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To sell or not to sell?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by rbarge, Feb 8, 2006.

  1. Had my Virago now. It's a 2000 model with 20k on the clock and cost me $3700.
    I am thinking of selling it already and getting a GS500 or something for the following reason :

    1: I am going to do 15000 a year in commuting alone so in one you I'm going to double the bikes clock and kill the resale value.
    2: The bike is a little too small, I'm not looking for lots if power, just more then the 250 can give, I know the GS500 is not fast, but it has twice the power.

    If I sell the Virago I should get what I paid and will be able to get and older GS500 for less.

    What do you think, good or bad idea?
  2. dunno about your resale question.

    I assume you like the Virago. Have you considered a Virago 750 as an upgrade ? A mate of mine just got one as an upgrade (from the classic GN250), he commutes nearly an hour each way everyday and says it is fantastic. Plenty of power when he needs it, very comfy, basically, for him, it's the whole package.
  3. I do like it. But a Virago 750 would cost e bit more.

    Found a 90 GS500E with 46,000k's on the clock for $2200 so for that price I can drop it not it won't loose too much value.

    Can get dream bike in a few years :)
  4. A word of caution. I have a '93 ZZR600 that now has 5,000km on the clock, but it had 93,000km when I bought it. YMMV

    But sound a bargain with that mileage and price.

    And I'm sure you would enjoy the difference between the Virago and the GS.
  5. The GS500 was no good :(

    They did have a GPZ600 thats was ok, but 84 model with 90,000 on the clock, so a little long on the tooth.

    Will not impulse buy bike :)
  6. Ended up getting a 97 GS500 with 75k on the clock for $3200, high k's but it's in good condition and rides well, only damage is a scratched Suzuki Badge on the engine and there only $18, if I can figure out how to get the old one off :)

    Heres a pic: