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To mt-01, or not to mt-01....

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by nice2Bnaked, Sep 16, 2007.

  1. To mt-01, or not to mt-01.... That is the question...

    I got the liscence back after a loooooooooong abscence last week, an took temp ownership of a GSXR600 '05. Took it out to the hills with the Vic Sportsbike Owners Club today. Farking hell, those guys can ride! Saw one of em lose it, and put his 'blade around a tree at a great rate of knots... He was a-ok, but the bike was literally snapped in half.

    I like the GSXR, but as a lot of you know i would rather a dirty streetfighter or some muscly thing that scares little kids and makes grandmas curse motorcyclists... Sorry.

    I am seriously considering the Yamaha MT-01... A 1670cc V-twin (air cooled) with the motor from the Yam warrior tuned up for some more ponies. The only bikes in its class are beull, confederate hellcat (US) and maybe, maybe a 1000cc duke monster or KTM superduke...

    Does anyone you know ride one? I want something that I can just cruise on (unlike the aggro Gixxer that is always nagging to be ridden hard), and something that I can still wrestle with thru the twisties. Ive read the reviews and stuff, and all seems good. I have seen pics of these monsters doing wheelies, but does anyone know if their easy to pop up? Im not looking to go over the westgate, just little lofts off the lights, as the 48* twin would probably not like being at that angle for too long.

    Has anyone heard any negatives, apart from a 7 grand redline?

    Im working at evolution yamaha, and have one right in front of my desk, so the decision will be made soon... You help would be great! I'll try to make it to thursday mystery ride to have a chat!

    Ride Safe!
  2. I've seen two down here, one with remus pipes, the other stock....personally I think they both sounded like complete @$$.

    they look pretty nice though, and that engine.....*drool*
  3. Poster troy has one, he's posted a few times.

    I love them. I think they are in a class of their own :cool: SuperDuke more motard that muscle V-twin naked

    From what I've read they haven't sold as many as they thought, so should get a good deal.

    Let us know how it all goes

  4. @$$ like hot @$$, or @$$ like dirty backstreet taiwan ladyboy @$$?..... They sound like a jappy-davidson, some big sloppy cruiser... Did the aftermarket pipes sound better than the stock ones? I've got some remus cans lined up....... probably the same bike, its at the wreckers...
  5. I think your thinking of the KTM duke... The superduke is the 990cc road bike. Rare, and from whjat Ive heard, poo for what u pay for em... Thanks for the info, now I gots to find troy, n ask him about feul economy and more importantly, wheelies. Gotta get my priorities right!
  6. just get one if you really want one.
  7. the dirty backstreet taiwanese ladyboy type. put simply, when the remus pipes make it sound like one horrid, extended H-D fart.

    (btw i'm in hobart :p the guy's been trying to sell it for a while, had it less than 2 years and is having trouble selling it nearly $10k below purchase price. they don't seem to hold value very well atm)
  8. yeeeah go have a chat to Tony, he's loving his i think :)
  9. Went looking for one as an alternative to the M109.

    AMCN had one as an extended test bike.
    They loved it.

    I have an aftermarket hip, and about to have two a/m knees.
    Riding position on a bike is critical for me.
    The MT01 got a big thumbs up.
    bags of torque. Heaps of fun, styling is definitely unique.
    To me, seemed like a halfway bike, like a civilised Buell?

    But what an engine!
  10. ive got one and i live down the road from your work
    what do i think of them??
    i love it...
    test rode everything under the sun possible and came out with the MT01
    loved the m109 but just cant settle for a cruiser for the time being but that was a awsome bike as well...
    speed triple was second on the list as it was a good easy ride stance and great to be a hooligan on but was too common to my old bike...
    i wanted something different
    can wheelie on second gear just twist and go but will not stay long in the air due to the short rev range haha
    fuel lasted me 240ks untill the last few drops
    thats with hard and easy riding
    sounds a shit load better with aftermarket pipes (give me a yell as im planning to get some as well)
    as for twisties riding im happy with it it keeps up with most of my mates through the spur and king lake.... (not all though... better riders will leave me)
    PM if u need anymore details
  11. You identified the redline as the obvious 'fault'... and after being very interested in the MT01 on initial impressions, that put me right off. That, and the sheer mass of the engine... it's so obviously a cruiser donk and I felt I'd always be wishing for a much lighter, more responsive bike.

    I think that appeal to a certain market segment that Buell sort of keys into with its Harley connection- the cruiser rider after something more sporty... decided that wasn't me... if I didn't go naked, I wanted a ZX10.

    I rode the FZ1N (which neatly seemed to deal with what I saw as the MT01's drawbacks, albeit in a 4-cylinder layout) but it was too smooth and boring and a tad porky. The Speed Cripple was better... but the Superduke is just a total emotional experience, everything that say in the tests is true.

    But only buy one if you can deal with the very limited fuel range- though I'd love to know how far the new 'big tank' model can go. But the amazing suspension, brutal power delivery and motard riding position make it a hell of a bike.
  12. in a way i have to agree with Heinz_Guderian
    you either love it or hate it.... its not a bike for everyone but for me it fitted what i wanted in a bike
  13. [​IMG]



    but what about a suzuki b-king?? aren't they the engine out of the hayabusa? :tantrum: :tantrum: :tantrum:
  14. the pic there is the MT01 with all the stage 3 kit on..... and it goes very nice seen it in action and its sweet

    the other pic of the B-KING is the proto type one.... its slightly differnt from the production model suzuki has brought out

    IMO the prototype looks better then the production one
  15. no offence to anyone who likes them, but there ugly bikes. If you want a cruiser, buy a harley, there well and truly the best at making cruisers. You want a sports bike...buy a sports bike, there are lots of good one...if you cant make up your mind between the two...you sound like a bisexual.
  16. I disagree, I think the empty one is a horndog. They look amazing up close, and would ride like a heavy naked, nothing like a cruiser.
  17. Big heavy naked you say - might be worth looking at a GSX1400 (especially since they're being discontinued and you might therefore get a good price on one).
  18. Definately a personal opinion variation between us.

    That said, personally im not a big fan of the whole yamaharley genre.
  19. No thoughts to a big triple? Namely the Speed Triple or Rocket 3?

    They will scare little children and grandmothers alike, and they are horny, and somewhat different, but so is a mt01. Where twins are an acquired taste, most people love triples, because its not quite a twin and its not quite a /4, but its got the goods from both.