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To matt black or not......?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by deafwish, May 22, 2006.

  1. The paintwork on my little Hornet has seen better days. :(
    Has numerous scratches, stone chips and a deep scratch......
    I have seen a few bikes getting about with matt black paint jobs and I like what I see. :cool:
    What I want to know, is were these done professionally in a panelshop, or can you get a reasonable result with spraycans (I am very good with spraycans)?
    Would it devalue my bike when it comes time to sell?
    Does the matt finish wear well?
    Anyone done it?
    Piccies? :oops:
    Daz. :wink:

  2. Yes, do it ! :p

    Matte-Black looks mean !
    Especially on a naked.
  3. Yeah go for it, if you prep the bike well to begin with and use an automotive spray paint you will get good results with the spray cans.
  4. Yep matt black looks great on a bike IMO.

    Just don't try and do it hanging out of a train. :wink:
  5. Thoght about doing mine in matt black too but i'm worried about how much it will devalue the bike :?
  6. EH? :?

    There is an automotive matt black? :eek:
  7. As a general rule custom paint of any type devalues the trade in value of a motorcycle.

    It tends not to effect the private sale price as long as it is well done.

    Matt black would also probably tend to restrict the buyer market when it comes time to sell the bike as it is a color (sic) choice that people either love or hate.

    As long as you are aware of all that and make an informed decision about it (and have the skills to do a good job) then if you want a matt black bike go for it :)
  8. Easy... just call it 98CB600F DARK, as in fukati :grin:
  9. You're an ideas man, Javaman! :LOL:
  10. You probably don't mean matt black, you probably mean satin black. I made that mistake once. The 'factory' black finishes you see on bikes are satin not matt. Real matt black is a biatch. It shows every fingerprint, can be stained by oil and fuel, and rapidly looks really daggy. Its ok for Bogan Kingswood Utes though.
  11. Paint it in blackboard paint - then you can have fun "customising" it on a regular basis with a box of coloured chalk :LOL:.
  12. second that.

    don't know much about the process but interested to hear your experience 'cos i'll be buying a hornet when i get back from OS and not mad about the colours on any of them so might go down this path m'self.

    personal request for you to update us on your decision, costs, place etc on 16th June when i return :LOL: :LOL:
  13. Yeah Satin Black can look HOT when it is done right. Like inci said i'm pretty sure it's referred to as satin black and he is also right in normal matt black degrades quickly and then looks terrible (think Bogan primer painted car look).

    Hey Carri i Leave for OS 6 days before you get back :D
  14. yes do it, i love it as well
  15. At presesnt I have one of each - one Matt Black - one Metalic Black :)
    The Matt does look mean - but the Metalic looks sexy :wink:
    6 of one - 1/2 dozen of the other
  16. You obviously need to clearcoat the satin finish, but would this not make it a gloss.....? :?
    Can you get a satin finish clear coat?
  17. No, the satin black I used did not require a clear coat. I have since been told that hotshot car customisers add talc to gloss paint until they get exactly the sheen they want. They do this when painting car interiors the same colour as the body, but don't want it all glaring and shiny.
  18. there was a guy on yzf600r.com that resprayed his bike black with these like .. silver freckles.. using spraycans

    sounds gay, but it looked really good. lasted well too, after about 2 years he was gettig stone chips though, so probably could've used mroe clear coats

    i think it cost him about 200 bucks
  19. If I were you I would use a combination of matt black & a contrasting gloss colour. Something like this.
    I never got round to cut & polishing the orange as I dropped the bike pushing it out of my shed, punched a hole in the fairing, cracked the shits with it & never rode it for a few months after.
    The matt black does not need a clear coat & does not scratch or mark any easier than the gloss finish. I would however use a 2 pack finish on the tank as fuel will mark acrylic type finishes.
  20. Matt black or satin black unless its a real nice job on a full faired bike mixed with gloss black, like new gsxrs, r1/6 or the older aprilia millies look great. But on a naked, i rekon it would look ghetto.