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... to soothe the savage beast.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by NiteKreeper, Jan 11, 2011.

  1. A few weeks back Edgelett posted a Youtube link to her band's new track - my response on the forum was:
    Interesting then, that yesterday this story was published on news.com.au - here's a brief extract:

    I've always loved good music because it does this to me, but never realised it was a release of dopamine - anyone else get the same chills?
    And from what music?
    For me it's different stuff at different times, but strangely Rob Thomas is guaranteed to produce a reaction every time!

  2. NiteKreeper,

    Every time I listen to The Gladiator soundtrack I get this feeling. Hard to explain, and it never 'dies away' with time.
    But I can confess - I've never had any 'dope' :D
  3. I'm still yet to hear their new material, but I find "Home" from the "Beginnings" Album does it for me.
    I like to play that song first when I'm on my way home from a ride.

    Also, the solo from "Break Me".

    Good work Edgelett & pass on congrats to the Band.
  4. If you have a specific song, say a youtube link or something, with a specific time that I can refer to I would be interested to have a look.

    For me several distinct things come to mind.

    The tone of a melodic instrument: I believe sometimes an instrument will tap into our instinctive natural reactions to natural sounds, like predators and dangerous animals.

    Harmonic progressions are a big producer of chills for me. Resolutions to clear triadic chord, resolutions to bright lydian modes, resolution to different tonal centres seperated by min/maj 3rds, and of course resolving to any of the above from tense chords eg variations and substitutions on a dominant chord. Just to name a few that spring to mind.

    I love pondering this stuff, I am a musician I have a degree in music, so I can go as nerdy as you like.
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    ..minor chords/notes on the strings (violin/cello) always gets me...

    As for genres, Jazz nor Opera seem to have the emotional limpact on me, that what I would class as "classical" (esp strings and piano) has...love Chopin & Bach :)

    Guitar...classical eg: [media=youtube]spUT-2tU2Yk[/media] (love Julian Bream or John Williams playing).. sends me to a very peaceful place *sigh*.

    I have a special interest in Baroque.

    Even "folk" can get me there too....[media=youtube]v9mt5ODJ6xg[/media] (Ralph McTell) .. but I love his voice too!! .. Intrestingly, I saw Ralph McTell and John Williams in concert, together!!. Was really interesting. John admitted that he cannot improvise!!... I was astounded at this revelation!!. So their duets were (apparently) well rehersed!!

    Always liked Mr Fripp!! [media=youtube]AW3zECZ1LAM[/media]

    On a different level, I love these guys [media=youtube]oJjgjrm1EHc[/media]

    Mood and general "feel" plays a part in what moves me when...

    Regularly used to make my mum cry when I played the violin... for a totally different reason!!.... :-({|= .... 8-[

    .. James Last has a bloody awful effect on me!!](*,)... oh!, and I cry for real emotion when I listen to and watch the Edinborough Tattoo!!....
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    [URL="]All that I am[/URL]

    No particular timestamp though - I got the chills while I was scrolling down the search results!
    Minor 7ths get me too tweets: [URL="]More than Words[/URL]
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  8. I had not heard of Rob Thomas, but I liked the song :)
  9. Music is very very good, for the soul and for enjoyment, plus a tonne of other stuff. Various studies out there show the positives of music, it can help lessen pain, I always put on my favourite upbeat songs when I'm having a "bad day", that is when I wake up and I can feel my pain is something like double/triple than it normally feels before the pain meds.

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-12135590 is something else about this, didn't read the OP article so don't know if the news.com.au 'ripped off' the bbc one, best to see source(s) and go from there if one is so inclined to. I've been using music to help release dopamine for a couple decades now :) I can attest to it, <3 music !!!!

