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To oggy or not to oggy?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by noodles55, Jul 5, 2011.

  1. Okay so im picking up a new 2011 ninja 250r in 2- 3 weeks. I've done a search but would like to get some fresh up to date advice.

    I've heard oggy knobs are great and then I've heard they can bend your frame.

    Do I also need to go out and individually buy them or should the dealership sort that out for me? I'm guessing they would also charge alot more.
  2. New rider I assume?

    Get them - more chance they will save something than damage something

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  3. You should be able to get a set of 'no cut' frame sliders for your bike off ebay and cheaper than from the dealer.

    They are made for stationary drops and maybe low speed low-sides and should save your fairings. If you hit them hard enough to bend your frame then you probably have bigger issues.
  4. I recon they're worth their weight in gold considering the damage that could be done without them.

    Very little risk of bending frame from noobie drops and accidents. In my opinion
  5. I dunno about that. Depends on what you hit, or what hits you. If you just spontaneously perfect the cacky-handed kluster plant with pike while attempting the full flying 'W', that usually means a skinned knee and lots of cosmetic repairs, and Oggies or similar can be very helpful in that case. It's embarrassing to ride home and explain to the other why the bike's all scratched up. It's more embarrassing to get a lift home with the tilt tray and explain where the bike is going without you.
  6. Worth every cent; I fell off (hit a traffic island in the dark and thick fog) - I had slowed down before but the knobs saved a lot of damage; no body damage or engine/ crankcase damage (just mirror, exhaust, handle slide bar. The slid for a couple of metres and the oggys did their job.
  7. Had my bike 2 weeks when I toppled over at low speed trying to do a u turn. Oggys saved much embarrasment.
  8. I've decided that its prob best to invest in some frame sliders. Are they hard to install yourself? Or should someone like me with no experience get a mechanic to do it?
  9. It varies. Some are harder than others. None that I've seen are terribly hard, but some involve more dicking about than others. There's often a trade off between ease of fitting, and effectiveness. The ones where you don't have to cut holes in the fairing are usually preferred, but they sometimes don't do as good a job in the event that you actually have to test them. The manufacturer of course will tell you that's not true. My product is cheaper, better looking, higher quality, requires no cutting, can be removed later to return the bike to stock condition, is quicker to fit with fewer tools and provides better crash protection. Right. It probably cures bad breath and attracts hot chicks too.

    Look and think - what does your common sense tell you? Little stylish bling parts that mount around cosmetic items for ease of fitment, on small thin brackets that go around corners, are probably not going to be as effective as big solid poxy looking stacks of polyurethane mounted on 10mm shafts that go right through the engine mounts and need to have a hole cut in the fairing. I'm not saying you should use the big solid ones - I'm saying there's a trade-off.

    Sorry. That's not quite the question you asked me. Can you put it on yourself? I don't know! [flamboyant shrug - hands up, rolled eyes.] If you bought a $70 bookshelf from Ikea and put it together, would there be more than ten bolts and one silly little bracket left over when you were finished? Are you the sort of person who would assemble it in the carport and then have to take it apart again to get it in the house? What are the chances that you and your Mum would fall down the stairs with it while getting around the landing? If every bolt hole lined up except one, and the unit looked straight and square and right, how long would it take you to find and set up the electric drill with the right size bit and make a new hole where you need it? What are the odds you chose the wrong bit and made the hole too big, or put it in a second wrong place? Having mechanical experience means you make fewer mistakes because you've done something like this before, but moving into new mechanical assembly and modification tasks is generally a bit of an idiot test. It's a practical test of common sense and logical thought. Does that help you to decide?
  10. oggy. If it is such a bad accident that the oggys bend the frame, your bike is going to be pretty screwed anyway. i've had two mates have lowsides with them and they've both walked away with a ground oggy and a scratched exhaust. thats it.
    One of them was a fully faired gixxer as well. Can you imagine the fairing damage it saved him...
  11. "Oggy Knobs" is just a brand name by the way. There are other brands about, but make sure you get quality goods.

    Good quality "oggy knobs" will grind down as they slide, but if they hit something hard, like a gutter, they will break off instead of bending your frame. The plastic is formulated to do that.

    You might also want to get "Axle Armour" or sliders for your front axle. These can protect your front forks from damage in a slide, and save a lot of repair costs. I put some one when I first got back into biking, thinking I would take them off after a while because they aren't really a fashion statement, but I still have them on five years later. It can't hurt to be careful.
  12. Are frame sliders set to certain bike models or should all frame sliders work on just about every bike?

    or is something like this suitable?
  13. There are kits made especially for specific models. I guess there are also generic kits but that isn't the way I'd be going.
  14. No offense intended but i don't think thats relevant because the guy would only be paying the sum of his excess, not the damage to the bike.

    In my opinion, if you can afford your excess without tearing up and are a reasonably competant rider, don't worry about it (while your on a 250r).
  15. Y-e-e-e-s ...


    What if you were doing something a bit silly when the accident happened? What if there's arguable grounds for the insurer not paying up, and you just don't want to go and claim it, because you know yourself you were being a d1ckhead when it happened? What if the damage is extensive and expensive, but entirely cosmetic? What if you don't really want to admit to them that you made a stupid gumby mistake, while doing something silly, in a place that's not even a public road and where you probably shouldn't have being playing captain stuntman?

    ... not that I know anybody who's ever been in a situation like that. (cough.)
  16. Cosmetic damage can, and usually is in minor accidents, the difference between a bike bing written off, and a 2 to 3 week wait while it is being repaired.

    Using "oggy knobs" is a no-brainer for any intelligent learner or new rider. It is as simple as that.

    noodles55, get the gear that is designed to fit your bike, not something that can be made to fit. Cheap generic units are porbably only going to make you feel better about riding, not save your bike in an accident.
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  18. Oggies are one of my first mod on any new bike. My last two bikes were knocked over, saved the bike from any damage both times. I've never crash tested them but they stopped any damage from being knocked over whilst stationary - and thats the most likely scenario on the road for me at least.
  19. The "Oggy Knob" branded sliders for the 250R use brackets to mount the sliders to the bike, rather than directly to the frame itself like they do on some bikes.
    I would highly recommend getting them fitted by a mechanic, unless you have a jack to support the engine as you have to remove and replace one of the main engine mount bolts to fit the brackets. Info on fitting the Oggy's can be found on Promoto's website. Other brands may be easier to fit depending on how they mount to the bike :)
  20. If the oggy's save your bike enough from having to make a claim while your learning it's going to keep your premium down when you upgrade. Start putting everything through insurance for minor stuff & it's going to get very expensive when you have a bigger bike.