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To Parkes and Back

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by gags, Jan 27, 2011.

  1. First of thanks for all those who commented on the route map earlier. Here is the trip in some detail. I’m not a good writer so bear with me. I’m happy to answer any questions you may have. So here it goes……
    The Route (click here) (approx 2400kms)

    Day 0

    Newborough to Paynesville

    Well Nick my mate who was going with me had to catch up on some stuff hence a late start. The plan originally was to go through Moe Rawson and then Tyers (as there is not much route between Tyers and Paynesville.) We met at Gunns Gully BP, filled up and had a quick bite to eat. We went via haunted hills road to Yallourn North past Power station W and then turned right to Tyers. For those who may not know, the freeway between Morwell and Traralgon has been closed for at least 4 months or so plus I don’t like the freeway much with the holiday traffic going past. Hence the route was Tyers, Glengarry, Toongabbie, Heyfield, Maffra, onto the freeway at Stratford, and off it right after the town towards Bengwarden and then straight to Paynesville. We got there fairly early, went to the pub, went to the bottle shop and as my parents-in-law own a place up there, we kicked back and enjoyed the rest of the day. The easy part was done.

    Day 1

    Paynesville to Tumbarumba

    We started at about 8.30 in the morning and went through to Bruthen towards Omeo on the Great Alpine Road. As we got closer to Omeo, the clouds started gathering and we stopped about 10kms out and changed into our wet weather gear
    ToOmeo. [​IMG]
    and by the time we reached Omeo, it was pissing down. We saw about 40 Ducatis at Omeo, spoke to a couple of guys who were on a Ducati weekend. We had a cup of coffee, filled up our bikes and the rain kept on coming. After about half an hour or so, we left towards Mitta Mitta.
    The roads were wet but we kept going.
    MittaMitta2. Stopped and had lunch on the side of the road before Granite Flat,
    [​IMG] next to the creek. Couple of kids came along and started asking a heap of questions and Nick explained that he had a V8 on his bike and they wanted to know why my bike had two engines. Yes I was riding a BMW. Also, wished my sons were there too. The ride was absolutely amazing in spite of the road being gravel and dirt with a mixture of tarmac in between. But we road through clouds and enjoyed every minute of it. The road from Mitta Mitta heading towards Talangatha was great for cornering. We then followed the Murray Valley (and yes we got sunshine finally)
    Murrayvalley. highway towards Coryong and from Coryong started heading towards Tumut. The rain had stopped and we enjoyed the ride through. By the time we got to Tumbarumba, it was getting a bit late and we decided to camp there. Funny place, Tumbarumba.
    tumbarumba. We saw a lot of young backpackers and the reason being (which we learnt) was that if you stayed and worked for three months in the agricultural areas, you could extend your visa for another year. Also, we were greeted as we were setting up camp by an African guy (found out he was from Congo) singing and it was just amazing; kicking back with a few beers and the sounds of his voice carrying through the evening. Nick got out his fancy brand-new camping stove and as he’s used to camping in 4-wheel drives, he brought along a lot of stuff. We had apricot chicken with rice cooked on the camp stove. We were in the tent at about 9. At about 9.30 it started pissing down again. Rain was going to follow us all the way through this trip. The plan tomorrow was to get to Parkes.

  2. The run from Parkes to Canberra is pretty boring, but the Japanese gardens at Cowra is well worth a look.

    Also the Canberra wine district is at Murrumbateman (and a bit a Brindabella). One of the best wine districts in Australia. Brilliant cool climate wines and much more intimate and friendly cellars than most wine districts. Go and see Ken Helm and Brindabella Hills wineries. Best Rieslings in Australia and excellent everything else.
  3. Thanks ibast. Have added the attractions to my list of things to do.
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  6. The best bit to do is the twisty stretch between Cotter Rd & Uriarra Rd. I did it 8 times the other day :) do it casually the first time as there are some very tight corners very close together.
  7. While you're out at Parkes - Try for some scenic shots... Like these...





    Pro-Tip: I got up at 4am and drove out [yep - it was when I was still a lowly cager] to the Dish to get these. Spent 2.5hrs there snapping away. 400 odd photo's, and only 10 I liked enough to keep. :p
  8. The Trip : Day 0 and Day 1

    please sse above