when in the company of a Learner rider. ( and yes I'm shadow riding with her )
    Just to name a few examples - cigarettes thrown at her because she took off a little too slow at the traffic lights, abuse directed at her, and once was almost side swiped by an impatient car driver who overtook her and nearly took her right mirror off.

    I managed to hold back from throwing a kevlar knuckle through the drivers face on all 3 occasions while trying to convince her that not all drivers are like that, and that riding bikes can be an enjoyable experience..
  10. No L plate.

    I was worried about having to extract bits of person and bike from underneath the car.......
  11. Oh well Rabbit. You'd think that someone who had progressed off their L-Plates would know to look and be aware of what was going on around them. Again your lucky - but not as lucky as the m'cycle rider.

    Anyone on the road that puts other peoples lives at risk should be locked up. There's no excuse for dangerous actions or threats. Anyone who has apposing thoughts on this, come spend a few mins with me and my many safe riding friends. We'll happily educate you. :p
  12. I sell pressure washers :grin:
  13. To the cbr 125 rider on the monash WITH PILLION at about 8:40 this morning.
    What were you thinking, freeway? pillion? Your crazy. :)
  14. 3a water restrictions down here, we can't use em unless hooked up to a rainwater tank.
  15. I saw a CBR125 with Pillion on Brisbane riverside expressway a couple of weeks back (2 big blokes too!)... madness...

    Funny as all hell to watch as all the traffic roared past them
  16. Easy.

    "Hello, water-board? I need an exemption to use a high-efficiency water pressure cleaner on my car - it's a health and safety issue. The vehicle has come into contact with a Honda rider... why yes, there is a risk of infection..."
  17. What a great day it was for Hyosung Riders the day that Honda made the CBR 125.... Finally someone else is coping a canning for the bikes they ride hey. Some temporary relief.

    I dont have a problem with either, a bikes a bike.. Beats a Billy Cart or being driven around by your Mum 24/7, however its funny to see that just about every thread I read turns into HYO/CBR125 bashing and people not searching for topics before posting things like "what bike should I get, Leathers VS Draggins and or Should I Nod to other riders"

    On the Topic posted - 5cents worth.

    If you make an innocent mistake that is due to inexperience or lack of confidence/common sense almost, well, its frustrating to be on the recieving end of that in a car (like the example given) or whatever but you just give thanks to it being a near miss I reckon (and hoep that the person learnt a valuable lesson......however, if the mistake was due to any act of bravado, hype or stupidity by an experienced rider or Noob, then YES, release the hounds and unleash the spray. By the sounds of it, this move was just wrong, and no amount of "c'mon fair go - it didnt end it tears etc' makes it anything else but some dude being a complete tosser on a Bmx with a wipper snipper motor in between his/her legs....

    Before all you CBR 125ers cane me, Im the first to admit that "in comparison" to the majority of bigger non 250cc bikes out there, even mine is a sowing machine - rice muncher, so just go with gentle stir......
  18. rebbit :LOL:
  19. Typical cager response. It's always the rider's fault :LOL:
  20. fresh bait = go fishing... :grin: