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To the bloke in Healesville on a Vespa this arvo..

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by AnotherMacca, Apr 1, 2007.

  1. I really, really hope you got home OK mate.

    You and your bunch of mates looked set for a brilliant day out (~10 matching red Vespas). Everyone except you had a smile on their face.

    I hope you have now learnt that a Vespa WILL NOT run on diesel. :oops: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Watching you pull it apart to drain the tank and wash it out to get petrol in there made my afternoon. :cool:
  2. lol he must be smiling while filling up that he didn't see the diesel sign.
  3. Pissing my pants reading that........Brilliant !
  4. :rofl: Macca.

    If I saw something like that, I would have to stop riding due to tummy
    cramps from laughing so hard. [​IMG]
  5. macca, you are a cruel, cruel man :rofl:
  6. Lol, poor bugger. :p :p :p
  7. I saw something similar in tulla last year a truck driver just filled his tank with unleaded :LOL: :roll:
  8. with the price of petrol, can you blame him?
  9. That is gold... we shouldnt laugh, but fark is that funny.. :LOL:
  10. Not as bad as a family member of mine who filled up his long range tanks (2 x 125ltr) on his 6 tonne truck with unleaded, he realised, just as he filled up the second tank, slammed the door on his truck which shattered the door window..... he wasn't a happy camper. :evil:
  11. That's okay. A very nice man on a lovely red Firestorm told me he loved my Vespa at the servo this morning.

    I was filling up with unleaded.

    We were both smiling.

    It's a beautiful world.
  12. it's metal! [​IMG]
  13. Saw the oposit at the BP in Pakenham the other week, brand new diesel transit van and the chick filled it full of unleaded, dumb chick did it even after the atendant turned the pump off and told her, she just gave him a spray for turning the pump off so he shruged his sholders, gave me a screw you biatch smile and turned it back on PMSL
  14. I really must be getting common if the pumps now have a PMSL setting... :shock:
  15. Fair dinkum - bloke's doing the right thing and she blows a gasket. Knucklehead deserves a clagged motor.

    Wonder if the diesel treated Vespa will need a teardown or just a flush out. Either way, the mechanic's got his next beer-on paid for!!

    What gets me is that every second diesel pump has a cover that you need to lift and is ALWAYS covered in oily diesel fuel so what part of all that didn't Vespa dude get?
  16. Whew, I'd rather put the wrong fuel in the bike than the cage.

    SOOOOOO much easier to drain and clean out.

    Know my way around the fuel system plenty good enough on my bike after that split line on the way to work which I MacGyverfixed at the nearest BP :grin:
  17. You forget;

    The diesel is better for the environment!
  18. Can't add much of use... But Bwahaha hahahahahahaha...
  19. The diesel nozzle is massive too compared to the unleaded one! Plus funnily enough IT STINKS OF DIESEL!! That stuff STINKS, noticably!!!