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To that A***HOLE in Ramsay St, Haberfield

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by FoxRiderJ, Jun 16, 2011.

  1. You SAW me coming. You LOOKED right at me. We F***ING made eye contact.

    So why pull off your side street, purposefully shoving me into the gutter with your red camry? Couldn't wait for the TWO other cars behind me to pass before you could get in?


    Couldn't even look me in the eye when i tapped on your window at the red light now, could you?

  2. Man!!!! sorry to hear that, i think i wouldn't have tapped, id have smashed yelling curse words little kids shouldn't listen to.

    I'd be making sure every other cager in the area knew what a total dick the driver in the red camry was, like "WTF you doing you #$%^#$%, did you know you could have killed me pulling that stupid moronic move in-front of a motorbike rider, HEy everyone, this jerk in the RED CAMRY with plate numbers XXX-XXX almost killed me 10 seconds ago because he is a %^$#& ignorant jerk" (or something along those lines) and then I'd report them to the authorities.

    Glad your okay
  3. Know your frustration but it won't be the last...
    And having a place like this to vent and cool off helps..

    Now for the future:
    With 11 posts not sure how long you've been riding but particularly if you haven't been on two wheels long.
    This video well worth a look and explains why some cagers do what they do even when you think they're looking you in the eye....

  4. Thanks Griz. Believe me, i wanted to do the diplomatic thing and kick the living daylights out of his side mirror. Instead i chose to split away from this f***in maniac.
  5. Hey Joe, yeah i've actually seen that SMIDSY video, and do practise it occasionally. I've been riding for only 3 months, i commute everyday and ride for pleasure on the weekend. In these last 3 months i've had a lot of close calls, but nothing so purposeful as this. Those close calls were cagers not paying attention, and i've caught them through their windows.

    This guy though, was fully aware i was there. Hence the JUST LOOK STRAIGHT when i came tap tap tapping on his window.

    I will watch that smidsy video again though.
  6. I was waiting for this reference. Thanks for making my day, you cheapskate!

    It also helps to be singing the theme song into my helmet at the top of my lungs everyday i ride through that street. Maybe that's the reason why the guy wanted to ram me over? lol.
  7. A taxi did the exact same thing to me once and as a reward I adjusted his mirror. It was a stupid thing to do when I think about it now, but red mist grabbed me.

    Have a vent, but use better roadcraft to avoid or manage those situations in future. For example, look at their wheels - you're brain will register wheel rotation BEFORE car movement. That will give you vital extra moments to react.

    Did you know that the number of meters you travel in the typical reaction time is equivalent to 1/5th of your kph... so if you're travelling 60km/h, you'll have travelled about 12m before you get onto the brakes. Covering your brakes will save some reaction time.
  8. ...generally speaking, I have found that engaging in eye contact with drivers while on the bike is roughly translated to....."thanks, now you have seen me, I can drive in front of you!"....
  9. Yep that shit happens, but are you really posting in the hope the camry driver reads this?
  10. nah the camry driver is blind so i doubt it. op is just venting

    glad you are okay mate. i would have kicked his door and mirrors because im violent like that... :D just kidding.

    I would cuss at him for sure though
  11. Yep, happened to me when I was first learning to ride. In my "around the block puttering" days, some dopey woman parked on her front lawn eyeballed me riding down the road, then proceeded to back out in front of me. She was on an angle on the lawn, so she was in a good position to see me. It was slow, but she just kept coming.
  12. Hope? Such human need for emotion died within me years ago. It's just a vent mate. :D

    BRAINFART. It boggles me how people like these can survive and breed their spawn in stupidity. Hey i see you, but the rest of my brain has shut down. One task at a time.
  13. ^^ no, that's not it at all.
    it's more a case of "i'm gonna do this anyway, if you don't wanna be hit you best stop moving toward me. ps: fk you!"
    people do that to me every single day in my truck, which is twice the size and 3 times the weight of their car
  14. Haberfield / Fivedock / Leichardt...suburbs with young full of themselves cashed-up-on-the-family-fortune-yuppies that don't give a rats about anyone or anything. if they scratch or crash their mazda 3 / bmw 3 / fully sick bathtub, they'll just go home and grab another one. hence why i avoid the area nowadays. the closest i can stand is cutting through backroads of canterbury and hit the city west link as quick as i can. if you live there i feel sorry for you.

    just as a quick pointer to how brain functionless cagers are...the missus' mum jumped into her own car then reversed straight in to the missus' car which was parked behind the mums car on the driveway, and then says "i didn't see it"...wtf?? i treat ever cager like they have this mentality.
  15. Sorry mate... But the fact that the driver appeared to be looking straight at you, does NOT mean that the driver actually saw you.
    As is typical in many such scenarios, thereis a good chance that they are looking right past you, to the cars behind, and making the judgement that they have time to get out before the cars behind.
    Often you will not be a factor to them, simply because to them...you are'nt even there.

    So, as i said, this is quite often the case in such circumstances.

    Not intending to sound unfairly critical of you, but you must accept this as a simple fact of life - they really, actually, just do not see us. And if they don't see us they cannot and do not take us into account. Naturally, that appears to us as if they bindly just barge out in front of us, and that is an inaccurate assessment of their mindsets.

    The problem lies in your assumption that they saw you. As a result, you failed to ride accordingly.

    This will happen to you often enough, so don't be surprised when it does happen.

    ...it is just a fact of life, that we have take into account in the way WE ride.
  16. Exactly!
    Also look at that smidsy video again particularly the part where he explains how small a bike looks at a distance and how it appears big enough to be a threat when it's practically arrived...

    Particularly at night too, where at certain angles, cagers giving way at a stop sign, or as they turn right, can mistaken your headlight for the one of a car 100 meters behind you....
    This is stuff we all have to take into account when we're out there...

    Everytime I come across some incident with a cage, first thing is to not come to grief but then I always think about my riding leading up to it regardless if I was at fault or not....
    I also take it one further and read all the near misses and place myself in the post to think about what I would have done can learn from...

    Ta netrider....
  17. Damned good video, that one.

    Can we send it to govt boffins here in Australia?
    (rhetorical question)