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To sell my two fidy or commute on it?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by brownyy, Nov 17, 2009.

  1. Sell it, ride that beautiful Daytona to work everyday.

    17 vote(s)
  2. Commute on it, save those kay's on the Daytona.

    12 vote(s)
  1. Question for you all;

    I have a problem sorta, to sell my ‘ol faithful roundabout jumping ZZR two fidy or keep it as a commuter. My other ride for those unknowing is a Daytona 675. Now my new living arrangements as of next week involve 900km / week of commuting in a straight line = tyre killers and kay counters. Currently I’m doing 100km / week in commuting plus the odd run around, and to date I’ve done 14,000km on the Daytona in under 4 months.

    If I sell the ZZR I’m going to fetch about $2-3k at best. That then means in commuting alone, I’m going to rack up near 20,000km’s on the Daytona, in a straight line on the calder highway, before I go to Europe. This isn’t including visiting friends and twisty rides. I’ll have to put commuter tyres on, and possibly learn how to change tyres to put fun tyres on for the weekend. Service costs are something like $400-500 including parts plus more frequent oil and filter changes. In saying that I’ll have a slightly more fun commute, and probably more likely to get nailed for speeding. Also if I’m running late for work I’ll be able to correct that easier.

    If I keep the ZZR, I’ll be up for oil and filters ever month, the tyres will live and are cheap, but I’ll be paying near $700-800 in rego and insurance (which are both now due), have a boring as bat shit commute, and brakes I’m not used to anymore. I’ll clock up a heap of km’s on the ZZR which I don’t care about, and save those kilometers from going on the Daytona’s clock.

    The Daytona itself I’m not sure what I want to do with in the long run. If I get a decent long term job in Europe and I intend to stay, I’m debating weather to ship the bike or sell it. Problem is I’m spending a bit of money on cosmetic stuff that doesn’t count when it comes to selling, so basically its money lost if I choose to sell it, if I choose to keep it, well yeah. It’s not so much the actual kilometers reading on the clock I’m worried about, its more knowing I have a tiring engine with valuable twisty life span wasted on highways...

    Comfort, I’m easy on both. I’m defiantly more at ease on the Daytona knowing I have those sensational brakes at my disposal and power if needed and its general handling if I need to get out of trouble. No problems with been on a sports bike that long etc etc.

    Ideally, I write both off just before going to Europe, put the money aside and buy a newy later on. But that’s dodgy, and I wouldn’t go doing that (if I don’t write it off on the GOR before then).

    I posed the same question on facebook and got some very mixed results.

    Your thoughts kiddies?

    Thanks all for your input.


    Slightly depressing - think of Europe, think of Europe, saving money, saving money, grrrrr.
  2. Sell, sell, sell!

    Use the $$$ from the Kwaka to pay for the maintenance on the Daytona. ;)
  3. i'd keep it, i've been looking for a cheap commuter or bush basher with road tyres to keep the storm in good nick. Your daytona will thank you for it in a few years.
  4. You need to make a definite decision about pursuing a job in Europe or not, then you can decide.
    The fly in the ointment is the depreciation on the Daytona. Being a sportsbike it won't be fashionable for long. Plan to use it for a set period of time then sell or update.
    I'd keep the ZZR, but only if you think it can last long enough. 900ks a week is a lot - too much to waste on the Daytona.
  5. Holy carp!
    The job in Europe would almost be closer, wouldn't it???

    I wasn't even doing those sorts of kays when I was a sales rep.

    I'd keep the ZZR for the commute.
  6. What's the point keeping the 675 in a good condition for the next owner? If you enjoy riding the 675 for commute then you'll use it no matter you keep the ZZR or not, it's always good to have two bikes though.

    While your point regarding the tires are valid, IMHO enjoying your time on the bike is worth paying extra $$$ for the tires.
    If I was in your shoes and didn't need the money, I'd keep both and ride whatever I feel to ride each day.
  7. I tried the 2 bikes thing.
    I had a 1998 ZX6R and then bought the Honda SP1.

