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To sell and buy, or to keep??

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by zxparker, Mar 3, 2008.

  1. Hey all...

    I currently have and am quite happy with a 2007 model ZX6R. I have made a few mods such as a power commander, yoshi pipe, air filter, down one tooth on the front and up a couple on the rear... Overall I am happy with the look and feel of the bike, however I am never one to sit still for very long...

    I have always liked the Ducati 748 and have always wanted a twin. I think that I would be able to get enough for my bike in the condition that its in to be able to go and buy a 748, obviously second hand. This is where my issue starts.

    Realistically I am going to be paying about $14,000 for a bike that will have about 10,000km on it. I was told by a sales rep at Ducati in the city that Ducati's are not really run in properly till they have 20,000km on them... Coming from a sales rep I was a little dubious... Any comments.

    I am searching for torque and that lovely sound of a twin and I think that the mods that I have been making to my bike are just a way to fullfill that lust that I have for just that??

    Anyway, just thought that I would see what the comments of the other nuts out there might be.
  2. Further question would be 748 or 749? I like the look of the 748 so much more, is the 749 a better bike?
  3. I have ridden neither a Ducati 748/749 or a ZX6, but....

    I haven't heard a lot of people that were super happy with the 748/749. I would have thought that the ZX6 would be the 'better' bike. The 848 on the other hand, now that would be a good upgrade me thinks :)

    My opinion is not based on personal experience, just from what I read.
  4. The 748 is a personal choice. Great bike, slightly underpowered for me but there are many mods you can do to these. You need to ride this bike...just looking at it only justifies what people think of Paris Hilton...you need to ride that baby and wrap yr legs around her and see if she screams out for you. Then and only then will you know.
    The 749 'is' a better bike but.........its nicole.
  5. You NEED to test ride a potential replacement. Only then will you know if thats what you want. I know for me if they made an SV800S I think it would be my dream bike, the 650 is a little underpowered and the 1000 is a bit to heavy.
  6. Mmmm then i have a 20 year old duke that hasn't been run in yet.
  7. Poser. :LOL: :LOL: :wink:

    I'd suggest you try altering the gearing on your ZX6 - as it sounds like you want more acceleration than top speed (and on the road, that makes a lot of sense). Try going 1 down on the front sprocket... and if that's not enough, 2 up on the back as well. It'll turn any 600i4s lacklustre acceleration into some serious fun. :)
  8. +1! And it's cheap (although I'd strongly recommend a speedo healer with that mod)... and your bike will remain cheap to maintain (compared to the 748/749)... and it's a brand new bike... and you won't be getting a bike with a mysterious past!
    It's not going to be a Duc, nor a Twin... So no coffee for you Mr! :LOL:
  9. :wink:
  10. ...so just kep spending money on something he's not even that keen on :?

    Buy the Duc, you know you want to :cool:
  11. If a duc is what ya want, buy it. Bikes are not rational purchases. :grin:
  12. Guys, I am adjusting the rear and will have the fun that way for the time being. Am also getting a Speedo Healer...

    Thanks for the advise yet again!