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To Officer Nice-Lady - thank you.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by raven, Sep 12, 2010.

  1. This is a public acknowledgement, to give due respect, sincere and honest gratitude to Officer Nice-Lady, who today, chose to engage me in a patient and honest conversation, and as a result also chose to allow me a tremendous amount of discretion.

    Officer Nice-Lady, had me cold, and I was well and truely walking home.

    Instead.... I rode.

    You were'nt getting "soft", as you said at the time...but you showed your grace and humanity, and I thank you for that.

    May you have a years worth of good Khama, or better still....win the lottery.

    John. (who's belief in the Police force has gone a long way toward being restored)
  2. really good to hear raven :D
  3. I don't believe you Raven, are you sure she didn't take a shot at you and missed as you rode off?

    Tell the full story though please ;)
  4. lol John, how many $ where you doing
  5. Hi goz...Umm...13.5 inches in .80 feet on a nice round edge with max angle.

  6. lucky. How did the conversation go?
  7. Given the number of inches and feet we're dealing with here, the nice lady in question must be a rider, or the spouse of a rider. I can't believe it otherwise!

    Must have been something along the lines of:

    "Your line there's all wrong, I can get at least $1.45 on that corner." :p
  8. She was ok looking from 50m away!
  9. You should count your blessings. I've only ever been pulled over by the filth in the force. No warnings, no advice only just their bile & arrogance, trying to belittle people. Now we find out in the last couple of days, when you let these bastards loose, they shoot each other in the head. Oops I made a mistake. These are the people that are sent to protect us. I don't think so.:jerk:
  10. Nice one John
  11. Don, that was nasty. Highway Patrol are hated by other police officers, they are a special breed of ******** that no one gets along with.
  12. You'll find William Crews was former highway patrol.
  13. John it was definatley your lucky day, please go out and buy a Lotto ticket, I will go you halvies.

    p.s. Just take my half out of our winnings and send me the rest...
  14. There are good and bad everywhere.
    Most I've met are just doing a job like you and me.
  15. Ok Raven tell the truth, you batted your eyelids at her didn't you. ;) Good to hear some common sense from the Police.
  16. Would be interesting to read of that 'Convo' Raven.......
  17. *Self Snip* yeah i get it now.

  18. have a real good look at it and it will come to you
  19. It means his bike was going to be collecting dust and he was going to be walking everywhere for quite a while if the officer in question decided to book him
  20. Good to see some policing using discretion, we always ask for the police to be allowed to use judgement on issues, good to see 1 did so credit where it is due to her. but still buy a lotto ticket