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to motard or not motard that is the question

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by stanga169, Sep 16, 2010.

  1. coming from a dirtbike background who has been on the black stuff for about 14 months now on a cbf 250 i have been trying to decide if i want a sportsbike or a motard. i like the feel and look and more power that a bigger sportsbike offers once i get off restrictions but i im also drawn to the tard for the sheer fun factor. my riding will be basically weekends and the odd commute . the quick poke of the motard ie wr will surly keep me scared and entertained for some time i would have thought, also considering the drz

  2. man i just dont know
  3. Only YOU can answer that question
  4. i want pros and cons , im that torn
  5. To motard or not to motard that is the question;
    Whether tis more excitement to suffer the fines and license losses of a 1000cc sports bike
    Or to revel in the delights of urban hooliganism on ye motard
    And by choosing one over the other : to revel in the excitement with a big shit eating grin
  6. Grand philosophy for somebody who's never owned a motard; ever ridden one? God Bless.
  7. stanga, you're in the latrobe valley arent ya? im just down the road if thats the case. im thru the valley 4 days a week.

    i have a wr450f motard and got it for when i was on LAMS restrictions, its hell fun. my rear suspension is too soft at the moment though, need a different rear spring.

    they arent that 'scary' as in power wise, well my 450 isn't (its stock) but with a good tail wind you can easily see 175+ on a flat track. stock 690 smc on the most agressive map has more top end power but the wr has more at lower revs surprisingly.

    braking and backing it in is the most fun on them i think, or jumping things or going off road.
  8. in the dandenongs mate, ride the dirty down neerim sth way tho. love the to be or not to be hahahaha
  9. Last year I bought a motard which was to be predominantly used as a commute bike in the inner suburbs of Sydney, where you need something very light & nimble. I also liked the idea of the fun factor on the weekend. long story short, is that I sold the bike within a fairly short timeframe, as the commute was a pain in the backside on a motard. Being a high seat height I really needed to pland where I was stopping & starting in the traffic. With the grade of the roads & the obligatory potholes, touching down was a real issue & I'm no short arse. If your commute is in the outer suburbs of Sydney which is not so much stop start, then considerations would be different.
  10. Looks and sounds to me like you've got duck's disease, Don :p
  11. i dont understand why some people cant deal with the seat height, its not even that tall. im 5-11 with pretty short legs and its no problem. motards are lower than enduro or mx bikes so maybe thats why it seems so easy. the seat on my tard is pretty comfy, the foam is a little too soft though.

    what dirt bike do you have stanga? could just get some supermoto wheels for it instead of buying a whole nother bike...
  12. Given the current ad ongoing focus on outright speed by the traffic enforcement authorities, I would suggest that your licence will last longer on a motard than a sports bike, 'cos much of the psycho fun stuff that a 'tard can do can be done almost as well within the speed limit.
  13. I can stand over a KLR650 (not pushing the seat down at all) with my feet flat on the ground. I am 6'2", but that isn't usually tall.
  14. A difficult question??? Well, im in the boat just opposite you..sure turn your head to the left..im waving\\:D/

    I have a motard DR650 but im looking at getting something a little more roadiesh than a dirtbike, though ive always had a dirtbike. Yep, motards are great for city commuting, commuting in general and for the odd weekend blast, but the word "comfort" doesnt exist in Yokahoma Kusashi's design vocabulary!

    But, is easily fixed with alot of aftermarket seats ect avaliable.

    I have had 3 motards - Honda CRM250 (2 banger), Yami yz125wr (2 banger) and my Suzi DR650. The one word that comes up is....FUN!! Yep, either 2 stroke or my humble DR650 they are FUN no matter what - but like all fun it wears off a little. Sure they are light, nimble, and the best part is that you can be sloppy with your riding cause of that, but im sorry to say and many people will slap me silly for this and i accept that, the fun wears off:nopity:

    You soon start to realise that the bike is really only designed for only a handful set of road conditions. Now, at this point im only talking about dirtbikes going to motard, on the other hand, factory tards that are designed specifically for the road - ie XT660 ect are a different kettle of fish.

    My DR650 is great, could ride around Aust and back twice over, but it just isn't designed as motard for road comfort. Hooligan factor and FUN...hell yeah!!

    So, it comes down to whether FUN is your riding game, that is, your one and only reason for riding. Just my 2c worth having gone through the experience!
  15. Mate, I'm 182 cm tall & the seat height of the motard that I had was 910. It wasn't that I couldn't touch down, it was just that it took a little bit of planning. All my commuting is in real heavy traffic including trying to get out of the CBD at peak hour. Bloody Sussex Street has a real gradient on it running towards Darling Harbour.:grin:
  16. =D>=D>=D>=D>=D>

    i don't care whether you've ridden a motard or not motolegion. that's an excellent post.

    as for the subject at hand, i have nothing to say other than motards suck as a pillion. but then again, it's not for your potential pillion, it's for you. compromise, buy both :grin:
  17. I just picked up a SXV550 motard. People say 'tards are uncomfortable but so are sportsbikes with their heat, lack of legroom and weight on your wrists. The tard is uncomfortable as well though but it is a race bike as well. This thing is fast, because of the throttle response and low weight. The maintenance schedule is horrible though but I have other bikes to commute/tour on so it doesn't worry me.

    How I see it

    +'s Fun at legal speeds. Cheaper to crash. Less likely to get a 45+ ticket. Cheaper to buy. If you get two set of wheels you can go trail riding. Go around the outside of sportsbikes on the track. Don't look like everyone else.

    -'s Horrible on the highway. Low range. Lower volume machines so parts are harder to get. Get owned on the straights at the track. Maintenance schedule on the race replica bikes.

    Sportsbikes have the opposite +'s and -'s when compared to motards.
  18. don is oz, what tard did you have? i really cant think of any factory tards that are tall.

    yeah the crash thing is so handy, i've only crashed mine once and that was off road on some single track and i bent my mirror. that was the only damage to the bike. but i re-broke my collarbone lulz.

    its also handy because the want to go fast is not there. you can still get a big fine, but it takes more time to get there and it 'feels' harder. 160 on a cbr is like walking but on a tard you're hanging on and in full tuck.
  19. I know that it will cause you to fall down laughing, but I had the BMW G650 XMoto. For a motard it is a very civilised bike as it had ABS & some really schmick gear on it. What I'm trying to get at, is that in suburbanm traffic it's fine. My commute is basically from Five Dock in the inner west down the city west link, across the anzac bridge & into town. In the afternoon on the outbound leg, traffic is just wall to wall & you need to be able to get your entire foot (heals & soles) to the ground. to do otherwise, is asking for problems.:-({|=
  20. hey heres a question on Motard, it seems to me that a 'motard' is basically.. a duelsport or 'Road/Trail' Bike.

    Seems roadtrails can be licensed, whats the difference? The bike the OP was talking about looks exactly like what i was going to get, minus the tires were roadxtrail not roadies.

    Do they sell the motard as just a duelsport W/ ROAD wheels? and if so why doesnt the OP just go buy a like second hand Dualsport bike and stick road tires on it? Got my XR250 '01 for $3500.. and i know theres a DR400 round here not road lic but VGC (03 i think) for like $1800!


    And i agree, riding a trailie round a small town or to work is so much awesome fun, and ya dont have to be going flat out to enjoy yourself, its so LOUD you get all awesome looks, (and sneering from the elderly.. tightasses) and its all perfectly legal!!