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To sports or not to sports bike.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Sleddog, Sep 22, 2007.

  1. Been thinking about getting a sports bike ,but as soon as I sit on one it feels to head down arse up ,well that's what its all about I get that. :oops:

    But I'm not sure if I can handle it ,I have read a 10,000,000 posts from people saying you get used to it after a months blah blah blah ,and some people saying it was a big mistake ,so it's a 50/50 and you will never know till you try one for a month+ etc .
    Having said that 75% of the people say that they love the bike ,power ,speed, looks etc ,it's just the head down arse up race style.
    And then sell it for a big lose. :(

    So if I went and got a second hand GSXR650 ,or R6 ..... and didn't like the riding position after really really giving it a good shot and see if ,the pain in the wrists and back goes after a month.

    So .."Hypothetical" if it come to this and then I'm stuck with a bike I like but ,just can't ride for more then 30 minutes ,then WHAT TO DO!. :?

    I have seen this post and pictures to give you an Idea of what can be done ,and One guys thoughts .

    So any of you sports bike riders ,seen this set up "ridden" with this set up ,or getting good-bad ,feedback from your bikes forums {CBRR..R6..GSXR} or people that have done it etc ????.

    Also seen this 50/50 handle bar and heard it's not bad and works ok.

    So I'm after any feed back ,like .
    Its hard at first with a sports bike ,but i got used to it.
    Brought a sports bike ,sold it after 1 month.
    Really defeats the purpose of the sports bike ,waste of time with normal bars etc.
    Cheers for any feed back or info.
    Sled. :)
  2. Dude, unless your body is falling apart a sports bike is fine for short rides (cpl of hours).

    Bikes are about the type of riding your into. Your first few months of learning and developing riding skills should have pointed you in a direction best for your abilities and likes.

    Why not hire a few and see how they fair!

    If your looking for comfort some of the big scooters are muc better suited for the posture conscious.
  3. I'm going through the same thought process as you Sled..

    Realistically for the way I choose to ride, a dedicated sportsbike would be serious overkill. My next bike must be able to:
    --Commute (approx 400km a week)
    --Fang (on average a few hours a week)
    --Tour (3-5ish 500-1000km trips a year, with some luggage)
    --2up (not sure how much until I try it, but have eager girlfriends)
    --Cruise (aka. pose)

    Realistically a sportsbike will be out of its element in all but 2 of those areas.. But I really prefer the look of a sportsbike, and want some more top end power.

    After much thought (and still alot more to come) I know a 650cc vtwin will do everything I want well enough to keep me happy. Its a compromise..

    When I'm more experienced and can afford an extra bike for commuting, I'll look at getting a sportsbike or bigger sports tourer (prob vfr800).

    Good luck figuring it out :D
  4. To Brett and Jared I have one thing to say.....

    HORNET 900 :woot: :woot: :woot:
  5. I would.. but:
    --its 3k over my budget
    --it isn't great looking
    --900cc petrol consumption
    --higher insurance
    --even with the addon screen its not that great for touring
    --it doesn't give the excuse to make bullet point summaries of why I like it

    :LOL: :LOL: :cool:
  6. apart from your budget restraints, all I can reply to the rest is Bullsh1t!!! :LOL:
  7. In the end, sportsbikes are ok for short rides, in the same way that you cruise australia on a CT110.

    You have to decide how much comfort you need and how much performance you need.

    Bikes like SV650, FZ6 etc have more than enough performance for almost any situation - they're capable of well over double the national speed limit.

    Anything beyond that is gonna cost you one way or another.
  8. OK, I'll rephrase.. it looks good, but the fully naked look isn't for me, unless its a z750/1000. Felt bloody smooth though and I'll test ride one before I upgrade, just to make sure hehe.

    A note on vtwin vs. inline 4 sportsbikes.. The low down power means you get the adrenaline rush of acceleration on every trip, not just when you reddline it. Mind you if its a 1000 its going to have that rush low down, AND up high anyway :LOL:
  9. Find the bike you like at a bike shop, tell them you want to test ride overnight, leave your bike as security and take a decent test ride. Then take it back the next morning and tell them the girlfriend/wife didn't like the ride on the back!!!! Keep doing this till you find your perfect ride!!
  10. i personally find the cruisers terribly painful on my lower back, and actually find the fireblade 10x more comfortable even for longish rides 600-800kms.
    the whole wrist thing is about learning to not put any weight on the grips, and ether using your core muscles to hold you or rest your guts on the tank. either way, if you are hurting in the wrists, or feeling numbness in your hand/fingers you are doing it wrong!
    saying that though, there are a lot of contrasts in controlling a sportsbike compared to a cruiser. nothing that you wont pick up quickly but they are very different.
    just become a terrible horde like me and have one of each...with a spare or two :p :LOL:

  11. People like you are why the rest of us can no longer get a test ride. Thanks for screwing it up for everyone. :evil:
  12. G'day everyone,......

