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To nod or not to nod

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Traviss, Apr 15, 2008.

  1. This came up in my introduction post ..
    I have never had a nod from a Harley rider in 20+ years of road riding this includes country ,city Europe ,Ireland and the British isles I have always ridden sports bikes RGW 250, RGV's, gsxr's ,yzf750 ,Cbr's, you get my drift ...I know this is not all HD riders but why turn your nose up and ignore your two wheeled companions .Needless to say it has given me a bad impression of HD riders ..But still I nod because I see a bike rider not a brand and I still get ignored always ...
    Can anyone shed a little light as to why .

  2. Here we go again...

    Do a search, your answer will be there. Maybe.
  3. Perhaps your technique is flawed.
  4. +1, Originally I was doing a straight up and down nod, but it didn't seem to work. I now work a little bit of right swivel movement into the nod, and get loads more response.
    The thread on how to nod helped me hugely.
  5. :LOL:
  6. I know huh, I've also never worked out why i keep getting pulled over when i lanesplit while riding an unrestricted bike on my Ps thru a bus-only-lane while wearing a new Shoei helmet bought in from the USA, minding my own business enjoying the summer breeze thru my singlet and shorts.

    PS: Loud pipes save lives!
  7. I had the same problem, however since I changed to the corona gear, I have not had as many problems. Its pretty distinctive and people tend to show respect when they see someone decked in such high class gear.
  8. Every other bike see's me even sight impared BMW riders so I guess its not that..
    And I ride in Leather black always so I guess its not the gear ..
    I also have a Black street fighter no nods when I ride that either ..
  9. Hey don't knock sight impaired BMW riders.

    And actually the correct technique when you see us is to stand up on the pegs and give a couteous little bow.

    But hell, I'll nod to anyone and not get my knickers in a twist if they don't nod back. The zen is in the nodding not getting the nod, Grasshopper.

    Besides maybe they are sight impaired too.
  10. I get nods from them, but I'm a chick so they are just going 'heeeeeeeeeeey!"
  11. left glove first, i believe
  12. They must be site impaired they think there getting on a horse with those saddle bags and tasles ...
    I will try a bow next time I see a bmw rider but if I crash doing it your paying my excess..lol
  13. :LOL:
  14. then wipe your nose, dry your eyes and pull your fingers out of your a$$ :LOL:
  15. Just to rock the boat and give the devil the finger, I've started doing right glove. I've found that it's helped my trail braking no end. Similarly, I've found that if I wear both boots, using the rear brake into high speed, decreasing radius left handers really tightens my line.

    I'm still not sure whether it's legal to lane split though. I thought that maybe we could start a new section called 'Ask the Purleece' but thought better of it.

    On the subject of gloves, does anyone know what ATGATT means. I've seen it used a few times before in this place. I also heard a rumour that squid season has ended in the southern states. What does that mean and what has it got to do with riding motorcycles?

    I'd like to PM somebody about buying a bike, but I'm not allowed. Why is this forum so heavily moderated. Does Vic really look that sexy or has he been photoshopped?

    Have I covered them all? :p
  16. I'm over nodding, I feel so much more in touch with my fellow man/women these days, so I've started standing on my pegs and flashing myself. :)
  17. :worthlesspics:
  18. I do believe, you forgot to ask what bike would be best for you.
    I'd just go get that big litre bike now, save having to buy n sell a little bike. :p