    There was also a good doco I watched the other day "My music[al] brain" i.e http://natgeotv.com/uk/my-music-brain, that had a fair bit of stuff about music and the brain, it also mentions about music helping dopamine. It had Sting in there being part of some intensive studies from a neurologist (surgeon? Can't recall his exact credentials) but he was a somewhat professional musician before getting his degree/PHD in neuro studies and he does a lot of stuff with music and the brain. My wife and I had a grin when the doco mentioned dopamine being released from music, we've released quite a bit of dopamine in our brains listening to music, I've literally seen over a 1000 or 20000 bands and DJs over the years, just don't go as often now due to my wrecked shoulder, it's not a fan of me standing up to watch a music set plus bopping away to music doesn't agree with the shoulder *pop pop*, it loves popping out of the socket, 'nuff said, it's not fun!
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    I've had a seriously bad week, that actually helped.

  11. All that I am? Probably my fave of his - something about the line "I am primed for giving in"...

    More than Words is by Extreme though, circa 1990...
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    Yeah that one works really well - bit of a shiver as it starts, but that first wailing sax note, wow...
  13. ... a satisfied customer!!... :D It helps me too!!
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    ..same with me, it's not just the music...if the music and the words hit you at the same time.... it's blubber time!!....

    I like this one: (Sting - when we dance *sniffle, sniffle*)

  15. Speaking of Sting, one of his that 'places my mind in another world' is Desert Rose.
    Enchanting, to say the least !
  16. Great song.
    Makes me think of Wifey (Egyptian heritage) ooooh.....

    *Caution - Useless trivia

    I read that the Arabic portion of the song was done pretty much ad-lib.
  17. Geez dude... ya just wrecked it for me.. LOL
    Kidding... actually, that song reminds me of my (one of them) ex...in a good way, of course :)
    Finn, being Egyptian, does your wife understand the Greek language ?
    I've come across many who have been associated with Greece, somewhere in their past to the point they are fluent in the language.
    Just curious - cheers mate.

  18. Lol.
    In short, no mate.
    My Father Inlaw, may he rest in peace, did though.
    He also spoke French, Maltese and Italian.
    A little bit of Latin aswell.
  19. The neurotransmitter associated with the chills/spine-tingles is not dopamine but oxytocin. Oxytocin is the also associated with the let down of breast-milk and with orgasms, among other things.

    Dopamine is often released when listening to music, but if you get the tingles, that's oxytocin. And it's why just hearing the crying of a baby can set off a let down of breastmilk in nursing mothers. Dopamine is also released within the mother during breastfeeding which is one of the reasons its quite addictive in and of itself.

    Hence the release of oxytocin and dopamine are highly inter-related and its why aural stimulation can set these neurotransmitters off. I think certain frequencies trigger oxytocin more than others.

    undii, I saw the doco you mentioned too. I agree. It was pretty excellent. I used to think Sting was a pretentious wanker, but I gotta say, he came out of that doco pretty well, in spite of the heavy handed celebrity hero-worship the narrator indulged in when introducing him.
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    ogden, yeah there was hero worship in the narrating introduction but well, if you're a BIG FAN of someone like that, I guess it'd be hard to introduce them 'quietly' :)

    Some of my various likes for music relaxation (I literally like about 200 genres, my music collection which is about a TB now allows me to listen to any exact emotional music I want when I want heh)

    Some stuff I chill to, might not be chill to others but it is what it is for me :)

    "homemade vid" for Infected Mushroom's "I wish" [media=youtube]JELTk1lD_6k[/media]

    Aphex Twin - Donkey Rhubarb [media=youtube]tatccHVfuhA[/media]

    Miss Kittin - Rippin Kittin [media=youtube]ZTHcrBWMJek[/media]

    And my kind of chill

    Fischerspooner - Emerge (Dave Clarke Mix) [media=youtube]1HX7mBW0Bq0[/media] Just had to throw it in there ;)

    *edit* Actually, I meant this, from the same album but different song! (Too early + wet for my brain) radiohead idioteque dave clark mix [media=youtube]0IkP88bQ_RU[/media]