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To lord muck on the black Triumph on Nicholson Street.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by oztom, Jul 28, 2009.

  1. Lord muck on the black Triumph with the green fluoro safety jacket.

    Lane splitting is all well and good, but beeping at cagers to get out of your way on Nicholson Street this morning is pushing it.

    If you had done it to me I would not only not have made room for you, I would have closed the gap even more.

    Just rude man.
  2. Sharp like a hammer, but what do you do.
  3. Must be the same tool who held a few of us up on the monash yesterday.
    He was not splitting as comfortably as some of us stuck behind him yet he wouldn't move over to let us through until he was "broomed" a few times.
    Same fluro vest same bike, must have been the same tool.
    He may as well have been riding a scooter.
  4. he loses points in my book simply for combining a fluro vest with such a nice bike.

    sort of like putting a bullbar on a ferrari
  5. No point. With the shoddy workmanship in a Ferrari it'd fall off pretty soon anyway.
  6. Phew I was near Nicholson st this morning (High street). I thought I mighta accidentally pissed someone off when I saw the threat title...but nope that wasn't me!!

    I never EXPECT people to move. If they do, I thank them - it pays to keep good car/bike relations I reckon (as best you can). A bit of love keeps the world spinning nicely.
  7. Quote of the bloody week. I've seen (and done, regrettably) things that have pissed drivers off, and I now realise that it's just better to err on the side of caution when you are up against potentially psychotic individuals in a tonne of steel each.
  8. Because those car drivers that don't hate bikes sometimes move over to let you past in the twisties.
  9. only time i don't wave to people when they pull over on the twisties, is if it takes them more than 2 honks (after not pulling into the 'let faster people pass areas' on the GOR) i don't honk straight away either, i give them a few k's, then i start honking, still not pulling over, no wave when they FINALLY get the picture.
  10. Its a horn..

    your this upset over it... :roll:

    And blocking someone in because of it would show just how immature you are, at your age too!


    Don't sweat the small stuff mate.
  11. [General comment] Horns!..On a bloody bike!..Why are so many people using horns on their bloody bikes...Learn to ride instead, and you won't have to. Waisting mental energy on the distraction of trying to toot a motorcycle horn is just silly.

    On the subject of this bloke - ...a cager HAS to sit in the line of traffic and watch bikers pretty much do as they please (there are very few situations where a bike just cannot make progress one way or another)..then a bloke on one of these "traffic freedom machines", actually has the balls to blow his horn for being held up!!??...that's pretty rich! Tosser!
  12. the clown was being rude.

    There is no reason for any driver to make room for a bike. We should be thankful to those who make an effort.
  13. +1 to giving them a thank you gesture when they move over.

    Drivers are like puppies.

    They respond better to a pat on the head than a whack on the nose.

  14. Upset?

    You need to get out more if you think this is upset.
  15. You should never have to use your horn!

    Just put 3 L plates on the front of your motorcycle, and ride wobbly like you have the balance of a 2 year old, between the cars.

    They will all move over in fear.
  16. I suspect this is the same person who comes down my extremely narrow Brunswick street at a very high speed some mornings. (There can't surely be more than one fashion victim with a black Triumph and a green flouro safety jacket)
  17. Yep..... there is still a lot of people out there who dont get the whole sharing the road thing.
  18. That's it more or less, Bonk...On bikes we don't often get held up by traffic, so to be using the horn to get cagers to move out of our way, to the average cager would look seriously arrogant/impatient, I reckon.
    As a bike rider, to me it would just seem pathetic, and likely to piss alot of drivers off. It's a bike, it can manouver everywhere and all over the place...if you lack the skill to pick a good line, or have the skill but made a bad choice, have the decency to sit there for a few moments till things open up again...compares to what the average cager has to suffer it won't be that long..

  19. I dont lane split myself and if i was in my car id be pissed off if some tool decided to beep at me for sitting patiently in traffic.

    btw mr triumph you can lane split on either side of a car
  20. Oh, you're missing out, dude....