    The idea was to commute on the ZX6 and use the SP1 for a weekender.
    yeah right, like that ever worked, I rode the SP1 for 3 months solid, rode the ZX6 one day 3 months later, got home, put it on online and sold it 6 days later.

    Remember Matt, 2 bikes =- 2 x rego at almost $1000, 2 x insurance at $lotsandlots.

    As someone said, why look after it for the next owner, get out there and ride the sucker.
  8. +1 to this,

    i reckon if you are worried about km's on bikes commute in the car....cheaper insurance for most of us, and running costs on a small car aren't that high....only downfall is not splitting ](*,)

    for me i can't justify the $$$ to have a bike just for commuting on
  9. I got back on the mrs ZZR250 after having the TRX for a few months, it was terrible.
    Open road was ok, because you had to work it, but commuting was terrible, because you had to work it.
    Sell it & buy 3K worth of bling or rider training!
  10. 900kms a week, ouch thats 40,000 or so a year. That will KILL the value of the daytona, it'll half its value in no time at all. I'd keep the zzr, OR sell the zzr and get a slightly larger bike eg GS500 or older zzr600, cbr600f, etc. to handle the amount of kms with better grace.
  11. the depreciation will not be significantly different to the cost of running a second bike.

    Why bother buying a bike if you're not going to ride the thing. It's a machine, if you take good care of it, it should still retain value.

    Nothing you do will stop the depreciation, but you could have a day that starts and ends with a big **** off grin every day if you ride the daytona. You will not enjoy riding the 250 every day, and will end up riding the trumpwet anyway.
  12. 2 – 3 k gets you 3+ sets of tyres, Plus a couple of services…
    And you just move these costs from 1 bike to the other if you hold onto the ZZR
    Add to this the Insurance and Rego, which covers any depreciation increase on the Trumpy
    Plus there is the added value that you enjoy riding the 675 more, and the ZZR doesn’t match your leathers.
    I’d say it’s a no brainer, but hey, you gota work it out for yourself.
  13. I'd be tempted to sell the ZZR and commute on the daytona. Sure your gonna rack up some miles, but its not getting any older. Even with low mileage, older bikes loose a lot of their value.
    Rego for two bikes is a killer imo.
  14. The ZZR is the perfect tool for commuting. That's exactly why you should sell it and ride the 675. Use the money from the ZZR to purchase some loud 'safety' pipes and then you can wear a shit eating grin all the way to and from work.
  15. Thank you all very much for your replies. While the responses on stalkbook and here have been pretty much equal either way, I'm leaning towards selling the ZZR.


    --I spent 5 days on the ZZR commuting while the daytona was serviced, it took me until I got through some sweepers on the GOR the next day to get intune with the Daytona. And I missed her terribly in that time.
    --The running costs of the daytona will be similar to that of the sale price of the ZZR and that money not spent on rego / insurance.
    --I'll enjoy my morning commute more (and hopefully keep my license).
    --My morning commute will be much quicker.
    --More likely to get out of trouble if trouble arises.

    Yeah, here's to kay's on the Daytona! Ole!

    The car was considered but I did that several times a while back, 45minutes on the Daytona going mild-medium pace, 1.5 hours in the car same time same route. And that was when I had free dodgy parking in the city (not anymore). Fuel consumption is about the same I think but I haven't looked into it.

    Thanks all for your input.

    I think I'm going to remove my ad on this site for my ZZR, anyone who reads my profile will know its had the s%&^ hammered out of it.


  16. EPIC! lol

    That is a beastie pic! I'd get that one wall mounted :rofl: the bike looks huge on ya!
  17. Except that Brownny’s bike is blue…
    And so are his leathers…
  18. ...and I got Oggy's.
    ...and a seat cowl.
    ...and an '08 model.
    ...and short hair. ;)

  19. sell it, dont worry about money, you'll make more.
  20. :rofl:

    facepalm moment from the sydney kid! When i come visit you blokes in lovely melbourne i'll have no excuse :p