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To nod or not to nod??? Hmmmm...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by JuzJulz, Jan 16, 2007.

  1. Yes, I get close enough to see what they're riding.

  2. No, it's not about WHAT you ride, but THAT you ride.

  1. I don't know about you guys but when I see another rider out on the road I like to acknowledge their presence :biker: ... Whether they're on a road bike, a cruiser, a dirt bike or what ever mode of 2 wheeled transport they chose to ride (maybe 3 wheeled in some cases :LOL: ).

    But this acknowledgement is hardly ever returned to me :( What the??? I was kinda expecting to get more nods than I have been!!! :?: Now I'm beginning to wonder if it is because I am riding a Dirt bike :? That possibly the motorbike riders I pass must be racist or something? :LOL: I don't know. I may not be riding a road bike yet but at least I am riding, hey? Isn't that the point?

    Geez I can ONLY JUST touch the ground with my tippy toes :p but I love it!!!!

    What's your opinion? Do you nod to most riders or are you prejudice?

  2. I'll wave or nod to pretty much anyone - even scooter riders.
  3. I nod to scooter riders, cruiser riders, dirt bike riders and even bike cops. I do find it's much more common to get the nod back from fellow sportsbike riders (heh, like how I categorise the Spud as a sportsbike? ;))... Maybe just because they're more likely to be members of a riding community? Still, if we all keep on nodding, surely people will 'get it' eventually.
  4. I never nod to harleys because they never nod back and I dont nod at scooters because they arent a real vehicle :LOL: And for kicks i give ducati riders the 'ducati nod' (you know, the 'look like your winking' sort of diagonal nod).
  5. I've given up trying to nod to scooters, its never reciprocated. If in the unlikely situation one nods at me i'll kindly return the nod! :grin:
  6. hey Julz, how is the bike going with air in those tyres?? :LOL:

    Thanks for coming for a ride last week, was good to take the cibby out for one last hills climb.

    You may not have noticed, but even during that ride I nodded to every rider I saw.

    I even nod to motorcycle cops!

    whether or not my nod is returned I don't care. I'm just friendly.
  7. And that's why I love you Tash!!! You're an absolute bloody champion.

    Ya the tyres are doin really well now even though bozo didn't change the suspension and I can't touch the ground properly. Oh well, it adds to the suspense of pulling up at each set of traffic lights. :p

    I had a great night all up Cheers! Hope to keep it goin and do it again someday in the future. Glad to be a part of your last ride with the Cibby :grin: Just think of what you've got waitin for you to ride if you ever get :cry: about the cibby :wink:
  8. I've seen that type of nod lately. I didn't realise it was a Ducati nod. :)
  9. I nod to all and sundry. also noticed that you get nothing from the Harley (hardly) brigade.... too tough I guess or just struggling to keep the things up. Also find the scooter brigade rarely nod either...... too elite?
    It's a nice feeling to get the acknowledgement, knowing some-one "sees" you. Find I give bikes the nod when I''m in the work car as well..... Maybe it's a muscle spasm.......... :arrow: :tantrum:
  10. nodding

    Yeah i never get a nod back from Harley riders or Scooterville. But i'm just surprised at how often road bikers don't nod back. Maybe they're just going too fast :p :wink:

    I'll still keep nodding to all those I see. Didn't know about the Ducati Thingymebob. I'll give that a go next time i spot one just for a laugh :LOL:
  11. I nod, alot of the time I don't get one back (Or might not be able to see a small nod)

    I take great pleasure nodding at Harley riders, especially at the lights with my widdle 250 GPX next to them ;)
  12. Noddy

    I nod to most bikes except for Hardly Rideables. Get nods back from most but not all.
  13. I nod/wave to everybody on anything with 2 wheels and a motor. Nice to get a return, but not gonna ruin my life if i don't.
  14. Don't nod to scooters unless they have propper riding gear on. But I do nod/wave to others. If I'm in a really humourous mood I'll give them a hell kitty wave (thankyou mordeth13 :LOL: ).

    Need to attach my pushbike bell to the zzr for $hits and giggles. Might go do that now..
  15. noddin

    Thanks for all your replies. I'll keep nodding, and I ain't gonna slit my wrists ](*,) if some folk don't return the gesture though.

    I have had one dude give me a wave as I turned left when he was waiting to turn right at traffic lights. That was sweeeet... (What does mine say?)

    Thanks for giving me faith that you are out there :wink:
  16. I nod to everyone JulzJulz unless it's mid corner and I'm not taking my eyes off my line :wink:

    I find some days you get lots of nods or waves and other days not many at all :? so I will just continue on my way, at least I have acknowledged a fellow enthusiast :grin:
  17. +1 but I hate it when the chicks don't nod back :cry:
  18. I use to nod/wave to everyone, but have now restricted my noddingness to pretty much all bikes bar harley's and scooters.

    The only time i dont is if im in a corner, as generally its at pace so need to keep her down.

    Anyone else noticed though, less and less people are actually nodding/waving back.

    ps is there a reason under ppls deatils on the left, it no longer says what bike they ride ?? :? (havent been on that much lately)
  19. Unfortunately, I've not yet had much of a chance to give or return nods, but the topic actually came up at the end of my recent Learner's course - in the sense that our instructors only half-jokingly advised us all that nodding was an essential part of riding - of being in 'the elite club' as they called it! Takes such little effort but has the ability to make another rider feel good, seen, and as part of 'the community'. And if when I get out there and start nodding, if I don't get a nod back then it's the other rider's loss, not mine.

    I'll nod back if you see me first, doit. :)
  20. neither did I...my boss nods like that while walking down the corridor at work, and he doesn't ride a bike at all.