    A sports bike is'nt that uncumftable to ride,....
    I do a 200klm round trip to work and back most days,...
    I did a 800klm trip on the bike and it was easy!

    You get used to the differant position in short time then its all good.

    Dr Who?
  13. People like me shop around, find out every last detail about the bikes we are interested in, develop a relationship with bike shop staff, respect the machines that don't belong to us, and treat our machines like children - well looked after and cherished - so that when we ride into a bike shop the staff know their bikes are going to be treated well.

    It's the people who go in and say 'I'll take it for a spin round the block' and turn up three hours later who ruin it for everyone else.
  14. nice generalization :roll:
    is this not what a test ride is for? you test the damn thing and give it back if you dont want it....
  15. Thanks Joel!!

    And to tell the truth, Hotcam, I haven't test rode a thing!! But I am the wife who said the R1 looked like an evil Pikachu (just needed red headlights), the Hyabusa was just WRONG, the Vulcan pretty but my husband didn't look right on it and the Blackbird was SWEEEEEET!! And he brought all those bikes home for the night, leaving his GPX250 with the bike shop as collateral.

    Another thing with the other sportsbikes was the cost of insurance - I couldn't justify his bike insurance costing more than my CAR!!!! (Not insurance quotes - actual purchace price).

    When you're intending to spend up to $20 000 on a bike you want more than a ride around the block. Same with cars - Chrysler offer an overnight test drive, some bike shops in Brisbane are willing to do it as well.
  16. Not all sports bikes are built the same. Some have a pretty extreme geometry, but others are a bit gentler. You also get used to it over time.

    I actually found the Blackbird a bit painful on the wrists, but that's because I'd been riding an Across for 10 years, which had a quite upright seating position. I'm used to the Blackbird now and about to do 5000 km journey on it. Perhaps you need to look more at the Sports-tourers. I'm guessing they will be a bit more comfortable and they tend to be less expensive as well.

    And you can adjust them a little by raising handlebars and stuff. After all not everyone is built the same.
  17. G'day everyone,.....

    Gee,....if I treated children like it treat my bike,....I'd be Arrested!!

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

    Dr Who?
  18. A ZX14 is your answer.. :grin:
  19. Yeah Paul and a boulevard ,well I already got that. :LOL:

    I had the GS500F for my learners bike ,fit like a glove ,so I know a sports tourer would be ok.
    And got the cruiser now and love it ,but want a full fairing sports "style" bike ,I miss a full fairing .
    So the only thing left to try is a full on sports bike.

    I don't think any of the bike shops in sydney would lend you a bike for more then 1 hour ,the test rides I have arranged have been for 20 minutes and having a salesman follow.

    Maybe I should hire a sports bike for a weekend ,only problem there is it's $5000 if you bin it. :shock:

    Do you guys think 2 full days ,would give you a fair Idea ,If you like the bike or not.
    Or did you hate your sports bike for a month ?,then get the hang of the head down arse up.

    This will be my 3rd bike in 2 and abit years, so Im still trying to figure out what I want from a bike ,and want to keep this one for a few years. :)

    Im 99 % sure I'm going with the new suzuki GSX650F ,only problem ,is it's got normal bars ,and still want to try out a full sports.
    Maybe I can put clip on's on it Hmmmm :?
  20. That's the bit that annoyed me, the whole "lying and finding any excuse to return without buying when you never intended to buy in the first place". Maybe I read that wrong, but that's what it looked like. My mates who work in shops tell me nothing annoys them more, and it causes them to be less likely to allow test rides or make a demo-bike available. Especially when they have to sell the demo bikes cheaper and take a loss, and the factories usually don't provide demos anymore, the shop has to pay...

    That's a good approach - I got no problem with that at all

    After the bike shop guys have called the cops. Yes this is a BIG problem.

    OK well then you're not what you sounded like (i.e. amateur test pilot).

    Thanks :grin: What else is the internet for, except spouting opinions when you don't have all the facts :grin: :grin:

    But I suggest first you ought to at least have SOME intention of buying it.