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To sick to ride...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by lordtb, Mar 3, 2006.

  1. Ok I have had a number of days off work in the past year... far more than Aus Post likes their employees to take... (which is NONE)

    Yesterday just B4 I was ment to go out on the bike to deliver mail... I started feeling quite bad and threw up... so naturaly I told my teem leader I was NQR... (at this point I had difficulty standing up coz of the pain)...

    Next thing I know I'm being summoned to the office and a whole inqusition starts... "why em I doing this to MY team?", "this behavor is not tolerated", "how many more days do I intend to take off", " is the work to hard for you", "you do this every time there is a heavy day" (it was actualy a very normal volume of mail and I have walcked out only twice b4 in the past 6 years)

    This morrning I called in to tell them I'm not coming in as the doctor thinks I would be unable to preform my dutys (I cant keep down any thing heavier than biscuits and water)... The attitude that I got from one of the managers was so bad... Apparently I do not care for my team, I'm a disapointment to Aus Post and I'm lazy... (I have another part time job and I run my own busieness... lazy my ass)

    Does this mean My employer expects me to work till I drop ded??
    I see hs atitude as a form of harrastment... can I do some thing about it??
    Should I have thrown up in the office or on the managers car??
  2. Should I have thrown up in the office or on the managers car??

  3. That's fcuked pete.

    I've been as sick as hell the last 2 and a half weeks, five different things wrong ith me, each enough to knock me down.

    And work has been nothing but supportive, despite the fact that my project is right in the critical period.

    Sounds like you're working for arseholes. That's no way to manage people, no way to build loyalty, and no way to ensure a cohesive and effective workforce. PRICKS.

    Piss in their tea.
  4. 1. Probably.
    2. If you have a union, give'em a call!
    3. Yep, that would've done the job. Though by the sound of your management i'd say they'd twist it around somehow to make it sound like you were a disgrace to your fellow workers and should be ashamed!

    I hate management like that.
    Worked for a company that treated us like that for 3 years.
    I was the happiest person on the planet the day I slapped down that resignation letter!
  5. Welcome to the new industrial reform revolution.
    It depends on the boss. A work mate of mine called one day and said he would be off untill further notice. The bloke has been off for over a month and the boss still offers for him to come back but the guy just craps in there face, even though they want to help him. :shock:
  6. Really restores your faith in our postal service doesn't it? It's good to know that even if the posties are at deaths door the mail will still get through...
  7. Yeah I was told once at a pay review at my work, I took a couple extra days off than normally allowed in a year (12) then I kindly mentioned I have done about 30-40 times that in over time hours doing little stuff from home and at the office.

    Found out from a friend that he gets 90 sick days a year!! (90!!!) working for Mars confectionery. Crazy
  8. Sounds like the bastards haven't changed. When I delivered telegrams (remember them you OFARCs :) ) on a CT90 years ago I had an off (got attacked by a dog) and needed some minor medical attention for cuts and abrasions.

    When I came back to work I was asked to sign a form - I checked it with the Union first who said don't sign. It was basically a waiver of any rights to future treatment. I refused and got chewed out by my manager as well. He was also pretty upset when I told him that the doctor wasn't allowing me back at work for a week.

    Where I am now they are good. I've got some ongoing medical issues and there's never been a problem. Admittedly I've got over 6 months accumulated sick leave but if I need it I take it and there's no problems. One of the other guys in our team the same - he is often away at short notice or has to go home ill and we just rearrange the work to suit.

  9. I love my new system at work.
    If i want to call in sick ,i ring a computer put in my payroll number then.
    I get 3 options.
    It says ....Useing you phone key pad.

    press #1.. to see if your working tomorrow.
    Press#2.. if your sick today and can't work.
    press#3.. to take your self off the roster.

    UMMM ok.
    Press #2 go to beach ,"cough", i mean go back to bed. :LOL:

    What the moral of the story ,your just a number ,no one cares about the emplyees any more .
  10. This guy must be a performance appraisal and is taking it out on everyone else. Dont let the prick get to you he will probably be sacked or moved somewhere soon.

    As they say in the Lion King "Hakuna Matada" or translated f%&k it it doesn't matter
  11. We have a little tally at work for a guy who it seems is having a sick day everytime you turn around. We have a staff mailing list so everyone in the company gets the e-mail as we rely on each other for different tasks and you need to know if they are in or not.

    Since half way through January this year he has already had 13 days off. Not ONE WORD is ever said about all his sick days!
  12. take it to today tonight or a current affair lol
    from what i remember there was a incident exactly like this or very similar where the guy was in the bali bombing and had to take 2 weeks off the physio.... or somthing along those lines
    and if possible get the conversation recorded....
    i hate companies are like that :evil:
  13. Company I work for as a regular employee offers 52 weeks per 2yr, obviously with management approval and have to have something seriously wrong with you.
  14. I'd be asking to have these comments or performance appraisals put down in writing. I'd also be informing management that from now on if they wish to discuss your performance etc to give you some notice so you can arrange to have your union representative present. You'll be surprised at how fast they will back off...... So, who is in favor of Howard's Industrial Reform policies, raise your hands.....? Oh, I forgot. In Howard's world we don't get a vote....

    Cheers All......
  15. What are you a bloody commie? workers rights stuff em just let me pay lower taxes and let me ride my bike at 300kmh :p :p

    Bloody Howard and his IR reforms, all they are doing is making the average working Joe or Jo nervous and stressed. I thought he wanted us to be relaxed and comfortable, stuff him
  16. One day (hope not ) you will ring up and might get:
    "enter payroll numer"
    "sorry this employee has been terminated"
    "bip, bip, bip ......."

  17. Just take it easy mate, follow what the doctor ordered. Take a rest and regain your health back. :)

    Don't worry about your f***wit manager(who ever he is), once you're back on your feet see what he says, if he still gives you the stupid attitude, keep it cool and present your case. Remember, it takes two to tango, if you react the same way as he does you'll never get a good result. You are entitled leave when you're sick (or don't you?) use it, its your right.

    .... on the other hand, take some time later on spraying paint thinner on the manager's car ... discreetly :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  18. ummmm right.....

    didnt most people in the country vote for him?
  19. Where did you get that idea? All he ever said was that HE was relaxed and comfortable - nothing about anybody else!
    Still, there seem to be plenty of people out there that ARE relaxed and comfortable - about secretly funding Saddam Hussein, about skyrocketing health insurance costs, about dabbling in military adventures, about mounting balance of trade deficits, about climbing personal debt, about abolition of workers (and human) rights, about lying and deception. That's alright then.
    Lordtb, stick with it, stay within the rules and I bet you'll outlast this arsewipe manager. They never hang around long, always looking for another pile of bodies to climb over on the way up.
    I had some dealings with middle management people at AP, and they say the current CEO is a close relative of Genghis Khan, so I suspect the culture is filtering down from the top.
  20. Think that kinda treatment in systemic in that organisation. I recall
    a few stories that have been on ACA about how Aust Post have treated
    their staff :mad:

    I've taken (2) sick days off in the (4) years I've been at RACV. I must
    give U a copy of my diet :p

    Get well soon dude :wink: