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To The Black Stump and Beyond... (Long)

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by suzyq, Jan 1, 2007.

  1. Well some of you may remember I posted earlier this year about having between Xmas and New Year off and wanting to do a road trip, hopefully heading down to Temora, Tumut, Cooma, Batemans Bay and home? Well unfortunately due to budget restrictions I had to modify my trip but I was determined to spend my days off on my bike. So instead I decided to explore the Central West..

    Day 1 - Boxing Day 173klms Bathurst to Mount Vic and Return

    On this day I had organised to meet my travelling partner Wendy and her brother at Mount Victoria at about 12 noon and escort them to Bathurst where we were spending the first night at my parents place. Wendy was travelling from Newtown and her brother Mark was continuing on to see how far he could get, probably the back of Bourke somewhere.. So I set out from Bathurst at about 11.00am, pretty boring trip along the Great Western Highway to Lithgow where I decided to head up the Bells Line along the Darling Causeway to Mount Victoria just to add a bit of interest. Filled up at the servo there and first embarrassing moment, I had left my EFTPOS card behind.. :oops: .. fortunately Wendy and Mark showed up shortly thereafter and saved me! We rode back to Bathurst via the very enjoyable but bumpy roads to Tarana, avoiding the cattle on the road, giving Wendy and Mark there first taste of the country, where we had planned to have lunch.. but bugger! :mad: the pub was closed!! Mark left us there and we continued on along the Tarana - O'Connell road to Bathurst. Wendy was keen to do some laps of Mount Panorama so we then spent a good hour or so circulating... taking some pics. :dance: Excellent fun!

    Day 2 350klms Bathurst - Sofala - Mudgee - Dunedoo - Coolah

    Spent last night at my parents planning our trip and the general direction we would take. So this morning I led out through Sofala, where we had morning tea, then Wendy led up to Mudgee via Kandos and Rylstone along the Lue Road. We discovered country roads are generally in pretty good nick. The road to Sofala being my favourite part of the trip. :grin: Wendy rides a GN250 which we definitely discovered lacks grunt up any sort of a hill, :LOL: made my Spada look brilliant! Stopped at Mudgee for lunch and asked a very helpful young lady at the tourist Info centre for the best way to go from there.. so we headed up the Mudgee - Ulan Road. Now this road convinced me it was possible to actually fall asleep on my bike! BORING! :tantrum: The highlight being a rather large goanna skipping across the road in front of Wendys bike. :shock: Onto the Golden Highway to Dunedoo for afternoon tea. I quite enjoyed this bit of road, the country was pleasant but Wendy found it very boring. After stopping at Dunedoo we decided that Coolah was the place to stop for the night. Just a mere 48 klms away and a choice of accomodation. Whilst at Dunedoo, Wendy decides to check her oil..hmmm not much..not much at all, but with a limited places to buy oil we decided the bikes would make it to Coolah. So some more boring roads, the highlight being an echidna and a wallaby on the side of the road, and into Coolah it was, first stop servo to purchase bike oil. Fortunately no problem there but decided to top up oil in morning when the bikes were cool. Checked in at the Coolah Valley Hotel.. I can't recommend this place enough..$20 each for a twin room, $12 each for a 3 course meal and they even allowed us to park our bikes in the back room! :dance: Went out for a quick blat to the Black Stump and back for photos.

    Day 3 375klms Coolah - Wellington - Orange - Mt Canobolas - Bathurst

    Set out later than expected due to the time it took to fill Wendys bike with oil! And we had to buy more.. Thanks to the guy at the Black Stump Servo at Coolah! OOPS! :oops: It turns out she was very thirsty and I reckon about as empty as you can get.. We topped up my bike too but she didn't take very much. So it was after 11 by the time we set out back to Gulgong via the Castlereagh Highway. We turned off there to take the Goolma road to Wellington. This road wasn't bad but Wendy got stuck behind a truck who was being a general b$%tard and wouldn't let her past. :tantrum: I managed to get past up the first hill but Wendy's GN just lacked the power and it took her nearly all of the 45klms of this road to get past and she only did because we had to stop for some cattle on the road. This was a little remininscent of Duel! :eek:hno: I got past early as I said but didn't want to leave Wendy behind. This truck was doing about 30klms/hr up the hills but about 100kph down them! At one point Wendy tried to overtake him but ran out of room due to a crest but the b$%tard wouldn't slow down. And I had him on my tail down hill.. scary! :eek:hno: After lunch in Wellington we headed to Orange via Euchareena. The roads again improving the closer we got to Orange. Afternoon tea and a trip to Mount Canobolas.. hmm nobody mentioned dirt did they! 8-[ After some trepidation we traversed the dirt up to the summit and it was worth the view! The roads up were nice and windy too! Excellent fun! :dance: More photos and back to Orange. Yep I was leading and got us lost.. well not lost just heading to Canowindra.. oops wrong direction. After we realised and we turned around I had my only "moment' of the trip when I was travelling in the left lane of a dual lane section of road and I can only think I hit a bump, you know when trucks go over a section of road and bumps form? Yeah well the handlebars just did this weird thing.. I just went F@#K! :eek:hno: and held on.. fortunately didn't last long and all was well! We got back on track and obviously missed the turn off to Blayney in Orange so continued on and turned off at Lucknow. Out to Blayney and then onto Bathurst again. On the road coming from Blayney it was getting on dusk and we were aware of the kangaroo risk.. but as we headed down a hill just out of Newbridge, Wendy just managed to avoid a close encounter with a mother and baby! :shock: After slowing our pace a tad we safely made it into Bathurst back with mum and dad for the night.

    Day 4 121klms

    Home today.. after some more laps of Mount Panorama and Wendy having a go on my bike. I declined to ride hers, mainly because its not insured.. but.. Then we headed back to Lithgow via Tarana of course, this time taking the Tarana - Kelso Road. Again an excellent road, i think better than the O'Connell Road but a little bit of dirt to make it interesting. We were going to stop at Tarana Pub for lunch but it was not meant to be. :( As we were approaching Tarana, we could see the black clouds amassing over the hills.. so we decided to press on to Lithgow. Just as we got to Lithgow the heavens started to open up.. it seems from the road that we had been chasing the storm and we caught it up just as we got to Lithgow. So a stop at the Shell Servo to await its passing and for lunch.. Well in the end we decided there was nothing for it, so on with the wet weather gear and with sympathic looks from the car drivers, off we headed up Mount Victoria.. Well that was scary :shock: .. torential rain, hail (ok it was only small but gees it hurt!) localised flooding not to mention spray from the passing cars and trucks, but our trusty bikes got us safely to the top. I usually quite enjoy that bit in the dry.. but.. anyway another stop at the Caltex Servo which whilst we were there lost power! Pressed on again to Hazelbrook with more torential rain, localised flooding etc. Made it safely home with dripping gear.. I have never been so wet in all my life.

    So when do we go again?? :biker:
  2. Onya suzyq

    Great write up, so any pics to share :?:
  3. Yay, suzie, what a great write-up! Nothing like a few days on the road to broaden the experiences, is there?

    South Coast next time, and you must call in!
  4. Thanks guys,

    Yeah can't wait for the next trip! I'm getting photos developed today so hopefully I can work out how to put some in!
  5. Hey suzyq...great write up! If you want to post some of your photos here, try uploading them from the disc (you got them on disc if my memory serves me right?) to an image sharing website such as www.photobucket.com. This is what I use and it's relatively simple to do. :)

  6. Thanks Rosie, yeah I'll do that, put them up on photobucket and post the link. I'm hanging out to read your ride report, I can't wait to hear about all your adventures, I hope you kept a journal!

    I'm so looking forward to planning my next adventure, I don't know whether to take leave in April/May or wait until next summer, maybe early December? I am a little concerned about the cold! Thinking of heading south maybe to Adelaide.. You are such an inspiration!